Just fought this on a whim. We were expectinga bugard and were quite surprised at a mini Vrtra. it also had a move called Infinite Terror. Didn't catch the effect on it though. It casts a wide variety of magics and may have an en-effect related to such as it had en-(amnesia, silence, paralyze, doom, dispel, petrify) and maybe more. Other than being prepared for Cyclone Wing not too bad of a fight. Droped 3 Coins of Wieldance a Stone of Wieldance and Shadow Belt. Also gave Atma of the Winged Gloom: resist death, enhance slip damage(dot) and something else I can't check right now.—The preceding comment was unsigned.

Seems to TP/JA the cast and TP/JA again.—The preceding comment was unsigned.

Can i have more Infos to Set up, Atmas, temps, etc plz? Thx, Ruffy of Levi

Anyone successfully brew this yet? Not gonna risk a brew if Infinite Terror is able to remove it. Mortechai 09:10, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

Pop poison potion, pop NM, pop brew, run behind and force him to use only flail and wing moves. Then brew away.

Easiest to 'flail-tank' this and have the healer(s) outside of alliance. Since Spike Flail was patched years ago from the Fafnir MPK days this TP move will only hit the alliance which currently has hate, regardless of outside curing. Only issue then is Dispelga. --~~User:Alkimi

Does Spike Flail damage get reduced by any PDT-, MDT- or so on? --Daniel Hatcher

  • Reduced by -PDT. With 999 Defense and -50% PDT it does less than 200. This is with BLU/WAR.--Billzey 00:53, April 10, 2011 (UTC)
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