• Solo'd with ease as 75WHM/37SCH had full sublimation up but did not need used staff that was only Skill level 136 Easy fight
  • Solo'd as 51MNK/WAR; Very easy fight, only threat was Petrifactive Breath which lasted ~60 seconds...
  • Duo'd 72 whm and 64 thf; easy as pie. LDf5% 15:41, 8 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Solo'd effortlessly as BLM75/WHM37.
  • Solo'd as level MNK66/DNC31. Dragon Kick took 9/10 of hp
  • Solo'd as MNK53/DNC26, didn't really need /DNC sub
  • Solo'd as PLD52/WAR26, easy fight
  • Solo'd as DNC70/NIN35, it died before getting 100%Tp
  • Solo'd as WAR48/NIN24, 300% TP Raging Axe took over 50% of its HP
  • Solo'd as BLU47/WHM23, not too much trouble
  • Solo'd as MNK51/NIN25, wasn't any trouble, went in the fight with Shadows and used my 5 minute abilities. When he hit me however, it took off more than 60 HP with the Enspell effect, so I had to use chakra and cast Shadows during his Aquaveil. Overall he doesn't seem to cast too much, and I'd say he's probably a MNK giving the Low Defense, High Damage ratio.
  • Solo'd easily by a DRK70/THF35
  • Solo'd as RNG60/NIN30, opened with Sidewinder killing it instantly
  • Solo'd as BLU75/NIN37. One shotted with Dissevernment.
  • Solo'd as SCH47/WHM23. It would appear that has a slightly faster than normal delay for monsters, as well as somewhat low defense, as I was hitting decently with my staff. It also appears to absorb an element, as it absorbed my Stone II on Lightningday - maybe random, maybe related to day. Not sure. It used Enwater as well... so it may be possible that its Enspell is the next element in the wheel while the absorbed element may be the previous, based on day. Just a theory. The NM would hit me for about 30-45 damage, with about 8 elemental. This was with Protect II and Shell II up, as well. Also, the only TP moved utilized was Charged Whisker. --Eli 05:07, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Possible Augments

Traded Item Augments
Spike Necklace Resist Vs. Ice +6 Resist Vs. Lightning +5
Aura Earring HP -1 MP +1 Resist Vs. Fire +8
Fine Jerkin AGI -1 MND -2 CHR +1 Resist Silence +1
Bastokan Cuisses Resist Vs. Dark +1
Wolf Mantle +1 HP +3 MP -3 Resist Vs. Wind +3
Drone Earring Resist Vs. Ice +9
Drone Earring Resist Vs. Dark +8
Drone Earring Resist Vs. Wind +6
Drone Earring Resist Vs. Lightning +7
Beetle Harness +1 Resist Charm +1
Spike Necklace STR -1 VIT -1 AGI +1 Resist Vs. Lightning +5
Windurstian Kukri Resist Vs. Light +2
Willpower Torque DEX +1 Resist Vs. Earth +5
Wonder Mitts Accuracy +1 Resist Vs. Earth +10
Custom Slacks Resist Vs. Wind +5
Savage Separates Resist Vs. Light +12
Savage Separates INT+2 MND-1 CHR-1 Resist Vs. Water+13 @Firesday
Kampfbrust Resist Vs. Light +2 "Resist Petrify" +2
Beetle Earring +1 Resist Vs. Lightning +5
Black Cape Resist Vs. Lightning +9
Traveler's Hat HP+1 MP-1
Cotton Doublet DEX+1 VIT-1 CHR+1
Mythril Earring HP+3 MP-3
Nomad's Mantle Resist Vs. Lightning +2
Cotton Doublet STR+2 "Resist Stun" +1
Great Bow +1 Resist Vs. Lightning +1
Chakram Resist Vs. Ice+1 (Vana'diel 4/1/1093, Watersday, 21:06, Waxing Cresent (33%)) --01:27, March 4, 2010 (UTC)