As PUP75 utilizing soulsoother/stormwaker I managed to defeat Bullheaded Grosvez. I maintained hate through damage and an initial provoke. I noticed that after the NM paused to catch his breath, there was a pause and then he stopped attacking me and went straight for my automaton. This leads me to believe that hate is reset or his last target has their hate wiped after pausing to catch his breath. Also, the fight was pretty much a joke as PUP75/WAR37. - JigglyJam 03:33, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Easy, easy solo by 75 WHM/BLM. Only buffs were Pro/Shellra V, Stoneskin, Haste, and Blaze Spikes. Three Hexa Strikes (and the damage from Blaze Spikes during his Hundred Fists) was enough to kill him. I was never in any danger, and did not need to Cure myself or cast anything other than the initial buffs. His accuracy is low to a 75, my chat log was spammed with him missing me. Blendercat 23:05, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

If you're already 75 or thereabouts don't waste time buffing yourself except with any desired buffs that will make the battle end more quickly. Bring a gimp sub even if you like. I used MNK75/BLM27 for a free warp. He hit me 4 times before he 2-houred, the hardest swing being for 33 dmg. Once he used Hundred Fists he missed roughly 90% of the time with minimal +evasion (and he took a LOT of swings), and hit for between 3-8 dmg when he did. He used Slam Dunk near the end for 68 dmg. Now note that I had Counterstance up from the beginning of the fight, bringing my defense to a grand total of "38." I've never seen anything hit quite so low with Counterstance up. --ChalkOutline 06:55, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

BLM75/RDM. Stoneskin Phalanx lasted the entire fight, he never dealt damage to me. I used Blaze Spikes which was pretty useful during Hundred Fists. Flood II took out roughly a fourth of his HP. --Coronawolf 01:14, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

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