I don't think North sandorian is a good place to fish crayfish, best place is bastok market watersway only; that is the fastest & best bitrate so I recommend removing the star

With regards to N.San d'Oria for fishing up these Crayfishes, I find that it is actually... pretty decent. My fishing is at level 10.0, using a Carbon Fishing Rod and Little Worms, I get a roughly even catch split between Moat Carps and Crayfish(say, 6-6) for a stack of Worms. -- Raenzv, Valefor's PanicTaru.

Instead of North Sandy, I recommend Port. It has about the same catch for Carps and Crayfish with the added bonus of being able to unload Carps to the brothers for The Rivalry - The Competition. Abbydon 13:07, 25 August 2009 (UTC)
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