Duplicate Information?

Isn't most of the information in this guide duplicated in Beastmaster Solo Leveling Guide? It might not have duo/group spots there, but certainly we don't need both this page and the other page maintained in parallel. sopoRific 07:09, 11 May 2006 (PDT)

As they are guides, I can see having two resources. There are similarities, however each has some unique camp information. --Pawkeshup 15:16, 17 July 2008 (UTC)

Quicksand Caves, K-7

There's only a K-7 on two of the maps, and neither of them contain helm beetles and spiders. >.< Another 45 minutes of death and confusion... Please fix. --Chacharu 21:04, 25 July 2006 (EDT)

Without actually going to the area to look, I would surmise the entry refers to the corridor leading out to exit 1 on the first map. That's a popular camp for traditional parties go to for levels 48-50 or so, but that's around J-3/K-4, and it would probably be a camp for around levels 54-56. There might be something worthwile in the tunnel going from (J-9) to (I-9), but my memory is hazy. sopoRific 18:27, 26 July 2006 (EDT)

That's what I assumed. Unfortunately, there's usually a traditional XP party here, so I let it go as an option during this span. I tried checking there twice, and it was taken both times. Still, if one's in the area, I guess it doesn't hurt to check it. --Chacharu 09:33, 28 July 2006 (EDT)


This could be updated to include the new areas that are now avaiable. I don't play bst, but I can imagine that you would want to go there since you can get more xp there then in the other regions. --Pinkfae 07:25, 23 August 2006 (EDT)

I counted 9 entries in ToAU zones, mostly after level 60. I'm not sure if there's anything to kill in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins yet, FFXIclopedia doesn't have anything on monsters there yet, and somepage doesn't have the zone in their zone list. sopoRific 21:49, 27 August 2006 (EDT)

After the Signet update, you get more XP bonus in Conquest zones when you have two person parties. The XP bonus is higher for solo in ToAU tho. --Pazdarcy 15:23, 4 April 2008 (UTC)

Index Concept

In light of the issues raised on the forums, why not add the following right after each section break? This "sub-index" will bring you to the relevant entry.

Reported on zone in this level range include: Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau, Tahrongi Canyon, etc.

Instead of making links for your own table of contents. Wouldn't it be better to take out the _NOTOC_ or whatever? --Emizzon 14:06, 26 January 2007 (EST)

No, removing the automatic TOC is not a good idea. I'll finish the editing needed to complete the changes and you will see why. --NoOneLeft 15:17, 29 January 2007 (EST)

I hope that clears it up

Well, I am out of time so I still have to do the 70-75 range. And as a note to myself: Copy/edit some of the camps in the high 60's so they appear again in the 70-75 range as appropriate.

Anyway, you should see why the auto-index is bad. I would suggest a small level range only index at the top, and then a more in depth index at the bottom (that is linked to from the top so for the people who jut want the level range it's right there at the top, and for people who like the indepth list they can click once to get to it at the bottom).

Thats what I'd suggest anyway, any other ideas are of course appreciated.

Later! --NoOneLeft 15:49, 29 January 2007 (EST)


Ok, here is the current status.

All sub-sub-sections have been created. There is still some mess involving certain posts in the high 60-69 range where some information should really be over into the 70+(only).

I think I shall remove the little stub at the bottom for now. I'll leave the auto-menu on the right until some feedback comes through. If the feedback indicates the auto-menu works I'll just leave it. It's not as bad as I thought it would be (even though it is kinda big). Otherwise I'll have a fully fleshed out index added later.

Lastly, I think I'll put a template at the bottom so if people need to add new areas later they can do so more easily. Again feedback on this would be great.--NoOneLeft 14:52, 30 January 2007 (EST)

Level 17 camp in Valkurm Dunes

It is written: "17, Camp D-8 is good for lizards."
But look on map, D-8 is just a small patch of land around a mountain.
Shouldnt it be D-7/D-6 range? From what i recall thats where the lizzies are.
--Pseudo 00:07, 12 April 2007 (EDT)

Firstly, I never used this camp. Secondly, looking at the map, D-8 could be correct. I'd often camp with my back against something solid, to make it less likely of anything creeping up on me. D-8 is almost nothing but mountains it looks like, but if you were going to have a camp in that area you'd prolly pull stuff to the edge, so D-8 might be great for that. --NoOneLeft 09:05, 30 July 2007 (CDT)

Lvling in Korroloka Tunnel

It says to use worms as pets vs....whatever else. This is a BAD idea seeing as they dont move with just ignore them and use bats vs bats. xp partys usually kill most of the worms and get upset if you take their kill anyways. --Sorrydawgg 21:45, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Thats the whole fun of it, silly ^^ --Taruzard 01:35, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

What a Mess

This article hurts my eyes, not only it improperly named, there are signatures all over the place, and the formatting is really bad. --CharitwoTalk 10:47, 14 July 2007 (CDT)

Additional Camping information

Information about camp spots taken off the main article.

37-39: Purgonorgo Isle

Came here @ 38 and went to the Southern-most beach to check things out. At I-10 there are two rooms connected in sequence to the beach. Two Alraunes spawn in the eastern-most room, converted [well, postpatch ghetto converted] them to EM and pulled Toucans from the room that connects camp and the beach [two spawn here], then used Jagil's to pull toucans from the beach to camp. Usually after clearing the two in the central room, and pulling two off of the beach, the two in the central room had respawned. Worked out fairly well, no worry about agro or links [unless you mischarm an Alraune] in this room, and managed to get Chain 3 with fair consistency.
The Viscous Clots on the island have an 'Added Effect: Drain' when landing a melee hit. They are difficult to charm (as are all slimes) so once I had charmed one I held onto it, not using 'Leave', and proceeded to kill every mob in the area. It absorbs damage well and even when it takes a few hits, it just drains the mobs hp when it hits it and was always near full hp.

39-44: Yuhtunga Jungle

Camp at H-11: Go through tunnel east of outpost. Occasionally, a Lava Bomb [47-49] will spawn in one clearing. 2 crawler per one gob should be enough, Poachers are weak for their level. Beware, suicide bomb very strong but can make for fast exp. Convert local pets to EM and don't let them despawn. Gobs will not link if you fight in their area or the area of the last Gob you ko'd.
Camp at E-9: This is a nice spot in a wide open area. Lots of crawlers and goblins around. The goblins have a wide wondering radius, tricky but links are manageable. Everything here is on a 5-minute re-spawn timer. Fast exp and a zone is nearby in case of emergencies. Beware of the Malboros wandering around.

40-43: Riverne - Site A01

Hawkertraps are difficult to charm and Firedrakes are tougher than they con. I rarely had too many respawning problems because the pets tend to have a pretty narrow level range and a wide wandering radius.
If you have a pet and pass through a displacement portal, your pet will follow. This can come in handy when you want to grab a pet from the 'other side' and bring it over to battle a mob. It also counts as 'zoning' in that the engaged mob you are battling will not follow you through a displacement if you leave. If in an emergency, keep in mind that it takes a moment or two when clicking the portal to get the screen asking if you are sure you want to pass through... and if trying to run away, if a mob takes a swing in your direction it will tell you 'Event canceled' and you will have to try again. ;p

If you are a 75 wanting to merit here, set your exp settings to 'Merit Points' and you will then get exp just like if you were lvl 40 and there will be no exp penalties. Buffs will be removed when you enter Riverne - Site A01, including Reraise! If you happen to log off while inside Riverne - Site A01 and log back in, your buffs will be removed once again.

41; 42-43: Crawlers' Nest

Level 41 Camp upstairs before main Lizard room. Both bees and worker crawlers were good. DC to T. the mobs spawn relatively close together. It should also be noted that the Worker Crawlers near the entrance are lower level than those near the Maze Lizard room.
Levels 42-43 This camp is a bit risky compared to other locations but it is worth the chain 3-5 "if" there are no exp parties present. At 42, almost all Maze Lizards con Even Match with the occassional Decent Challenge or Tough. One EM lizard is more than enough for most Tough crawlers; crawlers were very easy to Slow with no enfeebling gear as well if you are /whm. If there is 2+ exp parties present, I would suggest camping elsewhere. At ~45, depending on your server/economy/campers, charming Worker Crawlers and exping off Killer Mushrooms (first map, small room @ K-10) is decent exp as well as some nice gil when you get a King Truffle to drop. Truffles are rare drops; I averaged about 1-3 an hour. ** Be very careful of links here when solo **

44-46: Yhoator Jungle

44-46, Camp at E-9 and use Crawlers vs. Goblins. Do not fight Master Coeurls [47-50] due to their tough special attack. At E-9 there should be enough crawlers there that you dont really have to worry about running out of pets. 3 gobs to fight, 1 at the south end 1 at north end. The middle gob has a weird spawn pattern. Sometime he spawns at the middle, sometime he spawns at the south end. Also north end gob spawn will sometimes differ as well. He might spawn at the end with the NPC gob or at the T intersection.
Opo are naturally resistant to charm but if you want to live dangerously, use Young Opo-Opo as pets as early as lvl 44 and forget the crawlers. The Opo are fierce and tear up gobs. -Came Here at lvl 44, most crawlers con as tough. I would recommend coming here at 45. I came here at 44, most crawlers were Decent Challenge or Even Match. They could very easily be converted to Even Match. However I chose to use Young Opo-opos as pets. A Decent Challenge opo-opo could virtually solo a Very Tough goblin. I also found their charm resistance wasn't a problem since I only needed one per goblin. If an opo was to die early I used a crawler to finish the goblin off.

47-52: East Ronfaure (S)

Duoed as BRD/BST and SCH/BST from 49-52.

I-10 is a good camp. Pets can be found at H-10, H-11, I-10, I-11. Preys are at H-11 and I-11. A Pixie roams the area and provides Cure II, Cure IV and Raise III (for no EXP loss).

The Djinns may use any of the following: Nocturnal Combustion, Dark Wave, Penumbral Impact or Berserk. Nocturnal Combustion is what we are looking for.

From personal experience, when a Djinn is hit with a spell that matches the element of the day it will almost always, but not 100%, use one of it's TP moves.

Do take note of Lightsday as SCHs or /SCHs have no access to Dia or other Light Element Spells. We usually kill the DC Corlibris and Ladybugs around while waiting for Day Change. We have verified that Drain works on Darksday but need others to verify the part on Bio (Darksday) and Dia (Lightsday). If Dia works, Duoing as BST/SCH and BST/WHM (or BST/RDM or RDM/BST), can easily solve the Lightsday issue.

  • NOTE: Banish works very well for Lightsday.
  • Verified, Bio and Dia work on their respective days. Also to note, at this level range, BST/SCH has access to Thunder whereas BST/RDM does not. It is important to choose your subjob based on the day(s) you will be at this camp.

Ladybugs may use Nepenthean Hum which gives an Anmesia Effect. There were several times we used "Sic" and the Ladybug Pets used Nepenthean Hum. However, none managed to land on the Djinns (may be due to the difference in levels between Ladybugs and Djinns). I reckon that if Nepenthean Hum lands, the Djinns would not be able to use their TP moves (including Nocturnal Combustion) till Amnesia wears.

For a Duo using Ladybugs as Pets, 1-2 Pet Swaps are required if the Djinns do not blow themselves up. For Corlibris, you may need 2-3 Swaps. - HalfLight (24/11/08)

50-54: Sea Serpent Grotto

Camp behind Mythril Door in "nook" at [J-5] [Trade Mythril Beastcoin to door]. Convert the two leeches near/in nook to EM and pull Sahagins back to nook area. Recommend using the brown BRD Sahagins as chain closers since they are significantly easier/faster to kill. Avoid DRG Sahagins if you can; they can make quick work of a leech when they want to. Duo'd here 51-53 and did very well with little chance of deaths. Be aware that Mouu the Waverider and Pahh the Gullcaller can spawn here. Pahh the Gullcaller can be easily duo'd during exp here using leech pets and possibly solo'd with some luck (and no RMT killing your pets).

If you decide to duo here, the corner at(J-5) is a good spot. Only con to the spot is that Mouu the Waverider spawns around the corner which will interfere with the exp unless he is killed. Myself and a fellow Beastmaster attempted to duo synced at 52, after two pet swaps we killed the sync and i used Dipper Yuly to kill him. Even with a level 76 jug it took about 2-3 mins to kill.

50-54: Crawlers' Nest

50-51, Use Soldier Crawlers, Labyrinth Lizards, and Hornflies vs. Labyrinth Lizards and Hornflies. Near the Labryth Lizard area. Camp in one of the hallways that have 2 sprouts and convert them to EM. You can convert easily just charm them, pull them out of radius and leave. Once they're EM, just pull lizards back into the hallway, if they link, no worries, just leave, the extra lizard will disappear, and charm the other sprout you converted and go on your way.
51-53, Drop down into the Labyrinth lizard room and head left up the tunnel. There's a large group of saplings there. Beware, they link, but I only mischarmed at 50 while trying to charm toughs. The target prey are exorays -- one spawns in the same tunnel as the saplings, and 4 or so more spawn in a little circular area. You can leave the saplings pretty much anywhere in the tunnels without them despawning.
52, Use Exorays and Hornflies vs. Exorays and Hornflies.
53, Use Exorays and Hornflies vs. Exorays, Blazer Beetles, Mushussu, and Rumble Crawlers.
54, Add Mushussu and Rumble Crawlers to pet list vs. Mushussu, Blazer Beetles, and Rumble Crawlers.
The Nest is like a miniature Boyahda Tree: BST land. You can stay here a very long time. The only downside is that you may often be competing with normal exp pt's, NPC-levelers, and farmers."
First off, don't try this as a poor BST, you need light staff and both pieces of AF by 54 (boots and gloves). Both peices have +charm which adds to the length of time you can charm a monster (but does not help in charming it). Get a light staff (+10% charm success) and when trio-ing, have the third be either another bst or a rdm, you have to duo here minimum. Camp is pretty much on top of the first crawler hunter in the tunnel between the rumbler room and the knight crawler room.
53, Af boots and an axe have +charm, use at least the boots as you will be charming Toughs (get a lightstaff) and get a Rdm for dia2, para, slow, regen, and dispel.
54, Use AF gloves have +charm, was going way faster exp/hour as bst+bst+rdm, than bst+bst.
55, I dropped the rdm here and went bst/whm (with gaudy) + bst/nin.
56, I actually moved on here but you can still exp here for a bit as duo.

53-58: Bostaunieux Oubliette

Before entering the Oubliette sneak up and drop down, run to the very end near the West Ronfaure exit. Just before the exit there is a sewer tunnel with 4 Dark Aspics inside [2 at the begining and 2 at the end] use these to fight the Werebats and as long as you are in this area your pets won't Despawn. EXP starts to slow down at 58. Also possible to pull Bats from closer to the enterance and bring them back to the tunnel to keep your pet from despawning.

Do not attempt to use the slimes from the Chateau entrance. This got me dead THREE TIMES before I realized I was supposed to use one of the OTHER two. -_-; Your sneak simply will not last the run of the zone, and if the Slime catches up with you and hits you near other mobs, you're toast.

The entrance is a viable hunting ground from ~52 up to 55. Once you drop down, you may need to clear the Funnel Bats that are close to each other by fighting bat on bat. Then you can use the Dark Aspics to fight bats. If the Aspics con Tough, charm it and bring it into the hallway then release it until it repops Decent or Even Match. You should be able to clear the tunnel entrance all the way up to the first bridge pretty easily. Being far from any exit, I recommend you bring a warp cudgel in case of emergency.

The tunnel you want is next to the Garms; it's the last left turn before the exit to West Ron. There are two slimes in this tunnel: one of them is way at the back, and the other is near the front of the tunnel. You will have to contend with the second slime, so be sure to sneak up while your slime regens and after you charm [it should be droppable anywhere around the front part of the tunnel]. This sounds annoying, but it's really not bad for the value of the camp, and I did it without really noticing after a while.

You can melee with the slime as long as you are in the section of the tunnel the slime came from, as in my experience they do not enter one another's roam radius. Keep an eye on that other slime while you fight.

If you do get stuck at these levels, try this camp and see if it works for you. You might want to try it a little later if the slimes are still conning EM: that's one of the little tricks this update has run me up against, any camp is still usable as long as high repops are out of the picture and there are still EM/T to chain.
The camp is high-risk, high-reward. It can be a true test for you. You are surrounded by sound and/or blood aggro in a claustrophobic boxed tunnel space. If in an emergency, it may be tough to reach the W.Ronfaure zoneline without being sneaked and out of yellow hp. ... but a DC slime can solo a VT werebat! That is the beauty of this legendary BST lvling spot.
*Fun facts: Werebats do not link with other Werebats. Nope! bats that do not link. That being said, Funnel Bats or any other bats will link with the Werebat... and a second Werebat will link with the linked Funnel Bats.. but not the original Werebat.

There is another camp that works here at about the same level ranges (maybe even one level lower). Once you enter and head toward the suggested camp above, stop a short ways in by the very first Hectacomb Hound you see. Your pets will be the slimes in the canal to the south of you and your prey will be the Hectacomb Hound, and the bats to the west of that dog. Only real worry is when you get disease and can't heal. Luckily if you're BST/whm or BST/nin you shoul be fine. You can blink away a hit or two once you release your pet or cast regen and get to full. Disease lasts a little while, but should wear off before you need to rest. You want to try to Leave your pet, use WS to kill your mob, then recharm before the slime despawns. One slime can go through at least 2 if not 3 prey here.

Fun addition

If you are camping in the entrance you should really try charming a Tough Dark Aspic then use Familiar and fly through the Funnel Bats all the way to the bridge. You can even take on two bats at once. You will want to make sure you attack the bat your slime has the most hate with and the moment you pull hate switch to the next bat. You might have to give your pet another fight order just to make sure it's fighting the bat you just stole hate from. Once you see the pattern then you can just switch off bat to bat and before you know it you will have gone through 4 bats and finishing your 5th for that #5 chain. I've gotten #7 chain doing this so I highly recommend this strategy. You will need Pet Food, Zeta of course (From 2010 update : available food at level 48 is Pet Food Delta Biscuit and at level 60 Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit, no more Zeta).

Rampage Skill up

At 55 you can go to Garlaige Citadel and chain Bombs for very good XP. This will most likely cause you to miss the neccessary Axe skills to reach 175 and obtain Rampage, which you will need at future camps. When you fall down the ledge, you have 2 slimes, charm these when you are 58 or 59 and kill the bats untill you encounter the first hound, run back and the first bat you killed should have repopped by now. You should see skillups beyond reaching Rampage. I went here as BST59/DNC29, which allowed me to move with no problem through the whole area, since Spectral Jig costs 0 TP and is applied instantly. Quickstep will aid in getting those skillups you need. Use Curing Waltz to remain in white HP, so you don't aggro the undead roaming the area. XP is not very good, but I found the camps at level 59 not nice and needed the skillups anyway. (Remember when you sub DNC, to remove the Weapon change in your Charm macro)

55-56/57: Crawlers' Nest

[Helm Beetle hall off of the "Donut Room"] This works best as a duo, since the helm beetles will finish off your first crawler fairly quickly if it is the only pet hitting and then you take the chance of the beetle despawning during a pet switch. Pick up your pets in G-9 and send one of the BST with a pet towards E-8 [where the beetles hang out]...attack the beetle and heal your pet back to a nice camp spot around F-9 where the other duo partner can be waiting. The two rumble crawlers will take down Helm beetle easily with your help. Release right at the end, the crawlers despawn so you just go back to the rumble crawler room to get some more. You can have problems if [1] other BST are working in there [2] you get a link. If you get a link though, /leave the pulling pet, and grab a new one from the room, your duo partner should be engaging the beetle as he chases you, so you should be ok.

55-57 Pso'Xja

The main floor is good for earlier levels (52-54), but the mobs downstairs behind the Blue Stone Door are at the higher end of the range (see Pso'Xja Map 7). We exp'd here as a duo briefly at level 55, and again at level 57. The Crytonberries never conned less than EM at 57. When you go through the Blue Stone Door, sneak up and drop down into the hole. There's a Treasure Chest (Monster) at the bottom. You'll then pass through a corridor with 3 Diremite Stalkers and one Cryptonberry Plaguer. You'll need invisible to avoid the Cryptonberry, but these Diremites do not aggro. In the room at the end of the corridor are two Magic Millstones (aggro magic), two Camazotz (aggro sound), and one Labyrinth Lizard in the room with the door at the back right. Through the round room to the south, there are 4 Gargoyles, and the far back room has 2 Labyrinth Lizards and 2 Magic Millstones. During ice weather, an Ice Elemental spawns in the small room in the southwest corner, while a Treasure Chest (Monster) is in the other room. Up the stairs from the Treasure Chest (Monster) are 3 Cryptonberries (Cutter - NIN, Stalker - THF, Plaguer - BLM).
At level 57, we would typically grab the bats and kill the pots in the first room, then the Cryptonberry from the corridor with the diremites, along with any of the Tough diremites, and the lizard if it was tough. Then we'd move to the other room with the pots, and use the lizards there (assuming they were EM or DC) to kill the pots. Then we'd grab one of the bats from the other room to use as a "sacrifice puller" for the Cryptonberries on the stairs. The pulling BST would cast sneak to avoid the Treasure Chest (Monster), and send the bat in on one of the cryptonberries, using heel then leave after the bat and its followers were in the room with us. The linked cryptonberries would despawn and we'd fight the remaining one using the lizards. We weren't racking up big numbers per kill in this camp, but did often manage Chain #4s and an occasional Chain #5. Be wary of pulling hate on the Cryptonberries, as Throat Stab can be very painful. A set of Crow Gear is highly recommended

58-61 Toraimarai Canal

"T-Intersection" Near Windurst Walls Zone. Kill off bat in middle of hallway to make things easier. Use bats in West end by skele spawns as starter pets, then use bats at East end of hall to finish. Let skeleton come down hall to finishing bat spawn area before "Fight" to avoid despawning. Also, if you have a clear shot to the Canal Pugil, I would highly recommend to use them. One of them is enough to knock about 60-75% of the target's HP.

Similar to the basement in Garlaige Citadel, this intersection is no longer viable at this level. The only Fleshcraver and Mindcraver are found at F-8 on the first map with an exit to Horutoto Ruins. This leads to a very tight camp spot with skeletons on one side, and VT Stygian Pugil on the other. --Cademus 00:49, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

Pugil vs. Crab

Camed here at level 58 and couldn't get a smooth system going with using bats and pugs versus the skeletons near the Priming Gate exit from Toraimarai Canal so I went exploring. I found the groups of pugs in the tunnels but didn't last too long, respawn times slowed me down and the skeletons are just not worth the effort I have to put into all the running around. I worked my way through the canal and found in the south eastern area five Scavenger Crab and eight Canal Pugil and a nasty Cutlass Scorpion that liked walking back and forth on the north/south axis. Making camp on either side of the room midway of the area I gauged the Canal Pugil to be Even Match and Tough with the random Decent Challenge here and there. The Scavenger Crab gauged Tough, and Very Tough and likes to hang out around the Scorpions feet. So keep your eye on the scorpion when pulling.

Using full AF gear minus the legs will allow an Even Matched Pugil to last the entire fight with a Tough crab so you can melee with your pet but it takes two pugs, no matter if their Even Match or Tough, to take down a Very Tough crab and you can melee with your second pet and the first if you really want. I haven't used much Pet Food only to make sure my pet lasted a bit longer so I could make the killing hit with rampage.

  • I went to this spot at 58 and most of the crabs were VT with the occasional T. All the pugs were VT and the scorpion was IT. Drjohn 19:50, 7 June 2009 (UTC)

59-62: Attohwa Chasm

Camp at <G-9>. Would be best to trio at 59, and duo is pretty good at 60. Advised not to solo here. Went here at lvl 60 and got very fast exp with another BST. All Scorps were Decent Challenge but they pack a punch vs. VT lizards so exp is good. Since they were all DC I imagine it would be very good exp here at 59 with all scorps conning EM.
Use sneak when running over some of the cracked earth because some places have antlions underground that will aggro and use 'Pit Ambush' and jump up and hit you pretty hard. There are several antlions like this that vary in level: Pit Antlion, Trench Antlion and the lvl 76+ one - Cave Antlion. They are all charmable mobs, btw. Not every crack in the ground has this risk but if you spend enough time in this zone you will begin to remember the exact spots where this ambush can happen - if not sneaked that is.
Be wary of getting too close to some of the the plants around the zone. They emit an intense poison that can infect you and do -20 hp per tick. This is especially annoying at night when undead come out to play and you have no poisona or cures. It does not last too long but it does some serious damage."

59-61: Quicksand Caves

Enter from the far southwest entrance of Western Altepa Desert where you take a tunnel up to a platform where 3-4 Manticores pop. Not really recommended for solo until 60 or 61, and even then it's better as a duo. The BLM types are easy to kill solo, but the PLD types have CureIV which can be a real pain. With xp ring as duo we'd get 220-250 xp per kill. 150-180 per kill without. Once we hit 61 we moved on to the tree, but probably could have grinded it out there until 62. Bring lots of inventory space as you'll have tons of dark crystals, antican robes and some pauldrons by the end of the day.
Duo here is recommended. Soloing would take a while on these antica and require several pet swaps. I will also add that antica have probably the highest AI of any FFXi mob. They cure 4 themselves when low on hp. If one links, his actions seem based on the mob's condition and yours. It might give the mob cure 4 (more than once), it might try and finish you off. Once I was in a normal exp pt on another job and we were at zone for camp. Some other player was running to the zone with a bunch of linked aggro antica. A PLD antica in his train cast cure 4 on our exp mob and did not link or aggro, but de-spawn when that guy zoned. But we had almost killed our exp mob and that passing antica cured it."

61-65: Caedarva Mire

Exit from Nashmau's west doorway (G-7). You can get sanction with refresh from Nabihwah(H-6). The refresh stops when you get to 65% of your max MP, but it stacks with the refresh of your Gaudy Harness. Some people feel the refresh of the Gaudy Harness is good enough. Seems to depend mostly on your play style. There are no Chigoe from the zone point to the start of the cemetery area. Mobs do not aggro in this camp, but Marsh Murre link and have a big roaming range. Keep that in mind if pet swaps are needed. If you walk to the cemetery, Chigoe and Imps will aggro.
Since this is a popular camp, you can also try the eastern camp by the large lake(H-10/I-10). There are Chigoe there, but they stay in very specific areas away from the lake. With some recon and a sharp eye there are two more viable Leech/Sapling vs Murre/Imp camps on the eastern area of Caedarva Mire.
61-62: Convert the 2 saplings outside the gate to EM. After that it's super easy to kill birds with 1 pet swap. Watch out for linking birds and sapling's AOE sic attacks. Experience is great at 5-6k per hour. There are two more saplings a bit farther in (past the little pond, near the Mithra NPC) if you want to setup a second camp. However, there are usually several birds close together in that camp. This makes pet swaps more dangerous.
63: Use saplings and leeches to fight leeches and birds
64: Use saplings, leeches and birds to fight birds. One leech pops very near the zone, another on the other end of the pond. Convert leeches to EM and alternate between them. At 64, one leech will take out any bird for consistent chain 4's. Only needed Zeta twice.
65: Use leeches and birds to fight birds and imps (in the graveyard). Slower at 65 as some birds popped DC, but too easy to leave.

  • from Bekisa: This camp is the best solo exp I have come across so far on BST. Constant chain 4 or 5's depending on how far you need to pull back a bird to your sappling area (so they dont despawn of course ^^) and exp per kill with ring ranging 300-550 exp while solo. No aggro at 61-64; ToAU exp bonus; pets have a very large area they can be released; never had competition! Sanction: Refresh and I leave my Gaudy harness in mog locker now. If you avoid AoE, BST/NIN with sanction: regen is awesome as well but I prefered /WHM for Dia and Slow here ^^.
  • from Lethaniol: I agree with Bekisa, this camp is amazing compared with the grind of 55-61. @61 was getting more than 7k/hr with Sanction and NO band. With EM sapling you can take any T bird if you help, most VT birds will need a pet swap though to be safe. @62 with tungi, near capped axe, hauby, tuna sushi, /whm any EM sapling can take any T-VT bird, for 6-7k/hr. Had some competition with a level sync 57 party levelling off birds here (I am not sure if this is a normal party location or not), but you only need three birds every 5 minutes for consistent chain 4. @63 used a whole zoo of EM leeches and saplings - though leeches are the better pets - any will easily kill any bird with your help. Kept a nice cycle of killing the same 3 birds every 5 minutes, meaning no links and chain 4 80% of the time - 6k/hr.
  • from Dreamin: Definitely the best BST camp so far. XP is only BLM-like. At 61 with /NIN using Crow Leg and Feet with 2x Darksteel Axe+1, I was able to consistently chain 2+ on VT birds with no pet swap with just an occasional Zeta toss in to keep the sapling alive. Same thing for 62, xp slow down a bit at 63 though (but can chain 4 with the leeches and birds). Just need to manage the respawn timing correctly and you should be flying through the levels here. I'm at 63 now and going to try doing Lesser vs Lesser just outside of Whitegate zone to see if I can save some travel time. I know I'm going to miss this camp.
  • from Kikari: I started @ this camp @ 60bst/30dnc. I used 2 sets of gear, one full suit of +chr gear w/full AF1, and my fighting gear. I used 2 axes which i did not swap out when changing gear, so to not lose TP, which is vital to survival with /dnc. Only problem with this camp is as of Visions of Abbysea add-on, there are 2 different trials involving the killing of Marsh Murre. I've been constantly fighting over birds with high level characters. 1 or 2 lvl 80's is not too bad, but I had a group of 4 80's in a pt killing every damn spawn in a matter of minutes. @ 60 i charmed T saplings and fought VT birds, dropping pet before mob died and using Rampage to finish off for full xp. TP moves used were Curing Waltz I & II as needed and Drain Samba. I did not use Steps to ensure that I had over 100%TP near end of fight. @ 61 & 62 more EM saplings are available to charm with an occasional T. I used same stratgey as I did i @ 60, conserve TP. @ 63 I could start charming leeches. Leeches have Bird Killer, which helps their survivabilty, with most fights ending with my pets' HP @60% or higher. Leeches will spawn as EM & T @ 63, if you prefer leeches vs birds over sapling vs birds, then i would suggest converting the T's to EM. It is a little time consuming, thus hurting your overall xp/hr. Though I pretty much charmed anything as I ran buy to extend my xp chain. Only checking leeches before charming, saplings @ 63 will check DC-EM. My highest chain was 5 for about 488xp w/emperor band. No band xp/hr was roughly 6-7k/hr (3-4k/hr when 80s were camping birds for trial weapons). I am currently @ 64bst/32dnc and i will contribute more info to this camp when I reach 65! Oh and I used Sanction w/Regen the entire time I leveled @ this camp.

62-65: Wajaom Woodlands

Camp is at I-7. With your empress band, and the bonus from sanction, the experience rolls in extremely fast here (chain 4 is very common). Bees are very easy to convert to EM, but they do link on sight, so try to charm one that is alone on one side of the hive to prevent links. Only the soldier bees are aggro. The leeches are not aggro. The Marids don't aggro and your bee pets don't have any AOE sic moves to attract unwanted attention. Apparently the Giant Marid in Wajaom aggros to sight, but I haven't seen one at this camp site yet. The Colibris don't link or aggro, making this very safe and steady exp. Finish off a Colibri with Rampage and then immediately recharm your bee to keep it from despawning. Release it near the hive (to heal normally) and charm another EM to keep the chains going. Personal Note: I stayed here till 64 as the XP was still good. Most bee's pop at DC or EM. Killing the four Colibri in the area and occasionally catching the 5th respawn for a Chain#5. I used a soldier pephredo to kill the last one. XP lost, but you get chain bonus so its still worth while. Try it out. 64-65: Camp at I-7/8. Use Bees and Colibri against the Red Kissers. The bees and most of the colibri will pop DC/EM so you will have alot of pets to use. At level 64 the leeches con VT so you will need at least 2-3 pets per leech. Duo is recommended.
WARNING: Be careful at the I-8 camp because there are 2 Soldier Pephredo and aggroing one might link both nests. Also avoid meleeing with your pet till the very end to keep hate off during pet swaps.

63-68: Upper Delkfutt's Tower

2 possible camps. For pots and jotunns, camp near 11th and 12 floor stairs. For just Jotunns, camp next to teleporter on the 12th floor. The teleporter is nice if you are finding that the dire bats are all Ts.
63: [Risky]camp next to teleporter. Two triple bats there. The only problem withi this camp is that there is only 2 bats there. If you despawn a bat it may repop as T. Only try this at 63 if have no where else to go. If things go bad you can use teleporter to jet out of there agro free.
64: Incubus Bats vs Jotuns, All triple bats will spawn EM/DC making this place next to the teleporter prime. Easy to pull and leave pets with out the fear of getting agro. Once you charm your pet, SNEAK UP!!!! I can't stress this enuf lol, as you will have to walk thru the other bats to get to ur prey & once more to get back to camp. Once they are fighting walk back to the stairs and Heel [or Leave if you get link, which you will^^] a little ways down the stairs start the fight again. Pet switch before the first pet dies so you only have to wait 1 minute for repop as apposed to 8-10 for a death repop ; ;. Stoneskin is a lifesaver here as the Jotunn do a nasty AoE attack.
65: camp near teleporter or at stairs. Use all bats…some dire bats might respawn DC so use them to pull upstairs on the 12th floor so they don’t despawn. Fight jotunns and pots.
66: camp at the stair and use all bats. All bats will now con EM/DC. Pots are your main targets now. T-VT. Use all bats.
67: same as 66
68: pots spawn EM now but still can be killed with bats.
Warning: Don’t fight dolls. Pots have nasty AoE and agro to sounds and to magic so keep you distance on them.

64-72: Attohwa Chasm

I'm not too sure what lvl the scorps are for sure. 64 right? hmm. Anywho, the mobs are relatively mixed and close together so it is possible to chain here, even as a 72BLM/BST. Athough at 72 its hard to find a EM Antlion to kill, but you could duo or trio or quatro the arch corses at that lvl for decent xp. Except they only come out at night. I think I have solo'd the Arch corses but they take a long time to kill solo, I think duo or more is faster xp. During the day you could run around on cracks trying to pop the Cave Antlions, but this is dangerous, because they'll triple attack you and eat thru ur stoneskin and blink before you even sic your pet on them. You can only pop these w/ aggro ; ;
The damselflies in this zone have a unique special attack not seen anywhere else. It is called 'Somersault' and it is a hard-hitting directional attack where it will do a looping circle in the air. It is blockable with blink or utsusemi."

65-68: Wajaom Woodlands

Bees vs Puks (H-11)

First, down convert the Soldier to EM if necessary; then, charm a Worker and attack a Puk. When your Worker is almost dead, charm the Soldier and finish off the Puk. Exp is fairly good, though chain 3 is rare due to the long fights. Also, if you mischarm and link the entire hive, run through the water to lose links/aggro.

Edit by Neve of Phoenix: The G-11 camp has aggro, the soldier bee aggros, and also the workers will if the Soldier is uncharmed near the hive. When the Soldier is charmed the workers will not aggro. I found this out the hard way when the whole hive ate me!

That's the workers linking with the soldier, not the workers aggroing. Innuendo 09:14, 17 August 2007 (CDT)

From User:Schultz: Bees vs. Puks can work at level 64. Camp in G-11 near the Pephredo Hive. There will be 1 Soldier Pephredo and 3 Worker Pephredo. Nothing aggros in this camp with the exception of the Puks. As far as your Prey, there are 2 Puks on the East side of this camp, and several more in the passage to the Southeast.

Spiders vs Puks (H-11 or H-12)

From Tomatoes: At H-11, Camp under the south stone arch near the water. Puk's have fast attack rate and often spam fairly disruptive WS moves (one is AoE Flash, another is a 4 shadow Blink). Position yourself with your back to the stone arch or wall (or at the very least not in a position to get blown into an Ameretat by the Puk's knockback AoE damage move.

From User:Schultz: Camps H-11 and H-12 are great although sometimes you will get a TP burn party show up. The H-12 camp is free of Ameretat so the only thing that you will have to contend with is a Ghost that spawns at night down the southern side of the area. There are 4 Aht Urhgan Attercop that spawn in the North-East corner of the area, and another that spawns and walks around the middle of the area. Puks are found in the NE corner, middle, and two down the South end of the area. Chain from NE, Center, 1st South Puk then back to the NE Puk.

From Lethaniol: As mentioned above there are two camps: southern part of H-11; or northern part of H-12. Unlike areas closer to Aht Urhgan spiders are level 66-67 (i.e. no 65s). Southern part of H-11 has 4 spiders, 2 with a sound aggroing ameretat (although only tough, its endrain effect makes it difficult to solo), 2 alone under the southern stone arch, with 5 puks close by. The northern part of H-12 has 5 spiders, 4 in a "nest", and another wandering around the "nest" perimeter. A mischarm in the H-12 camp will 95% of the time mean death, so instead I used a H-11 camp away from any aggro - 6k/hr+ with consistant chain 3/4. An EM spider should be able to take any T puk (level 68-69) with your help /NIN with decent gear - sometimes a certain combination of puk WSs can make the fight very close. All VT puk (level 70) require a pet swap and can kill a chain (do not try to finish a chain with one). /NIN is recommended, as with 3 shadows Wind Shear will do no damage or knockback. Avoid Crosswind by not meleeing behind your pet.

66-68: Pso'Xja

Use entrance south of Xarcabard zone in Beaucedine Glacier. To access camp, cast Sneak / Invisble and drop into holes on the second level. Enter at [F-7] from Beaudecine Glacier and drop down the western of the two holes, the one at [G-8]. Be sure to have sneak/invis up before dropping down. When you drop down, stay to the left and find the empty room. Use that as camp. It's wonderful because you can release a pet and it just disappears... no need to worry about making sure you release him where he won't interfere with your next fight. Bats vs Pots works very nicely. Thousand Eyes vs Bats also works very nicely. You also get to farm light & dark crystals this way, so you can make decent cash while you XP. Warning: Keep to the corner of the room and keep the magic use to a minimum. There's an Avalanche [bomb] below you that might decided to come up the hole in the floor and beat you to death. From: I went here as level 65 because the Dire Bats were listed as being from level 64-68. After trying to convert them for a while I never got anything lower than T. I have changed their level to 66-68, although that may not be correct either. I went in the other side and tested Snow Lizards and the Diremite Assaulters and the same thing, never got a EM or lower, only T, so I'm thinking they are 66-68 too.

67-73: Bhaflau Thickets

There is a pond at G-8 that has three Red Kisser spawns. Colibri are all over the place here, and have low defense and evasion. Usually one Red Kisser can take down a Colibri if you fight along side it. You may need to swap pets once with the weakest Red Kisser against the strongest Colibri. Colibri use Snatch Morsel which will steal your food so be sure to control hate. I continually got chain 4 here and leveled from 69-71 in two days. Be sure to pick up sanction from the guards in Al Zhabi before going out for an extra 15% XP per kill, and I recommmend getting the Regen sanction for /NIN setup and the Refresh sanction for the /WHM setup (/NIN highly recommended). Marid farmers will often leave the Marid's Chigoes laying around, so ensure the area you are going to fight in is Chigoe free.
67-71: You can use an alternate camp in the north part of (G-7) if the pond is taken. Plenty of tigers spawn in (H-7), and the Colibri pop quickly enough in the (G-7) tunnel that you'll probably never go through more than the first two. Sneak recommended to get past the one or two Treants that spawn near the mouth of the tunnel; take care as an Air Elemental will spawn in the area where your pets are when Wind Weather is up. The tigers are usually strong enough to take down a Colibri if you melee alongside them (pet food for emergencies is recommended, of course) but be prepared to find a new pet even with pet food, and chaining up to #2 is pretty consistant. Would not recommend using the Treant Saplings in the area as pets unless you plan to pull the Colibri back to (H-7), which will drastically slow down your XP. The tunnel is aggro free, and it will be safe for using your tiger's Sic attacks once you get control over the respawns.

Additional notes for this camp: I worked it with a Duo partner from 67-70 on the Colibri Prey with Tiger Pets at 67, switching to Red Kissers at 68. There are only 3 kissers, so it's best to try and recharm the one with the most HP left after the killing blow, working them in rotation with one of you picking up a new one from the pond, and the other grabbing a new prey. We consistantly got Chain #4 here at 67, and Chain #5 at 68 and up working the Red Kissers this way. We didn't worry about converting tough Kissers either. Run thru the pond on mischarms to shed hate, even from linked kissers, the short run in the water sheds it fast. [Edit] The above statement is false false false! It should be removed completely [Edit] This is not quite correct, if you get a link, they will keep attacking even in the water, as they pick up aggro from one another. Tame your mischarm, then move in water far enough so the link won't spill aggro. Additionally, leeches path oddly. I find the best technique if you only link 2 (most I've ever seen link) is to tame one, and run the other toward your prey. Fire a charm when the leech re-enters range.

71-73: You can use Colibri VS Colibri for decent xp. If you find the area by the pond too crowded with competition, you can move near the watchtower @ F-9 where there are a bunch more Colibri that aren't usually camped. Another alternative camp is up at (F/G-6). Treants spawn in the main room, and bats spawn at night. Colibri Vs Date Eruca @ F-8 works nicely as well.
72-73: Pit Colibri and Date Eruca against the Trolls @ F-8. [Edit] Trolls are often more trouble than they're worth. As long as you don't have much competition for the rest, getting good chains (up to #4) pitting Date Eruca against Colibri and Date Eruca works very well.

From Cheeks:The Red Kissers are actually 68-69, so the tiger camp works better at 67.
From Bekisa: I camped G-8 most of the time from 67 to 71 all solo. At 67, leeches sometimes came uncharmed before the higher level Colibri were finished but using BST AF during charming seems to help prevent this most of the time. At 67-68, yes you will be charming Tough's but don't worry about it. I still maintained 5k/hour exp here until 69-70 when a few times I got above 8k/hour. Mind you, the camp will need to be empty of other BST, random-job/BST and exp parties killing Colibri. At 70 I used BST/NIN with sanction refresh while using 2x Rune Axe's. You could also use your Gaudy Harness for the latent on the axes but I found much better results with a Hauberk and I rarely ever used +CHR gear to charm because Apollo's Staff was enough once I hit 69. Mischarmed maybe 10 times total in 4 levels. <3 leeches.

68-71?: Aydeewa Subterrane

68-69, Entrance #9 at F11-G11 in Wajaom Woodlands, From Scalor: I had a great time here, leeches are fun pets/prey. I know the exp was not as good as in the other camps, but I liked this place because I had it all to myself. No other BSTs or exp PTs showed up during the two days I spent here. Keep searching for those EM-T leeches to kill. Didn't use slimes as pets that often, only when I saw a DC one, and even those I had trouble charming.
69-71, Enter from E-9 Wajaom Woodlands, From Tomatoes: Camp in tunnel leading to large room w/ Ameretats and Defols. Slime Mold can take on Defoliator as long as there isn't too much Poison Breath spam. May want to consider /rdm to Dispel Defense Boost before WS. I think this would be much better/safer as a duo spot, as the Defoliators do not go down easily. Otherwise, the pets and pulls are pretty close together.

WARNING If you go too far in you will find Quijirn and around them you will find FLEAS! (AKA a type of chigoe) I went in exploring and saw a lone Quijirn who was VT and since I had a slime pet I thought it would be fun to try and kill him.... bad move, FLEAS all over and death. --NoOneLeft 15:44, 29 January 2007 (EST)

67-75+ [Merits]: Boyahda Tree

67-72, Camp upstairs. Solo / Duo and use Mourioches vs. Steelshells, or a Trio to fight Goobbues. Very hard to solo steelshells as they hit very hard. Hello If you are reading this then, My Name is shadowlina~ I Really love this camp 67 Solo Getting about 300 Each kill Incredably easy if you follow some of these notes and rules:

    • Snk Pulls
    • Always Use Mourioche THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS
    • Use Light staff (for extra charm
    • Also if you wanna be smart pull into the tunnal where 3/4 Pets spawn, Set first pet to attack at top charm pet at the small flat part, This guves the Enemy an long time to run to get to you.
    • Dont use tame, This will waste time and could cost your life.
    • Always have full MP when you start!!
    • ~shadowlina of Slyph~

72-75, Solo Camp Upstairs in main room. Use Korrigans or Skimmers vs. Elder Goobbues or Steelshells. You do not have to pull the elders back down to the lower clearing. The camp in the tunnel has been affected very little by the patch, in fact it may have helped the 3 mandies that spawn in the tunnel going up actually. The only effect the patch had is that the mandies from the clearing despawn and 1 min later are back where they were and so far as I can tell that same level since I've not seen any weaker. The ones in the tunnel seemed to respawn after death faster and quite often when we fought inside the tunnel fully and not in the mouth of the tunnel did not despawn at all. So list that camp as fine if you knew how to work it in the first place.
I duo'd here as 65 and 66, and it worked fine. No high chains, but good exp and occasionally chain #2-3. - Maelu 22:15, 21 January 2008 (UTC)

67-73: Caedarva Mire

While this camp works, xp is slow, and the oil slicks are difficult to charm. I got nearly 50% mischarms at 71 with good gear.

  • The oil slicks here seem no worse than anywhere else. If you have light staff you should be fine charming them even if they are EM. The bad thing with using them is the fact that the Jnun still hit them hard and pet swapping with slimes is not fun.
  • Level 69 BST duo can tear this camp up. My partner and I got chain #4 consistently, and slime mischarms weren't a problem, as we could charm them off each other. A solo BST, however, may find that stubborn slimes can be fatal.
  • Only 3 Jnun made this camp slow exp compared to chaining 4-5 Colibri constantly - 3-4k/hour compared to 5-7k/hour on Colibri (if the Thickets camp is empty at G-8). Quite a few times I had to wait for another Jnun to pop and ended up killing an Imp. I used this camp as an option a few times from 69-72 when the Thickets camp was crowded.
  • This is a good camp, but Oil sticks are really hard to charm. Best way is DUO with Wild Karakul pets. There are only 3 Jnun in this area, but they respawn every 5 minutes.
  • From level 68 to 72 in a trio of bsts you can successfully use sheep Vs any of the mobs that the normal parties can take with minimum pet swaps. as full pet party I.E. bsts + summoners + pups in a wide mix can kill almost as fast as a merit party and i am level 72 so i will tell you later how 73+ works.^^ camp is on the hill flies, imps, and jnun are all on the menu you can take the spawn nm's from the ??? as well while your there.
  • From lv69 you can solo the Imps that parties exp on (much safer at 70+). At lvl 69 and 70, you can easily look at close to 1k exp per fight, dropping to about 696 exp per fight at lv73 to 350ish at lvl 75. To fight these, treat the Imps like Bombs. DONT melee, as Amnesia will cause you to lose control of your pets. 2 Sheep/Slimes usually do the trick, but sometimes you may need 3 swaps. Always /whm at this camp. 71+, start the fight with a Slime, then use Sheep after. Best way to avoid Amnesia is to swap during a spell cast, or right after it's used its TP. Works best duo, especially with a Smn.
  • Tried as 70 BST vs Imps solo. Took 2 slimes and nearly 3 sheep to kill one, for 517 exp with XP band. Long fight. --TarquinOf Pandy 15:08, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

70-71: Wajaom Woodlands

(C-8/D-8 on the Woodlands map). The really great aspect about this camp is there are three Erucas to use which all level 70. There is absolutely no fluctuation in level. They always spawn at level 70 so you can despawn them all you want, you'll always have an EM pet. The Trolls all con Tough, but chaining can be hard because of their Diamondhide move which is an uber stoneskin that takes a good while to chip away at. Kill the third Eruca to fill gaps between Warrior and Ranger spawns to keep chains. They do no TP move that is troubling at all. The only AoE move they do is a Defense/Magic Defense Down move that does no damage and wears off rather quickly making RDM the preferred sub for this camp to speed up kills. I did just fine with WHM sub however. There is a Woodtroll Warrior that roams the Eruca area that I always killed just for that reason. The Ranger near the zoneline is much easier than the warrior, and I highly recommend not even thinking about touching the Monk one. The Dark Knight isn't any harder than the Warrior, but you have to deal with the spells.

I'm very unsure about how deletion nominations work, but I'd like to at least advise against trying to exp at this camp. Erucas are resistant to charm (apollo's staff, 2x melody +1, 2x allure, etc... many failed charms, usually have very few). Takes 3 pets to kill 1 troll, diamondhide can NOT be dispelled, could not achieve chain #1, could only pull drk and war due to not being able to kill 1 before the other respawned. This camp is not viable for exp purposes. Just as a random comparison that occurred to me since I had just been hunting Jody's Acid before trying this camp: it would be more viable to exp on Ameretets than these trolls. </include>

70-73: Pashhow Marshlands (S)

Don't use Sic. 2/3 of the slugs' special moves are water-based, and will actually cure the other slug, the other move has no effect on non-player characters. Keep fighting slug v slug when a campaign battle starts, but as soon as you can see the enemy approaching (visually or through widescan) you should join the battle for an EXP boost. /WHM preferred here for Reraise during Campaign, and for Barwatera while soloing slugs.
Campaign is the main attraction here, but doing strictly campaign battles can take a long time due to the length of time it takes enemies to arrive at the fortifications, or the inability to tell from the /cmap how long a battle has been going on. The ability to use the slugs as pets here also increases your potential EXP from a single battle.
Campaign tactics: When there are few people present, wait until the enemies have all arrived and then pull off the regular troops one-by-one. You can easily defeat one together with a single slug. Soloing a single Quadav can take a while, but you will end up receiving about 500exp per Quadav. When there are many people present, you have 2 choices depending on how the battle is going, either have your slug tank a new Quadav if there are several attacking the fortification, or join others who are fighting Quadavs to help kill them faster. There aren't any bonuses to your EXP based on soloing or teaming up, the main idea is to keep engaged and dealing damage as much as possible; if you can manage this, you will gain roughly the same EXP either way based mostly on the duration of the campaign battle as a whole.

71-74: Bibiki Bay

Camp at [G-6]. This is best suited for duoing at both level 71 and 72. At 71 this is really great exp compared to the slow trucking in boyanda tree. Take care for parties who might take your pets [this is a zone where everyone goes to after all], but even with only 2 even match pets you should be able to get a lot of chain#4s. At 72, more birds will check as Even Match with a few Tough inbetween. The Dhamels will still check as VT, even at lvl 72 so lvling here all the way to 73 is perfect - if Bibiki isn't filled with parties, mind you. You can duo there till 74.

72-73 Mamook

Tried this with a 73-74 duo. Camp at the entrance to the tunnel to the northwest area of Mamook. 2 Lizard will own a Battle Bugard. However, the Mamool Ja often popped as decent challenge to the level 74, breaking chains. At 72 & 73, you can mix Battle Bugard and Mamool Ja for longer chains, since there are only 3 Battle Bugard at the Lizard camp. Alternatively, there is another camp where you use Suhur Mas and Puk vs Battle Bugard but it is much more dangerous.
Be careful when fighting the Mamools. They have some special attacks like Firespit and that kicking move that can quickly and significantly alter the fight as you are gauging when to release the pet or consider a 2nd one or consider not meleeing due to hate.

72-75+: Ru'Aun Gardens

The main camp is around (H-10), the area immediately around the teleport from Hall of the Gods. Flamingos stick to the grassy areas where they spawn; the grass gives a rough (but not exact) boundary of the flamingos' spawn radius. Sprinklers can cast level 4 elemental magic, level 3 AoE elemental magic, Flare, and some assorted debuffs. It is not difficult to run from the AoE magic spells, and it is even possible to melee out of the AoE magic's range if you and your pet are on opposite sides of the sprinkler at maximum melee range. With 8 flamingos and 7 sprinklers around, the (H-10) camp is large enough to support two Beastmasters at once.
72: The Elemental Islands at F-9/E-8, F-6/G-5, I-5/J-6 and K-8/J-9 are Beastmasters Heaven at level 72. To reach the F-9/E-8 part for example, touch the Pincerstone at H-10 and use the blue Teleport at G-10 to get transported to the F-9/E-8 Ice Island. Walk up the stairs into the grass area. Here will be your camp. One Island consists of 2 parts with a large bridge connecting the two. You will probably use only one part. Each part contains 3 pair of Flamingos, 6 birds in total. Convert one of each pair of Flamingos to EM. Use the EM Flamingo as pet and put it on the other EM or T Flamingo of the same pair. The EM Flamingo won't despawn. Simply run circles and work through each set of birds. By the time you're done with the 3rd set, the 1st set will be ready to use again. Chain 4-5 is very common. Keep running circles and keep killing birds. The Groundkeeper on the small bridge doesn't agro, neither the Elemental. If you're /WHM just be careful of Magic Agro. /NIN works perfect with no down time at all. You can join the fight quite from the beginning, just let the prey take about 2 or 3 hits from your pet. Pet swaps aren't necessary. Considering there are 4 of these combined Islands, these camps provide enough space for about 8 Beastmasters, without losing chains.
74-75: I-10 is a nice spot, there are 2 Flamingos left and right of the corridor to Ru'Avitau that you can alternate. Kill the Groundskeepers in the corridor, you can even try to pop Despot if you feel like it. More often than not the Groundskeepers will be too tough for your pets so you'll have to pet swap them. On the bright side, they can use Meltdown for nice speedy exp. If you melee at maximum distance from behind them, you will not get hit by Gravity Field (their AOE slow move), and you get out of range of Meltdown in time. Alternatively you can also get pets from the areas directly east and west of the Ru'Avitau entrance (G-9/I-9, 5 Flamingos on each side) and kill the dolls in front of the entrance.

72-75+: Mount Zhayolm

[Pugil Route 72+]: Any of the Erucas can take down any Jagil with your help. The Erucas sleep at night and have auto TP regen when the volcano is active. Both Jagils and Erucas aggro and link by sound. Jagil aggro is very strange, sometimes near and sometimes very far. Wootzshell on the western shore aggro to sound. Phasmas pop in spaced out locations along the beaches at night and are blood/sound aggro. The Assassin Flies and Apkallu do not aggro. Good, safe exp but chains can get interrupted starting at 74 since the prey start checking as decent challenge. You can also fight Eruca v Eruca to keep the chain alive.

Once you get to level 74, do not bother using DC Jagils as pets. They are weaker than the Erucas and will slow down your kills. It's generally quicker to Charm them, pull them outside of their spawn radius and allow them to despawn, and hope they come back as EM+ while you move onto the next Jagil.

One camp with four Jagils is from (K-8) to (L-8) on the coastline. It's easy to reach this location from the Halvung Staging Point, but you will need both Sneak (Clots) and Invisible (Clusters). By the time you've killed all four Jagils, the first one or two will have respawned. At night, there are four Phasmas you will have to watch out for: one on the coast of (L-8) near the last Jagil, one a bit north where the Cast Metal Plate can spawn, one near the first Jagil at (K-8), and one up above on the ledge at (K-8) around the Erucas. Since the Erucas sleep at night, it's easy to fight away from the coastline without worrying about aggro. The Phasmas will despawn two Vana'diel hours before the Erucas awaken.

There is a camp at (H-9) where the jagils all spawn 74+ (thus better XP, particularly at 74). There are two crawlers at the tree there that you can alternate as pets. Camp just east of the 3 assassin flies by the cliff wall and you are safe from any aggro (including phasmas at night).

I would not recommend camping here at 75. There are too many DC Jagils. If you just want to play around with weak stuff, go for it, but there's bigger and better prey elsewhere in the world. -- --Sivara 16:25, 11 November 2007 (UTC)Sivara

73-75+: Bibiki Bay

Camp 1 [Dhamel Route]: Good as a duo or solo, around [F-9]. Get a chain up on the Goblins then kill Catoblepas. The Rabbits have a big spawn area.
Camp 2 [Dhamel and Goblin Route]: Camp is on hill where 2 rabbits inhabit, as well as a number of Tragopan at [G-6]. Convert to EM, then pull with one, heel back to its area and let it fight Catoblepas [level 76-78 in this area] until 15-20% of its life is gone, then Leave, and charm other EM rabbit, ensuring to keep it in its area. Alternatively, convert both to EM, and pull with Tragopan utilizing leave, alternating between rabbits on each pull. Can obtain chain 2 or 3, topping out near 200, without Empress Band, at level 75. A Teine Sith (Bomb) may pop during fog, so be careful.

I don't think Camp 2 is viable anymore as of the June 21st, 2010 update. All of the Tropical Rarabs in the area appear to have been replaced by Bight Rarabs, which con significantly higher (VT-IT as a BST76), and are likely the same level or higher as the prey. -- Javert93 07:55 June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Adding to the additional information section

I felt that the main article was starting to get too cluttered by the random musing of bst who tried out the camps. It is valuable information but it was lacking in uniformity and so forth. I've pulled most of the excess information to this page and set up a format which people can easily insert what else they'd like to comment on with regards to the camps.

Since I'm actively leveling bst I've been referring to this page a fair bit, so I wanted to see it cleaned up abit. --Ariannas 23:36, 30 July 2007 (CDT)

Requested Move

Support Move: Seeing as how the update was nearly 2 years ago, having "post update" in the article title is rather silly, I propose removing it and make it a general Beastmaster leveling guide. Thoughts? --CharitwoTalk 01:44, 31 January 2008 (UTC)

Support Move: Yes I agree with the change. The update refers to the mpk patch that was brought in long ago. I used this guide quite a bit while leveling my BST and its very accurate. --Razorback 15:32, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

Support Move: I found this guide to be very useful for leveling my Beastmaster, and renaming it makes sense to me Bawb 00:36, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

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Support Move: Same reasons as mentioned above. --Kyrie 07:34, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

Resolution: Move. --CharitwoTalk 00:01, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

Toraimarai Canal @ 54

Adding my experience in the Toraimarai Canal. You can go here as early as level 54 if you have a Light Staff or Apollo's Staff. Sneak up from the Windurst Walls entrance and head to F-6 on the 2nd map (labeled B) to get to the first map. Staying in the water, head to the grate @ H-7 on the first map. A Dark Aspic spawns there on the upper level, and the surrounding water is clear of anything that might aggro you. Check the slime: at 54, chances are it is a DC or EM. You'll want a DC slime if you're soloing, DC or EM works (EM works really, really well) for duos. Equip the Light/Apollo Staff and charm from the lower level. If you mischarm, it will take the long route to get to you, down some stairs, giving you time to get your charm back for a second try. If you succeed, but it was a T or higher, it will still take the long route to get to you - simply release it once it is out of sight so it can repop as something closer to your level. For duos, there is a slime further up the canal around G/H-6. Same routine, charm from the lower level to buy you time.

Once you have your slime, make your way back to the Windurst Walls entrance. There are several spots along the way that are safe to uncharm and recharm your slime (to avoid any pet protests on the journey back) and reapply sneak. Once you are back to the stairway at the entrance, Familiar your slime. These things go through the bats and skeletons in the area like they're made of paper and take practically no damage. My duo here easily made chain 4. By the time your familiar goes down, you can easily have made a level with an exp ring charge. The only point that you might run into some trouble is if the Mindcraver skeletons cast something nasty, so bring Pet Food Zeta and use as needed.

Once Familiar wears off, the exp will slow down a bit due to uncharming and recharming your pet to avoid mid-battle issues, but if you got a level up, the slime will stay with you longer and be easier to recharm. The experience really is phenomenal. A friend of mine tore through 2 levels here in a night, and my partner and I did 3 in a weekend. Awesome camp if you don't mind putting in a little extra footwork. --Shrade774 22:24, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

49-52 Rolanberry Fields (s)

Just to let people know you can go here at lvl 49 and work just as easily as lvl 50. there are enough crawlers and a decent amount of ground that you should have no trouble at lvl 49. I also want to add, if you should be lucky enough to be in a duo it's possible to use the crawlers to take out the spolactic slugs (s.) near the ponds. At lvl 51 we went as far west to the spot just north of the lakes with some trees, 4 crawlers spawn there. convert them to basically any con but tough, obviously EM would be best. I would use a jelly found near the pond and fight-heel pull the slugs to the camp and just keep swapping out slugs. I tended to swap pets at about 20% hp since the slug has a nasty DoT move that can kill your pets. XP wasn't that bad above 200-300 per kill and we even managed to eek out a few chain 3's once we got setup. just make sure to stay out of range and you'll be safe. //Maximusdecimus 18:04, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

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