Defeated with a party of 5. whm/blm blm mnk thf smn. Having DD on it was pretty much a bad idea because it has constant spikes that do a lot of damage. Lots of death from its multiple 2hrs- smn ended up kiting for a while with help from the weakened thf. At about 25% a helper rdm joined and unsuccessfully chainspell aero(wups) him down. Only about 2 of us left standing when it died.

He seems like a good Leviathan smn battle. Maybe get a few smns, and a yellow jakuten army. Fire Carol?! Fire resist atmas?! Not an easy one! Take care with low numbers. Echojin 09:09, January 6, 2011 (UTC)

Today Sunday January 23, 2011.Soloed Brulo as MNK/WAR With a Brew Druing Time 22:00 - 6:00 Club Procced Blue !! and Scythe NO DROP !!! WTF Dont supused to Blue !! make Weaponds drops 100%? only drop Colorless Soulx2, Earring + Fire Ammo that are 100%

  • Nope.--Billzey 05:44, January 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • Blue !! adds more higher chances of it to drop, definitely not 100%. Bring a THF with you and it will most likely to drop :).