Is there any proof this goes through shadows? I've just fought Bakka and Blizz5 didn't go through shadows once.

Probably only goes through shadows if you are using Blink (i.e. not real shadows).

Doesn't appear to cast Ice Spikes either, though he does gain an undispellable Ice Spikes effect. Unknown if this is caused by exposure to a certain type of damage, a certain amount of damage, amount of time, etc. He gained and lost it twice in our fight (100~50% it appeared constantly on, lost it then until around 25~30%).

Less than 50%, he gained the ability to insta-cast Freeze (AM1). Also casts Blizzaga IV.

Also appears fairly susceptible to Demon Killer. THF tank was having it proc from Staurobow fairly often (10~15%, if not higher).

Also uses Deafening / Abrasive Tantara, though they have different names and do damage. Stifling Tantara is Silence and hits for 300~400 as BRD. Grating Tantara is Amnesia and hits for similar damage to Stifling. The effects of both do not last very long (approximately half the regular Heraldic Imp length).

Appeared to have a "Fast Cast" trait, though this may have just been us.

HP also doesn't appear to be that high, maybe as much as Zekka in Beadeux (S), though I wasn't paying much attention to how long it took, we appeared to be taking it down quite quickly with just a THF doing damage and DOT's from BLM and RDM (15% in 5~10min).

I have fought this NM 10+ times and I have not seen drop on axe or neck. We had a BLM to stagger yellow but all that did was make it drop some weak items. I have also witnessed many well geared players, i'm talking about 5/5 +2 and other top notch endgame gear, died to this NM simply because they were stuck with amnesia and Bakka casted Blizzaga 3 on them and dead. In fact very few of these non-pet soloers ever succeed unless they are super lucky. But I haven't seen that lucky person yet. On the other hand, Predator claws will shred this NM to pieces doing 3k-4k. I highly highly doubt that you can break the horn by doing 300-400 dmg cause like I said I do 3-4k with predator claws, and have withness countless dagger jobs do 2k+ and the NM will still use Tantara tp moves. I also recommend some sort of way to deal with adds. Something like a party would solve that.

--†Hitetsu 22:14, July 4, 2010 (UTC)

It was a party of smn,smn,bst,blm.

How many and of which job did you have when you fought him? I would love people to add this info to pages, instead of just what the mob does... -- Orubicon 09:20, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

We had a THF, RDM (dualboxed by the same person), BRD (me) and BLM for stun. Got it to 4% and then wiped due to Blizzaga4 hitting BRD and THF. Carnage Elegy stuck fairly easily, I had maybe 1~2 resists in the duration of the fight. It may be ideal to have a SCH or 80WHM or RDM /SCH to help reduce damage from stray Blizzaga's. Ideal place to pull him is just north of the other imps (around K-4 was safe). --†Hitetsu 14:41, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

Thank you. :) -- Orubicon 12:59, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

Tried duoing him as MNK/NIN and DNC/NIN with DNC staying out of range and just using waltz to cure when needed. Noticed that he does TP moves rather readily after one another, particularly at lower life. Was on MNK and trying to trigger the blue !! but he TPs 3-5 secs after just using a TP move making it rather hard to time WSs. He was not landing any hits on me at, at the most maybe 1 or 2, so the only way the he is gaining TP is from my melee attacks or some form of regain; 3-5 secs of meleeing should not be enough to give him 100TP. Between his WS and magic casting it was hard to go through the list. We managed to get only 3 WS correctly timed and took him down to 63% b4 he started spamming -ga.


Super easy SMN/WHM solo

/WHM so you can proc blue. I used Sea Daughter/Future Faboulus/Ducal Guard atmas. Bakka's bliz 5 only does 500-600 max and his blizzaga 4 does around 400-500 to Garuda avatar and me. All you do is find blue proc. If low on mp just do a spirit taker and mp problem solved. If avatar low on hp just run 50 yalms away and summon new one. Note, you can't release your avatar under amnesia.


Did this fight with a 77SAM/NIN tanking, 80RDM/DRK(me) and a 80WHM/RDM SAM solo tanked and I focused on stuns for the -ga and enfeebling (paraII, slowII and diaII) haste and the odd cure when I felt it needed. WHM focused main heal. After an initial wipe due to SAM getting hit with silence and para, then getting a Blizz V dropped on his head, we regrouped to try it again. Next attempt went smoothly and i finished it off with a Thunder III. Paralyse was very effective and also stopped the NM`s casting at times, also it was intimidated on a number of occasions by the SAM. Drops: Glyph Axe and 2 wings, 1500 exp and 272 Cruor --Calatilla 00:49, July 21, 2010 (UTC)

Did this fight a few days ago with 6 (pld/nin rdm/drk whm/sch blm/whm smn/whm thf/nin) and twice today as 7 (pld/nin thf/nin rdm/drk rdm/whm smn/whm smn/whm blm/rdm). Easy fight honestly, have rdm/drk stun -ga spells and enfeeble it between stun recasts. main healer concentrate on Paralyna and healing. Smn's using Predator Claws were doing about 5% of its HP each time. Strongly recommended the tank have a stack of Echo Drops on hand to help out the healer. All and all a smooth fight, all members were in white health when it died. --AjaniRagnarok

Beastmaster Trio

Owned this guy w/ 3x level 80 BST. kite between Pashow zone side and martello at south of corridor through the mountains to the west of pashow zone. No mobs along the whole northern ridge. Bakka actually has fast movement speed. You need to run before pets are dead. We didn't have any pet food. Keep at least 2x pets on him to fight. 1x pet at a time doesn't do enough damage. if you run the whole way Call Beast timer should be up by the time he catches you. We used 4x pets each. 0/1 on Glyph axe... or anything only go the imp wing.

BST + SMN Strategy

This strategy requires 3 BST and 2 SMN. You can always use more of both but that is the bare minimum. The fight takes about 8-10 minutes and doesn't require any kiting unless you mess up the BST rotation or forget to wait for Call beast timers. 1. BSTs all call pets (arctic rabbits recommended) and wait for Call Beast timer to be back up before pulling. 2. All three BST put their first pets on Bakka while SMN use Avatars (Shiva takes the least damage, Leviathan and Ifrit are also good for damage output). 3. When the BST's first pet dies call another and wait until the last BST's pet is about 20% before putting the next pet on (there should always be a BST pet on it, make a rotation if needed).

Stay far away out of AoE range and this is a super easy fight. The more SMNs the better but I can't stress enough how much you really need 3 BSTs. This strategy also works for Raskovnik which a lot of BSTs will be camping along with Bakka. Good luck! Littledarc 07:17, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

Note: Now duoable by BST after the lv85 cap increase (see below) --Zurinisei September 12, 2010

[Red Mage / Ninja] Solo

This is no easy fight for a regular red mage, you must have plenty of supplies (ie. all temp items, Echo drops, buff food(+DEF)) and semi decent damage reduction and haste gear for Utsusemi. Factoring in Saboteur at RDM83 is very important for this fight. This job ability is quite useful for Paralyze II. The trick to soloing this guy is to have high MND for paralyze II, as this causes over half of his magic casted to be nullified due to paralysis. While bakka is paralyzed, this gives you ample amount of time to cast nukes (Tier III, Tier IV) on him and rebuff yourself as needed. Fighting near the Martello 08 is also useful here for MP restoration.

Start out the fight with Saboteur + Paralyze II, then slow II (pulling him toward the conflux #8 and the martello 08 area), then bio and poison II(or bio III if your 4+/5 + poison II), these are less important than nuking, but still helpful DOT's; keeping your shadows and stoneskin up like a good rdm :) then you want to use your +M.ATK tonic and start nuking away, if your MND and/or PARALYZE II merits are good enough, he sould have a very difficult time even taking away your shadows with regular hits, and some magic. Not all of his spells will be interrupted from para, but the majority will be if kept on him. Once paralyze wears after the first saboteur, regular paraylze II works fine, but keep using saboteur as it is available for paralyze II, this is much more effective than not using it and will make your fight much smoother. Once you run low on MP, you can either gravity him then run to the martello and get full mp, or you can convert and pop a couple potions as needed; you can interchange these two methods as you fight. Regen II works very well here saving MP and time; especially with composure. You dont want to let your HP fall below the 1000 mark because his blizzaga IV's will easily do 800~900 even with SHELL IV and Barblizzard. Barblizzard should be casted along with your key buffs (refresh, haste, phalanx) during composure, so it lasts a while. His insta Freeze's and Blizzaga IV's are dangerous if not dealt with properly, you want shadows up at all times, and stoneskin up ALWAYS as well. If you keep nuking him and kiting him with gravity when things start looking bad, you should be successful in defeating him. It takes a lot of concentration but with practice, you will find improvement and smoother fighting strategies. -- Knonvest 16:10, October 11, 2010 (UTC)

THF85 + RDM85

RDM can Saboteur Paralyze II for an absolutely devastating effect. The only dangers are, of course, all the paralysis flying around from Paralyga and Ice Spikes. It's better for the THF to be carrying a boatload of Echo Drops so the RDM can focus on healing, hasting and Paralyna. The fight will go slowly with just a THF for DD, but bar some unlucky AoEs, not a very tough duo, and even easier with good atmas. Can always bring a stunner/extra damage to speed the fight up. --Eremes 21:06, December 4, 2010 (UTC)

Taken from main page

Noticed when our group was fighting, Bakka under 50% gains a sharp fast cast, Bliz -ga III being cast in .5-.75 secs as no one managed to stun him once under 50%. He also gains Paralyze-ga spell, and can spam it --Sakuraryong 12:33, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

I'll have to dispute this, I have gone BST80/DRK37 each time to Bakka, and have managed to stun all his -ga from 100 to 0%, every single time we have fought him. The only issue I had was the recast on stun --Shiroineko 05:01, August 5, 2010 (UTC)


Easy solo as 99 BST/DNC with MC+VV+Apoc Atmas using only 3 Zeta and 1 Eta. Only damage came from the spells. Ayrlie (talk) 07:28, September 9, 2012 (UTC)

Was able to Solo as 90MNK/WAR using RR/VV/GN Atmas. Full timed Counterstance and used Perfect Counter had to use the Lucid Potion 1,2,3, Lucid Elixir 1,2 and on some occassions where i could not proc blue for a long time i had to use Healing mist and powder. Typically by the time i proced he was already close to death. --Prep 21:34, May 24, 2011 (UTC)

Easily duo'ed by two black mages subbing RDM, pull it to conflux 8, get gravity on it, keep stoneskin, barblizzard and blink up and nuke away, a potion I/ potion II and elixir are nice for when he gets under 50% health and his spells start to hurt.

Killed With Moderate difficulty with 80BST, 80BLU, 80SMN. Did not notice any amount of Fast-cast gained (Above the normal fast cast he has) at lower HP. - User:Karbuncle

Duo'ed by 85BST/42DRK and 85BST/42WHM both using DipperYuly. 2-3 pets per BST plus a fair amount of Zeta. Recommend both BSTs subbing DRK for Stun. Familiar on your second pet helps keep it alive long enough for your Call Beast timer to come back up. Bakka has above average movespeed and casting speed, making kiting between pets difficult. 2/2 on Glyph Axe, 1/2 on BLM neck, dropped two wings each time. --Zuri 04:54, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

Duo-ed by BST/WHM x2 with much running around between pets, using Atma of Ambition. Didn't think we would win, but threw pets at him and decided to see how we'd do. He is actually healed by ice damage, as witnessed by Snow Cloud healing him but still adding the paralysis effect (which locked him up for about four spells, worked really well and it doesn't heal him that much). Of course no drop, on either the Goetia chain or Glyph axe - both of which we really wanted. -- Orubicon 19:50, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Duo-ed by SMN85+SMN76 both /WHM for any case of taking Bindga or Paralyga. Using Shiva + Rush Blood Pact: Rage tanking one shiva only and when is @ 20% using the other shivas Rush for take the hate. Took roughly 20 minutes. Blizzard V was 81 damage on Shiva and Blizzaga III & IV was taking about 60-90dmg. The most damage was on the imp's tantaras, around 200-300 each. Brokenrules 31 October 2010.

Duo'ed very easily with a 85WHM/SCH and 85NIN/DNC. WHM stayed 18.1 away from Bakka at all times and didn't get hit once with any AoE. NIN Held hate easily from Cure VIs, tanked in Full Dmg. Reduction/Evasion set, Used Yonin and kept it paralyzed with Jubaku. Only problem was the ~Gas, but used Penury when I saw the ~ga started casting and Cure VI immediately after. WHM was using 'Atma of Allure' and 'Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity'. NIN was using 'Atma of the Razed Ruin' and 'Atma of the Sanguine Scythe'. Ixe ~4November10~

Duo-ed with moderate difficulty as 90BLM/21RDM and 90WHM/SCH. pull it near conflux 8 andkeep Gravity on it, barblizzara is a must, barparalyzra helps too. BLM atmas: MM and ultimate; WHM atmas: MM and rescuer. 15-20 minutes fight. Ethalio 07:19, April 4, 2011

Trio easily with RDM/NINx2 and 1COR/WHM all with ok-ish equipment. (member didn't want to risk solo kiting method above) RDM/NIN keep Bakka Gravitied and stood 20 apart and Bakka spent the whole time running back and forth, kept Regen II, Refresh II, Stoneskin, Barblizard, and Shadows up at all times. Killed with Bio II, Poison II, and alot of Thunder III. Slow, and a few scares where members had 400-600 HP left, but hate bouncing made it simple, 20 min.Irrellius 02:29, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

Solo-able on SMN. Use Shiva if you want to play it safe since Bakka casts only ice-based spells. Blood pact: Rush seems to do decent damage (about 700-900 dmg). Careful on hate control, make sure your pet establishes hate before//while using blood pact. Bind is not your friend; so try to stay as far away from him as possible. Makubix ::November 7, 2010::

Soloable on NIN/WHM. Mixed eva/haste gear, RR+MM atmas. Kept debuffs on and spammed Cure IV after ga landed. --Lianahun 22:15, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

  • Soloed with ease by BST/NIN90 using Bloodclaw Shasra using Atma of the Razed Ruins and Atma of the Mounted Champion, my pet hit Bakka very hard (5/5 Beast Affinity merits and 5/5 Beast Healer merits) critting for up to 400/hit, Blaster also helped a lot during the fight, paralyzing about 30% of its spells. I engaged with my pet the whole fight, ice spikes did pose a problem at some points as I couldn't use Tube of Healing Salve I sometimes... but overall, an easy fight, used a full PDT- set for pet damage, Bakka hit him for on average, around 60-80 per hit, only one salve was needed the entire fight, killed it 7 times this way for Goetia Chain, happy hunting! --Xynthios 18:12:45, December 22, 2010 (UTC)

Very easy duo by a DRK and RDM 80 (Elvaastardo and Logophile)

Surprisingly easy solo on SMN. Minikin Monstrosity, Razed Ruins, and Gnarled Horn made Shiva hit for ~180 on criticals, which happened often, and ~2300 Rushes. I only had to swap out Shiva twice on average, three times if Amnesia gets annoying (which it can) - but a majority of the fight was standing there, hitting the Blood Pact macro every 50ish seconds and watching while Shiva pretended to take damage. Defensive atmas are overkill for this; go all offensive. Towards my last couple of fights for my chain, I swapped out Gnarled Horn for Voracious Violet for regain for blunt day blue staggers, and noticed little decrease in Shiva's capabilities. Should also note that my Summoning magic skill is about 80 levels under cap for 90. --Terranova the Insignificant 22:05, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

Easy Solo BST/NIN. Used atma of the twin claw and something else...ebon hoof? Was defense up, mag. def up, and hp up. Needed that when i tried as BST/WHM but go /NIN! SwiftSiegehard jug x2 or x3 needed. Brought temp items lucid I and II and pet salve I. Never needed the lucids but ALWAYS needed pet salve. Pop Swifty and cool timer. Put up shadows and pull. Snarl. Chomp Rush for SLOW. Reward. Reward. Healing Salve, Reward. Swifty should get Bakka down to about 35% if Bakka isn't casting a lot. Shadows up? run away and pop a new Swifty. The second one should be enough. On Iceday I needed a third but almost had it with two. One Swifty got it down to 7% one time so it fluxuates. Killed Bakka 7 times that night 04/06; 1 assist and 6 solos then got axe. Oh and I never engaged. Let the pet do it all. Blizzga's, Paralyze, insta freeze, no thanks. - Duffman, Quetzy 04/07/11

Solo 99DNC/49NIN - I had difficulty soloing this with DNC. He only used Blizzaga III once which I stunned with Violent Flourish. I had to use Lucid Potion I and Lucid Potion III to keep myself alive when my waltzes were on cool down. After he used his move for amnesia, I used a megaelixir to prevent myself from dying. I didn't bother procing this NM because I wanted to try it for fun. I was down to 139 HP, then he casted Frost on me; I killed him with several critical hits; I had 9 HP when I was done and got a Bakka Wing. Not realizing I still had Frost on, it killed me. LOL, but was a little on the hard side. - Myee 12/26/11

Ice spikes

I killed this NM 3 times in a row recently with PLD WHM RDM. About the ice spikes I'm certain that it's only gained after it uses Stifling Tantara, unless it spawns with the spikes already on, which seems to be the only offset to my claim. I can't say when the spikes disappear and I won't update the page just yet, but if anyone here fights Bakka any time soon, watch for ice spikes appearing after it uses that ability. LamentorFenrir 06:48, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Solo'd as Beastmaster 90

Used FatsoFargann for Acid Mist, blunt resist, and Drainkiss, altough there's probably a better pet out there. Beast Affinity, Beast Healer, Call Beast, and Reward 5/5. Used Atma of the Mounted Champion and Atma of Vicissitude for DEF+50, VIT+50, Superior MDB, and Regen+35. Reward set includes Bison warbonnet, monster gaiters, etc. was using zetas for 1200hp about --Nattack 04:55, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Solo'd this today as a 90BST, not nearly as geared as the player above. Used 1 Dipper Yuly and x5 Pet Food Zeta Biscuit. I have reward recast 5/5 and beast affinity 2/5. Used Ducal Guard and Vicissitude for atmas. Tried stunning his spells a bit with Sudden Lunge but gave up. Just stand about 19 yalms away so you miss the ga- spells and let Yuly do his thing. Easy fight. --User:Zamphire 6/20/2011

90PUP "solo"

Tonight I killed Bakka as a 90 PUP/NIN using Valoredge frame, Atmas used were Sea Daughter, Mounted Champion and Zenith. My automaton did all the tanking and DD'ing, all I had to do was keep dark up for Cannibal Blade. Used Burattinaios as my weapon, which allowed me to spam Cannibal Blade and keep my auto alive easily. Gonna try and find more mobs that my automaton can kill.

2 x 90Bst's

  • 20/April/2011 Carinne & Jeubond Vanadielrevenge LS - Unicorn
  • Duo'd with 90 Bst/Whm & 90 Bst/Nin.
  • Used NN and Pet Food Eta's.
  • Fought it twice and got axe both times so drop rate for us 2/2.
  • 1st fight I pulled it to area near Conflux 8 and before we could get away it hit us with Bind and Blizziga.
  • 2nd fight virtually the same except we kept well out of his nuke area and only went near to Reward etc.

Joncowcare 09:37, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

Goetia Chain

I had to get blue proc four times on this guy before he dropped the blm neck piece. It's easily soloable on Mnk/War using Voracious Violet, Stronghold, and Vicissitude. ~Zazhi, sylph

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