• Duo'd MNK/DNC and RDM/BLM with standard equips and setup (used Hundred Fists) and no meds. Worth noting - Drain Samba was largely ineffective (0-1 drained per hit), would recommend /WAR or /DRG over /DNC.
  • Soloed by MNK/WAR using Icarus Wing, Hundred Fists and Hi-Potions.
  • Soloed by BLU/NIN using Yagudo Drinks, au laits, and Hi-Potions.
  • Can be soloed by DRG/WHM
  • Can be completed by a Pld/War and War/Mnk with a couple of healing potions
  • Can be completed by a War/Nin and Blm/Whm in 7 minutes, Evasion + Parrying capped
  • Can be Duo'd by SMN/WHM and PLD/WAR using Potions and Ethers as well as two-hour ability.
  • Can be Duo'd by SAM/-- and RDM/WHM using Sleep and Crabs, SAM two-hour ability. SAM can really sub anything, /THF doesnt help in this fight except +eva, maybe /MNK would be better for Boost and Counter. Even /WAR gives DEF at least, and you can keep the hate better as well. /DRG would be the best option though, with Jump, Ancient Circle, and att+ imho.
  • With regards to the dragon - can be evasion tanked by PUP/-- with a stormwaker for ocasional cure II's and flashbulb. Brought my automaton oils just in case AoE's became a problem but I only used one. Used a jack-o'-lantern and evasion gear which gave the dragon a horrendous hit rate.
  • Soloable by Galka Lvl 25 WAR/BLU. Using Meat Khebob, Pers-Au-Lait, Icarus Wing and 5 X-Potions+1, Pineaple Juice. By no means an easy fight, was never in control and I had only 14 HP left. He will cast several Specials, like Body Slam, Lodesong and Chaos Blade[Curse effect, use Holy Water to dispel].
  • Solo'd by lvl30 DRK/SCH. Used 4 Hi-Potions and Blood Weapon. Used Dark Arts+Sleep on Dragon, then meleed the Seeker. Took out the Dragon with minimum fuss. Dragon did not use Curse or Petro Eyes.

Summoner and Paladin Duo

Paladin had four Hi Potions+2, and Steamed Crab for food. Summoner had two Hi Ethers and also ate a Boiled crab for defense. Both had Yagudo Drinks as well, Carby was used to distract Dragon while PLD took Searcher. It seems weird that a Summoner would use Steamed Crab, but the Drawn-In effect is something to consider, after Carby is dead it's important to realize that you will get hit. SMN used two Searing Lights, and PLD used Invincible. Some people would consider this a close fight, but at the end we could have continued for quite some time. Spraynard 16:25, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

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