Coin and Card of Vision weren't added until almost a year after the NM's completion. The two drop rates will never match, don't edit them to make them do so. --Ix'Sindri 18:02, June 5, 2011 (UTC)


Ok is great that someone finally worked out how the hell you get Augur's Gaiters, does anyone have info on how to get the pop item?????

It appears that the pop item drops from Tonberry Lieje, a 30 min time-spawn NM among the Occultists in the area. --Teiei 17:43, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

HOLY CRAP, this ring runs at flee speed!! Fun fight, game is fun again, etc. Make sure you clear your tonberry --Dracko 02:42, August 22, 2010 (UTC

Popped/faught this guy yesterday, forget kiting he runs at cactrot was messy at first because our PLD died pulling then people ran away; out of range of cures and MPK'd mages with -gaIII's, your best bet is to straight tank this with a fully buffed Paladin and use mainly magic damage unless your DD are extremely well equipped or /thf (Has mega high evasion). Also, in hindsight, we would have been better off with a sac pull from THF, Perfect Dodge and flee to Conflux 8 or even fighting at ???. We were trying for !! which made it worse as it does hit hard, around 200-300 on a PLD/NIN and it hits fast. Paralyze works a treat on this NM, keep it on with Saboteur. Reccommend having quite a few Stuns, to lock it during it's Ritualistic Bind period (It binds everyone and teleports on top of most hated target to Throat Stab) does this a few times at low %. Like i said, this fight was harder for us because we were stalling for !! and our PLD died at start, but after we got the !! we proceeded to kill extremely quickly, went from 60%->0% in around 2 minutes with 5 or so BLMs and a few DD's. Don't underestimate, but i believe if we didn't have a messy start, this NM wouldn't have been too diffuclt for us (18 strong) With practice and preperation and intelligence, this thing would be 6-man-able. We went 1/2 on Augur's Gaiters fyi. --Viviton 08:28, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

Card didn't drop for us tonight. It's not 100% LuthianKnightWing 06:39, September 30, 2011 (UTC)


Anyone know if Grav, Bind, Sleep stick? Or which nukes are weak?

--Paralyze is EXTREMELY potent. Slow stuck as well.

Killed with 4 BST, 2 SMN and RDM/DRK, BLU/NIN. Fight is very fun with hate bouncing everywhere, BSTs should use Snarl whenever it is up as even one stun or paralyze from the RDM could cause hate to switch. BLU Head Butts and Blue magic were highly resisted as well as SMN physical BP, missing often from well geared SMN. Magical BP were decent however, with Lunar Bay doing ~800 and Heavenly Strike doing ~550. Don't know if you could straight kill this, it attacks very quickly and hard. When he goes into Throat Stab phase after the bind TP move and uses it 3-4 times on average. Stun is helpful to have for AoE elemental magic to mitigate damage to pets. Got Orichalchum Ore, Ace's Hose and Kanja Hachimaki. --Worlace 23:11, October 04, 2010 (UTC)

Easy fight

Just fought this guy with 15 people, was overkill. We had pld tank with another as back up. Pld's kept hate with cures and voke. Uses graviga, paralyzga and bindga but as long as whm's stay at max cure range they won't get hit by them. Teleporting wasn't a problem ether because without gravity or bind when he teleported on me as whm I just ran outta range. Throat stab was doing 1500 plus damage to pld but was no problem. Uses ga nukes but was stunned everytime by blm's. Easy kill and Atma of Cloak and Dagger done :)


Successful duo NIN/WAR + WHM/BLM, with a little difficulty. WHM must be on top of erases after Ritual Bind. Keep stun ready for Death. NIN should use evasion gear and defense atmas. Did not stun the ga magic, kept Solace up and had erase/paralyna ready at all times. NIN enfeebles work really well on this NM, it never resisted anything. Lamneth + Lohan

Pet Jobs

You don't see many shouts for this fight now but it is very do-able with a good shout group. Vileberry is easy to take down with pet classes. We used a ninja tank, white mage, a warrior for red, and the rest were beastmaster or summoner I believe. There were a couple of deaths, which were unavoidable due to his porting around and -ga spam, but overall it went smoothly and everyone got the atma. A warning to summoners, he kills BPs by porting while your avatar is readying them. --Nusayb 04:20, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

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