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To get the Ramparts to cooperate, you will need to feed them TP. The easiest way is to equip a level 1 weapon. My preference is Rounsey Wand because it gives a nice satisfying squeak whenever it hits something. Elwynn (talk) 17:21, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

Ritualistic (Usukane/Omodaka) Plans/Boss Walkthrough


My team uses this setup and strategy to consistently farm and clear Bhaflau Remnants II zone in under 90min. We have not varied from this path to obtain other plans, but I will add more guides as I trek through salvage.

  • Dropping the NQ/HQ bosses from the run would allow plans to be farmed in under 60min.
  • To note, Scholar and Corsair are dualed indicating that this can be cleared even faster.
  • You can expect 5-10 plans as well as a minimum of 50 alexandrite per run.
  • Note, adding more people to this run means killing additional mobs on each floor to obtain full unlocks for everyone. --Leauce (talk) 15:24, February 2, 2013 (UTC)




  • At the runic lamp have Scholar obtain Job Ability, Spellcasting, and Sub-job to apply AoE Phalanx/Regen 5 to party throughout the run. (We do second Job Ability to Corsair for rolls, and HP to Scholar to help with sublimation).
  • Take the east path and kill the fly in the first room.
  • Move forward, avoid the second fly (non-aggro), and either head east or west towards a flan.
  • Kill one of the flans then make your way north, avoiding the fly (non-aggro), as well as bypassing the first moblin (sight).
  • Kill the moblin in the large north room in under 3min. to force NM Throat Tearer Trogotrek to spawn.
  • Kill NM for 1 plan drop, then make your way to the center room of the map.
  • Either choose to fight or skip the Dahak (sight/sound).
  • Skipping means losing out on a chance at 1 plan, as well as HP/MP unlock until the third floor.
  • Killing the Dahak and opening the door to the porter will force NM Smouldering Dahak to spawn.
  • Smouldering Dahak drops 1 plan.
  • Smouldering Dahak is able to do back-to-back TP moves, the most dangerous being Nullsong (AoE dispelga, AoE high damage).
  • My team skips this Dahak and does floor 2 without HP/MP unlocked. These 2 Dahak fights can easily go bad, as well as take up 10min of time.
  • Zone up to floor 2.


  • Unlock all gear for each member and head north and then west to the Troll Smelter (sight).
  • Kill the Troll Smelter and then head north to kill the Troll Gemologist (sight).
  • After the Troll Gemologist is dead, have one person head back south to open the west door.
  • Once the door is open, it will force the NM Troll Occultist to spawn in the north section, just east of where the Troll Gemologist was fought and killed.
  • Kill the NM Troll Occultist for 1-2 plan drops (be wary of his attacks, and keep HP up), and then invis everyone and head west through the door that was previously opened.
  • Head to the NW section, bypassing 2 Troll Engravers (sight) until you reach the NM Troll Guardian which was spawned by killing the Troll Gemologist before opening the door to the west.
  • Kill the NM Troll Guardian for 1-2 plan drops (be wary of his attacks, and keep HP up).
  • Head to south porter, and zone up to floor 3.


  • Obtain unlocks from the runic lamp, then sneak up, head east and bypass the first room of 2 Archaic Gear (sound/true sight).
  • In the next room kill 2 of the 3 Archaic Gear for HP/MP, and stat unlock for some members, then head south to the center, avoiding all Archaic Gear (sound/true sight).
  • Head east through the room with 3 Archaic Gear to the large room on the east side of the map.
  • Kill the 3 Archaic Gear in the center of the room which forces an Archaic Rampart to spawn on the south end of the room.
  • Setup camp on the south side of the Archaic Rampart.
  • Engage the Archaic Rampart and force it to spawn reinforcements before killing it.
  • Kill 3 sets of Archaic Gears to unlock stats for members.
  • The lamp at the start of the next floor only has a limited amount of unlocks, so make sure most stats are unlocked before zoning to the 4th floor.
  • Tested theory for number of unlocks from 4th floor runic lamp; concluded that it is based on not the number of gears killed in each room, but killing at least a single gear in each room.
  • By killing at least a single gear in the first, second, center, and 2 east rooms, a max of 5 unlocks should be available from the 4th floor runic lamp.
  • Skipping all gears except for the large east room will result in 1 unlock.
  • Open the south door and port up to floor 4.


  • Unlock the final stats; all members should be unlocked at this point.
  • Head to the first room with a small and large Archaic Gear.
  • We found it easier to identify by pulling both gears; smaller sits closer to the floor.
  • Kill the small Archaic Gear first then the large Archaic Gear.
  • This will force the NM Archaic Gear to spawn; kill for 1-2 plan drops.
  • Head north and bypass the chariot.
  • Kill the first Acrolith, then head farther north to the second Acrolith.
  • Killing the second Acrolith will force the NM Acrolith to spawn; kill for 1-2 plan drops.
  • Here you can end the plan farming run or move forward to fight Cerberus.
  • Head north until you reach a door; only open the door when you are ready for a fight.
  • Open the door, and kill the 3 Archaic Gears that spawn in under 2min.
  • This will force an Archaic Rampart to spawn.
  • Prepare for the Cerberus fight. (My team uses Magus Rolls, Monk rolls, and embrava when preparing for Cerberus.)
  • Engage the Archaic Rampart and force it to spawn Cerberus.
  • Kill the rampart and engage Cerberus.
  • See below for Cerberus notes.
  • After Cerberus is defeated, head to the port and zone to floor 5 for the Cerberus Seether fight.


  • Engage Cerberus Seether using the same strategy as the previous Cerberus. Congratulations on clear!


A good strategy that we have used is to have a Monk open with Formless Strikes and make Light skillchains with the Thief. This keeps Cerberus from becoming too resistant to either physical or magical damage.

  • Important to note; have mages stay 20' away from Cerberus to avoid Ulation (AoE paralysis), and apply Barfira to reduce fire damage taken.
  • Becomes resistant to the type of damage it receives the most while becoming less resistant to the opposite.
  • Weak to light skillchains, strong to dark.
  • Uses TP move: Ulation (20' AoE Paralysis)
  • Uses TP move: Scorching Lash (Physical attack absorbed by 2 shadows)
  • Uses TP move: Gates of Hades (High DMG AoE Fire-based attack)
  • Uses TP move: Archeron Flame (High DMG AoE Fire-based attack used under 20%HP)

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