• Took Amhuluk on tonight with an alliance of 14 even though there was very little/no information on this NM. Pulled him down below the cliff where he spawns, with tanks and melee's below. He proceeded to wipe all the melee except the two paladins with Vermillion Wind x2. Managed to slowly bring him down with magic and ranged damage from the cliff ledge, with melees attacking when possible by standing on the edge of the cliff to hit him. All of his AoEs including magic were blocked by the height difference, though his AoE magic didn't seem terribly strong, Aeroga IV only hitting one paladin with MDB gear on for about 600 damage. Fight was slow but simple enough once stuns were in order and we kept him below. Does do very heavy damage due to TP spam, causing hate to sometimes be a problem, can also kill a paladin with silence > Verimillion Windx2 + attacks quite quickly. Under 25% he went pretty much berserk with TP abilities, wiping both Paladins at 9%, managed to finish him off with BLM nukes before he completely wiped the alliance. Coin of Balance and Rapidus Sax for our troubles. A fun, but very damaging NM, note that the AoEs can also be avoided by standing at 15-20+ range from Amhuluk. Vermillion Wind is also too fast to reasonably stun. Uploaded image and included information on the main page for this NM. --Lunaretic 06:35, September 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Can be duoed by MNK/NIN (Using CS. Heard /WAR can work too) and RDM/whatever, use terrain difference stated on main page to avoid TP moves. Keep Addle on, Para does stick but requires a lot of accuracy and you will not get a good stick (or proc) rate. It's really not worth the trouble. Poison2 lands np as stated on main page. Didn't try anything else since page said resistant. There's really nothing to this NM, with Shell4 and MDT set his magic doesn't do much and is quickly healed. Tried throwing nukes too but they did very low damage in contrast to almost everything I nuke in Abyssea, so magic DD are probably not effective or he's a really high level, high enough that even with dark arts my nukes weren't doing much. --Lithical 02:45, October 1, 2010 (UTC)
  • AS 85 RDM load with enfeebling gear with 400 enfeebling magic.. I have hard time landing enfeebling magic on paralyze II. Slow II and Blind II.Addle can land without issue. Atmas of Heaven does help on my 2nd fight. Bio III help a lot on the fight, which Dia III is not suggest due to high damage on AOE. Summoner did 70% dmaage on the fight. PLD both have over 3000 hp with Aegis, but almost die 3 time. but over all. it is easy fight with lots of SMN WHM RDM BLM 2 RNG 2 PLD 3 BRD. it does melee attack for the people on top of cliff. becareful when you have too much hate.

it seems drop dagger alot with 1-2 coin of balance on every fight(4 fight total for me). it take 12-15 min per fight with 18 people. --jerrysdreamsky 11:12, October 6, 2010 Taiwan time

we failed at a pt of 10. monk/nin was the tank but as soon as Amhuluk cast a spell he always went to a mage even if the only action the mage took was a simple buff. It suggest his spells have some sort of partial hate reset. we tried having just 1 person down the cliff with the mob and everyone else on top of the cliff. when we had to kite, Amhuluk did not like the spider area as those fences tripped him up. It was possible with someone with normal movement speed to kite as a result. Ayrlie 05:18, November 14, 2010 (UTC)

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