- Extremely easy duo fight for thf/nin & dnc/nin. 1 skillchain and nm was nearly dead. Just watch out for links and keep shadows up and it's and extremely easy fight. ~ Bashura, Hades.

If attempting to solo, keep in mind that all the other leeches in the area will link with it, making for a difficult fight without Sleepga and some luck. This is especially difficult if competition is present (which in my experience, almost always is...). --Eremes 17:02, February 19, 2010 (UTC)

If you go solo, movement speed+ gear helps with ridding of depops. Only suggested for if no one camping against you though since NM may deaggro also. User:Mizuharu

  • Was able to kill after three attempts as a level 66 THF/DNC with four Trusts. Failures were mostly due to links.