In case someone wants to make CS NPC pages for them later, Rudolfo has numerous cargo haulers working for him. In addition to the father/daughter pair Chelvadurai and Sanctia, there are Jeisson (bald hume), Usharani (female hume wearing something that looks like a Gaudy Harness) and Ganan (the other male hume).

This quest also originally served as a sort of teaser trailer for the CoP expansion, referring to, but never showing, some [in]famous NPCs that would play larger roles in the Promathia mission storyline: great bounty hunter Goldmane, brigand leader Atarefaunet, and former Royal Knight Louverance. Finally, let's not forget the unseen but oft referred to "She-Devil of the Sea," Captain Chieka, who commands the ship running goods between Norg and the Tenshodo warehouse in Port Bastok (helping explain linkage of the Norg and Bastok auction houses).

--Kreutz 04:43, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

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