I've had Gunromaru drop twice, yet it was never paired with a Platoon item. I believe that it counts as a Platoon Great Katana, grouped with the Platoon melee weapons. --Zylo 05:02, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

    • It is the Platoon great katana. Just like Hagun is the martial great katana. The far eastern weapons don't have platoon/martial in front of their name. This was established long ago. --Erador 02:11, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

A strategy

Job Requirements

WHM/BLM or RDM/WHM - Main Heal WAR/MNK or WAR/BLU - Main Tank DRG/WAR - Secondary Tank/Damage Dealer

Item's Used: 2 per run Regen Milk - Both Main and Secondary tanks need it 2 per run Potions - Tank needs it / never used it as a DRG though 2 per run Refresh Juice - Healer Maybe Ethers - Healer 2 per run Tanking food - Used Boiled Crab or Fish ka'bobs

- Buff after you trade seals. Eat the food and drink the milk, in the middle of the fight

 the two melee would have to eat the food and drink once more. Usually let the healer get full MP. 

- Let the main tank provoke the middle leech, I believe her name is Pepper.

 Then DRG provoke's the left most leech, Prune. When the main tank's provoke 
 is ready provoke the right most leech, Phoedme, finish off Pepper and then go 
 for Prune and last Phoedme. 

- I forgot which two leeches out of Prune and Pepper would give negative status to all your attributes

 as well as drain kiss, which absorbs you usually 2-3 of your buffs that you have one. Phoedme I know
 for sure drains all of your buffs that you have, I forgot if its line-of-sight or AoE, but I believe
 that it's line-of-sight, if you can confirm which of the leeches does what as well the ability that Phoedme
 uses is LoS or AoE.

- With this strategy I went with only 1 loss out of all the times I've done this. The reason for the loss was the

 main tank became trigger happy and voked the leeches while the healer was still resting for mp :/ Also its possible 
 to gimp in this. WAR/BLU of mine had horrible gear and used a sword XD so its still possible to win as long as you 
 and your pt know's what your doing. 

- An easy 500,000g even more if your lucky, I usually undercut to release it faster.

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