• Killable via Duo by 73NIN/WAR & 73WHM/BLM [Sneak Pulling - letting the Legendary Despawn]
  • Easily killed by a 75 PLD, RDM, and DRG.
  • Can be solo'd by a 75 PLD/DNC with care [sneak pop strategy]
  • Beaten by 75SAM/DRG and 75DRG/WHM, Dragoon had AF1 Helm for breath.
  • Solo'd 75rdm/nin sneak popped. Kept gravity on it the entire time, along with bio and poison. *Melee'd it till shadows were down. then kited/nuked it.
  • Soloable by DRG/BLU. Sneak pull NM away safely. No food used, however a tav taco would be nice. Keep cocoon up constant, jelly ring, iron ram lance etc are nice, especially for Mighty Strikes. Can be a good idea to make sure call wyvern timer rdy & spirit surge when he mighty strikes for a little safety. Superdan, Shiva server.
  • Trio'd very easily by x2 75SMN/WHM, x1 75THF/DNC. THF tanked 1 weapon while both SMN made short work of other with predator claws, before moving onto 2nd (which was at about 50% HP by this point)
  • Solo'd easily DNC/NIN {Sneak Pulling} maintain shadows with Violent Flourish and Fan Dance to supplement when an AoE hit.
  • 99 BLU/WHM - Easy solo, but Ancient Weapon, aside from Mighty Strikes, seemed to do more DMG the lower its HP. Needs verification of course, I've only fought it once. --Rslogic (talk) 01:51, January 15, 2014 (UTC)
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