There is no "armored gears," as the picture shows, it's "Armed Gears." The content of this article should be merged with Armed Gears page. --Melios 04:14, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

any 1 know the HP of this guy ?

Any ideas for party make ups? Lots of BLMs? Also, wouldn't kiting it around a smaller room make the battle harder, since everyone would get hit by AoE rail cannon? First time we tried this, it took forever to fight, and the second battle my LS did didn't take as long, but it was still a hard battle that took a bit. --Sabishii 18:05, 10 July 2008 (UTC)

Special triggers for the -def?

I have fought this annoyance twice now. The first time, it seemed to follow the description in the article. However, we just fought it again and its defense never went down. It did lose a gear at 49% and another at 24%, however magic damage was still totally dependant on the active enspell and neither physical nor magic damage seemed to increase. Could there be a special trigger for its defense to decrease? Or is it simply a glitch? The only odd thing that happened is it went unclaimed a few times between spells/attacks. Maybe a set amount of damage must be done to it and the counter reset upon going unclaimed, altough it seems rather unlikely. Any leads/similar experiences? Alrehn 04:09, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

Trick to defeating this ?

Ive fought this NM twice now, once i solo kited it on RDM/NIN for roughly 4.5hs killing it with bio/poison and occasional T3s when i had the MP. Once it lost its first gear it completely stopped using enspells and just meleed me, resisting nukes completely. Thats what caused the fight to be so drawn out. Second time i had a blm friend with me, and it kept on using enspells until about 8%, then randomly stopped. Fight took about 2hs. Now this makes me wonder what triggers it to stop using enspells. Im 0/2 on the feet now and im really starting to give up seeing as how much of an annoyance this mosnter is. So is there anything im missing to speed this up ? Kifimbo


Since someone removed it before (by User:Gaea) , i'll explain it. poison and bio give 0 tp. yes, bio normally gives tp, but it will always hit for 0 on armed gears (even on light form, or once only 1 gear is left). i can't say about bio3, but bio2 will, even with pluto's staff. even if it does get tp restoral doesn't negate "hours of work". it heals 3-4k hp. bio2+poison2 does 16 damage/3 secs. that's 320/min. therefore restoral heals about 10~15 minutes of dot damage.

kiting it around the 4 teleporters works well, to slow down enough to safely kite it without +movespeed, and still cast dots even when it's not stopping to cast spells.

i've personally sorod it twice. the first time took 3:45, using purely dots (which indicates aprox 65~70k hp. it used no restorals, and cured itself with 1-2 cure4s, 3 cure1s, a single regen. 3:45 would be 72k dmg from pure dots, stoneskin could very well have absorbed 2-5k damage). it used a grand total of 0 tp moves.

the second fight took about 3 hours, using dots+nukes (as well as maybe 1-2k damage from weaponskills, from the people that were buying the drops, nothing significant). this fight it used 1-2 restorals, atleast 5-10 cure4s, and some other lesser cures, that i don't remember.

if anyone wants further proof:

--rOg \ TaLk 07:31, 15 August 2008 (UTC)

SE changes?

I had heard somewhere that SE changed some ZNMs in the Sept. update by giving them somewhat of a rage timer because of people soloing them. Has this been verified? It wasn't done to all I believe but targeted the ones people were soloing because it defeated the purpose of SE reducing their ??? repop to 3mins.

Example wise if an ls of 18 people went to do Armed Gears but there was a single Rdm soloing they would have to wait the 2-3hrs just for him/her to finish. The 3min ??? repop was in response to players saying the normal 15mins for most ??? was unecessary. FFXI-Revenant 20:30, 20 September 2008 (UTC)

It rages after an hour. although it's still soloable, it takes 5-6+ hours, compared to the 2-4 it used to take. It took me 4.5 hours, with another rdm/blm using ES poison2 (as well as spamming poison between ES). --rOg \ TaLk 05:18, 23 September 2008 (UTC)
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