Setup 1
When my group fought this, we had THF75/NIN37, RDM75/WHM37, and BLU75/NIN37. We lost that time, at around 40%. The second attempt, we added a SCH75/RDM37 and SMN75/WHM37, and won easily. This guy hits really hard with his TP moves. They typically did 500-700+ to me as THF75/NIN37, when not absorbed with shadows (which happened more than I would have liked, dispite 311 evasion skill). Also of note is that he has the HNM versions of the normal Treant moves (see Cemetery Cherry). Though I did notice one difference: instead of Entangle inflicting poison, it drained HP equal to the amount of damage dealt (which was in the area of 550 I believe). It still inflicted Bind, though. Not sure if it reset hate, since hate was pretty fickle already. Also of note is that Leafstorm's slow effect overwrites Haste. I never saw him use Pinecone Bomb, and Drill Branch had no change from the normal version. He doesn't seem to be silenceable; the RDM, BLU, and SCH all tried, with no luck. I think Head Butt interrupted his spells every time, though. --Kyrie 18:46, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Setup 2
Wiped @ 1% with this set-up: PLD/NIN DRK/NIN WHM/SMN. Retry 5 min later with one more person, and we had no trouble to beat it. Set up was: PLD/NIN DRK/NIN WHM/SMN and DRG/WHM.

Setup 3
Duoed as 2 BLU/NIN. Head butt starts to resist either by repetitive use or when NM drops lower HP. Have Exuviation set to erase the slow & Blank Gaze helps dispel any buffs it casts. Filamented Hold really helps also. --Showmo 22:01, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Setup 4
It looks to be immune to silence. I went RDM/WHM, I have Lv.4 Enfeebling Magic merits, Lv.2 Wind Magic Accuracy merits, my Silence macro consists on equipping Wise Cap, Wind Staff and Warlock's Tabard and didn't stick. Even with Warlock's Roll Silence never sticked, which is very weird for me as being an Earth-based monster. Slow II sticked with no problem, also very strange in my opinion. My Setup was PLD/NIN, WHM/SCH, RDM/WHM, COR/NIN and we had a little trouble at the beginning but a WAR/NIN joined with Great Axe and Nyzul armor and did fine, just took a while to kill. -- Karakuri 19:45, 12 December 2008 (UTC)

Setup 5
Managed to kill this in a group of three yesterday. SAM/NIN, WHM/DRK and BLU/WHM all 75. Not ideal subs for BLU and I as WHM, but SAM and I had initially tried to duo it. Was going fine until it Double Attacked him and then Drill Branch right after. Possibly a lot harder with 3-4 people hitting it, giving it a lot of TP. -- Orubicon 11:31, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

Setup 6
Killed with a Pimped out Taru MNK/NIN (25% haste), RDM/WHM, WHM/BLM and BRD/WHM. BRD kept up marches and the rdm kept up haste, slow and paralyze. MNK built up TP before the fight (had to travel far since monsters died after 3 punches >.>). Fight took around 4 Mins. Hit a MNK WITHOUT counterstance for around 150 DMG. Shadows should be able to be cycled without much difficulty. Really easy fight.Xellith 20:14, 12 January 2009 (UTC)

Setup 7
Duoed with skilled NIN/DRK with Soothing Healer NPC and WHM/BLM with no difficulty. -- Katsu 13:35, 29 May 2020 (UTC)

Setup 8
Killed this guy with PLD/NIN, SAM, THF, 2x WHM. Fight was only made difficult by his spamming of -aga spells. Any low-man strat should include a Stun of some kind, or you will just get hammered. Other then that, fight is pretty strait forward. PLD can tank this, just might want to steer clear of turtle tanks. (Unless we're talking a very pimp turtle.) --FFXI-Tyr 17:51, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Setup 9
Won successfully with PLD/RDM, BLM/RDM, and WHM/SCH. Between Barstonra, Shellra V, Phalanx, and the PLD's Magic Defense Gear, Cernunnos' spells were handled easily. Have the PLD build TP before the fight, then use Atonement after Sentinel for a hate-building 750 damage. The PLD can also dispel the buffs that Cernunnos puts up. Between nukes and the WHm keeping the PLD alive, this fight will take about 7 minutes to complete. When it died, the WHM still had over 700 MP.

Setup 10
Did this with a two WHMs (one /BLM and one /SCH), a DRK/NIN, a SAM/DNC, and a NIN/WAR. The NIN dual boxed himself and the other WHM. The NIN died at about 25% HP and the DRK + SAM tanked it the rest of the way. The SAM had to 2 hour at 10% and the other WHM used benediction at around 15%. Couple things: it hits extremely hard/fast on a NIN tank, spams leafstorm quite often, and uses stonega III frequently. This means that your melees will most likely always have slow due to leafstorm, shadows aren't very effective due to the frequency of leafstorm and stonega III, and melee stunners will need constant erase/haste. On WHM, I ran out of MP even with sublimation, spirit taker (at 300% TP on a weak crab nearby), and an exlir I picked out of one of the treasure chests spawned by the weaker mobs. Come prepared. --Kaggypants 5:48, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

Setup 11
NIN was geared for haste mostly. Blink-tanked the the NM while the BRD and WHM stay back to avoid -agas and leafstorm. Casted stun on -agas only.
BRD uses double-march on NIN, and double-ballad on WHM. Elegy the NM, as well as removed any buffs the NM applies on itself. Backup cure as needed.
WHM keeps NIN hasted and cured. Both WHM and BRD ready to re-apply buffs on the NIN after every leafstorm.
The fight took about 10 minutes. No deaths, easy PK. :)

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  • Can be killed by a standard Level 75 party of 6 with ease. Party consisted of a tank, healer and 4 melee jobs. (NIN, WHM, 3xBLU, MNK)
  • Also confirmed killed with PT consisting of 75's NIN,RDM,BLM,BLM + 71BST, NIN using evasive equiptment and building hate at start while BLMS,RDMs enfeeble and dot once hate is placed upon NIN can be nuked down relativley easy enough, only real danger to NIN is drill branch/Leafstorm but competent support and stuns can make this a lesser issue.
  • Soloed as 75BLU/NIN with Disserverment -> zone strategy.
    • Verified soloable as 75blu/nin, zone strategy takes roughly 45min
  • Duoed by a 75RDM/NIN with Crimson Cuisses and a 75SMN/SCH. RDM kited with ease, using Poison 2 and Bio 2 to maintain hate while kiting, while the SMN used Garudas Predator Claws when NM stopped to cast StonegaIII and StoneIV. SMN then had to zone to Carpenter's Landing to erase hate. Predator Claws did 500~1000 damage per attempt. Adding to this information, this strategy took roughly 30 minutes, used Astral Flow, but wasn't necessary. Fairly safe strategy, I was SMN, and never had to zone, did need to rest a few times. --Chrisstreb
  • Duoed by 75NIN/DNC and 75RDM/DRK. Wiped twice and won on third try.
  • Duoed by 75BLU/NIN and 75 BLM/WHM. Wiped first time and won on second try. Used 5 yagudo drinks, elixer, and a super ether. Blm used his npc all though it did really nothing. We brought him to the zone and did the counting shadows technique and once we were about to run out of Ni shadows (after ichi > ichi > ni) we casted diseverment and zoned. Blm would cure blu when needed. We used regular gear, nothing special. I (blu) died when he had about 15% left. just used disseverment > zone then blm did bio > zone then i came out, he was at about 5% and i finished him off. Hard fight but it was fun
  • Duoed by 75THF/NIN and 75RDM/DRK on first try w/o medicines, the lack of mp was the main problem.


Successful dual box with BLM x2 - utilize DoT cycle/zone technique with BLMs outside of parties (similar to Ix'DRG low-man strats). Just like Ix'DRG, Cernunnos seems to have a 10% per tick HP regen with no DoT's applied, so be sure to have at least one damage over time spell on at all times. Constantly cycling through choke/shock/burn/poison2/bio2 will keep the time required to a minimum. Nuke as your mp allows to reduce your kill time even further. --Sovereignffxi 00:47, 10 August 2009 (UTC)me.

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