Got one of these dropped from the Sahagin around the Poroggos in Mamook, not sure of exactly which ones so not adding it until I can confirm.

Anyone have a clue as to bait? Telling what rods break and which ones dont doesnt help much if one cant catch it at all.

I suspect people are leaving baits off this page on purpose to keep prices up. but perhaps i'm just paranoid.

The baits not listed because it's an item. You'll catch items no matter the bait. Only with fish does bait matter. However, Robber Rig or Rogue Rigs are good for items in general because fish will very rarely bite them. But since Coral Fragments will snap the line it'd be better just to use Little Worms or whatever cheap bait you can find so as not to lose your lure. --Futan 04:29, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

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