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Changed info according with the new dynamis system. --Belmonts--

I recently found myself faced with this foe and very little information to go on. Going in practically blind, I attempted the fight 4 times with a couple combinations of jobs. Here are our findings [Thank you, Khrnos & Zycipher]: First comes the Wyvern, then Fenrir. He did not call a hound any of the 4 times I fought him; I added a verification tag. Perhaps changed during the Dynamis over-haul? He has a SINGLE TARGET Charm ability it uses in place of the hound. The NMs Astral Flow is weak to level 95. Some sort of pet job should tank the NM so the Charm ability doesn't land and waste the pop item, that is a pain to get. I went with another BST. We both used Dipper Yuly; and they did great. Bottom line: You wanna win? Use a pet job to tank. 1/1 Attestation of Bravery. --Atropa [Quetzalcoatl] 04:10, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

fought this guy yesterday and he displayed the same behavior. spawned with wyvern and called fenrir in after 1-2 min, but never spawned his hound. i was attempting to 2box my gungnir trial drg/blu and rdm/whm. despite having 800+ defense he was still hitting me for 150~, pets hitting me for 50-80. it was almost too much but i was hanging in there thinking i could whittle him down and WS the wyvern to death fairly quickly. then he charmed me and i proceeded to plant gungnir in my taru mule. needless to say, the above poster is correct in that pet tanks are the way to go if thats an option, at least until (if?) you can get him to spawn the hound. for groups i'd say kite the pets off and zerg him down, and have someone with their finger on sleep for when he decides to charm someone. --Shaggnix 3/6/12

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