Rank 2 = Courier Probationer

Note missing information from the known available operations.

Deliver: Marjami Ravine (Advisor), Deliver: Yorcia Weald (Advisor), and Deliver: Kamihr Drifts (Legend) are missing.

Mar FS Resource Container

I'm doing a delivery job and obtained the "Mar. FS resource container." I am not seeing it in the list of known runs and am adding this talking point. The key item says: "A collection of materials from Marjami Ravine that are bound for the Couriers' Coalition."

I did the run with 2 imprimaturs and got 5,400 limit points / 5,400 bayld. I did a second operation with 3 imprimaturs and got 7,200 limit points / 7,200 bayld.

I would update the table, but I'm not sure where to enter this information. While I'm "Courier Advisor," the operation (run), itself, might be lower.

An image of this key item is: (File:Mar_FS_resource_container.jpg) Mar FS resource container

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