drops Magoraga bead necklace cast thunder V , Fulmination anytime --Ashosh 10:17, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

Does he level up if you are too far away from his spell for it to go off?

He levels up when he casts thunder magic on himself, so yes. Also, Jewel of Ardor is not 100%.


I didn't have any problems whatsoever hitting this thing on RNG. I'm not sure the comments regarding high defense and evasion are very accurate. I was using red curry with no accuracy atmas.--Billzey 19:25, January 27, 2011 (UTC)

Nin/War didn't have any issues hitting it or any real issues with dmg, I used RR VV and apoc. Have your tank use petra screen. As for the fight, personally in my opinion just brew it. As far as I know there are no known ways to break the weakness from his breath and the AoE moves it isn't worth trying to zombie kill him.

It's possible to just tank from the back and he'll never use the breath move. If he does turn, you can avoid it by moving. When we fought, he never turned.--Billzey 21:12, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

Battle setup

I wanted to know what the best setup for this fight would be, from fully alliance to a low-man group. Please advise. Kannek 15:53, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

We had 6 consistently successful runs with a low man 6 person pt.. Nin tanked (full magian wpn), Thf/dnc assisting (th+ for horns), Whm, and 3x Blm/rdm. Tank & thf stayed low in passage, mages at top. Blms stayed on stun order (only stunned spells and not tp moves), 1x blm on stun standby, other 2x blms worked dmg (ice) and the applicable yellow process spells. Lucked out on red process in 1 of 6 runs (nin wpn changes & thf; it is a very good atma); and had yellow process 4/6 runs. All in all, very easy to manage vs Dhorme Khimaira (which is a totally different setup style).--Endlesspath 11:33, April 4, 2011 (UTC)


Many Strats recommend dragging Apademak clear over to the ledge, which isn't necessary. Just fight him right at the ??? pop. The most important thing is your positioning. Tanks should fight Apademak from his side. If you lock on a Khimaira mob it usually targets an awkward spot on his upper rear legs. The way to tell you're correctly positioned on the side, he will still attack you with his frontal paws. If he is swinging his tail at you, move "up" slightly. If done correctly, he will use Dreadstorm and Tenebrous Mist primarily, and will not be able to use Lithic Breath. Contrary to the info above about using all Khimaira moves, I have yet to see him use Tourbillion. If fulmination is used, he will turn to face the target, in which case tanks can just move apademak to reposition him. Just don't leave him facing your mages.

Essentially with good stunners, he will never get a thunder spell off, to unlock fulmination. It is recommended to NOT fight him on days in which the Yellow Proc may require thunder. For stunners, having atma like Merciless Matriarch for fast cast/magic accuracy helps ensure stun is not resisted. He will gradually build resistance but as long as you are efficient killing this shouldn't be an issue. I recommend everyone to have Atma of the War Lion for thunder resistance especially tanks/dd.

Setup was usually 2 Ninja Tanks, Bard, Dark knight, Blm x2-3, Whm x2, and a Thief. Warrior was inserted as needed for Red Trigger Proc.

~~Echandra Asura

  • No point in using Atma of the War Lion if you're stunning all of his spells (which you should be). Dreadstorm is nothing to be concerned about.--Billzey 05:10, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

Lowman setup

Can be done with NIN/THF WHM/SCH BLM/RDM -or- RDM/BLM as main stunner. BLM would need to be hasted to keep up on stun timers. NIN used RR/GN/Apoc(or Dread, preference) + pizza, BLM used 2x macc atma (Ultimate/Merciless) and MM, while WHM use WHM stuff. Tank on the side, and the only TP moves observed were tenebrous mist/dreadstorm. Out of 15 pops, lithic breathe was never seen when tanking on the side. Make sure NIN stands close enough so that it doesn't turn to face him. Nin used mainly evasion pieces such as usu body/empy +2 hands/etc. Can be fought at ??? site. Each fight took ~10 min. --Terazuma 17:52, April 18, 2011 (UTC)

  • If you're going to use RDM/BLM as a stunner they will need some serious m.acc + dark magic gear. Other than that, yeah one BLM/RDM can stun his spells no problem.
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