HP per tick

Did the person who added the per tic info even test to see what the effect was? With Stormwalker Body/Frame I only received 1 HP per tick. --FFXI-Enzo 18:20, April 10, 2010 (UTC)

Just tested again today as PUP75 using Soulsoother head/Stormwaker frame then Stormwaker head/frame. Had no gear on except animator and no attachment other than Auto-Repair Kit I. Both tests had 3 HP per tick at one Light Maneuver, 6 HP per tick at two Light Maneuvers, and 9 HP per tick at three Light Maneuvers. It was mentioned on Auto-Repair Kit II that level may affect Regen effect, so further testing on levels below 75 might be needed. --Uratino

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