• Killable solo by: THF, NIN, RDM, BLM, BST.
Possible immunity to Sleep, Bind and Gravity, making it really hard, or impossible, for a Black Mage to solo.
  • Repose slept it. did 1319 mandibular bite to my fairly well geared MNK. which is quite a bit more than i remember it ever doing before. --snoxer 00:14, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

  • Duo - RDM/WHM 75 & NIN/WAR 75 - not a difficult fight at all. Interesting note - NIN had to REST on the crack for this NM to actually spawn, walking over it did not force the pop.
  • Killed with DRG/BLU, NIN, RDM & SMN all 75. And I can confirm one must /heal to pull it out of hiding. On a side note, I think somebody needs to check & see if there is only one "true" placeholder. We killed the one specified on the front page & then we /healed all over & nothing. It's worth mentioning that the one spoke of on the front page never did repop so perhaps we just weren't looking in the right area. After an hr or so we decided to start looking for the other Trench Antlion in the area & killed them & in less then 15 min it popped, so maybe there is just one true PH, or maybe there are several. Whatever the case, we killed & got drop. An excellent addition to any Ranger looking to boost R.Attk. --Sphynxer 03:14, 24 June 2009 (UTC)
  • The placeholder's cave is bothersome to find but it is here:

Owning the map for the zone doesn't really help in navigation but at least you will have a rough idea of where you need to be - Bismarck

I just helped a friend find this NM, being well geared at 99, I was not expecting this...
So do take care when fighting this at ANY level. This is with protect 4 as well...
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