Im curious to know if this didn't work for someone else. GM's only told me to come to this website again and re-check the information, and that nothing was wrong with my actual misson. I spent 2 hours down in Aydeewa, Followed the information with getting lost the first time exited and re-entered. After the 3 times of getting to the location of F-8/G-8 there wasn't any target, odd thing was there weren't really any hovering mobs either. There were a few worms around that were Decent Challenge to me as a 73 but by hovering I was thinking something else?!? So at that location I recieved no CS and as said before there wasn't any blank target to examine. After this I brought up all the maps and in checking the location you can see that only one map really confirms the type area you are in, with the location. I believe only 2 maps even had a location of F-8/G-8. I would really like to know more information about this location. -Angel

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