I honestly don't think this is worth the 3 limit points, I would rather put all my limit points into Increasing Triple Attack Rate thus having a base of 10% which would mean one out of every 10 hits is triple, rather than fully meriting this and triple attacking once every 7:30 min. You could of course merit both. But I really fail to see the use of this. Anybody care to prove me wrong, because I hate not having an ability, but if the ability isn't that worthwhile (cough~Mug~cough) why should I pour merit points into it?

--Xphacter 03:40, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Yes, it would be useless if you just used it on its own. But this stacks with WSs, so you can force a WS to Triple Attack, making it signifigantly better (should the extra hits land, of course). That's what the point is. As a WAR with Warrior's Charge, I can tell you that even that really makes a big difference with WS; with this I'd imagine it's even bigger. Then again, THF uses mainly multi-hit WSs. You'd get a much more noticeable difference using this with Shark Bite than with Dancing Edge, just as a WAR will notice a bigger difference using Warrior's Charge with Steel Cyclone than with Raging Rush. --Kyrie 18:49, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

Don't add useless info

Whoever added that it cost 5 merits to get this as of july 08 is totaly off but i think i understood what happened. Someone was silly enough to put it there as 5 is now the new cap, but that information is on the merit main page and is useless information to be crowding this page. So i removed it. Happy hunting.

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