Extremely difficult duo by 85 MNK/NIN 85 WHM/SCH. You will need lots of mp and hp items to win. Dropped Caller's Seal:head x1.

  • Duo by Thf/nin (315 eva skill, recommend eva set) + rdm/sch both lv85: the fight took around 15min. It wasn't that bad to tank but if unlucky you might wipe Quake Blast+Mandibular Bite is a bad combo. Recommend keep SS and Aquaveil up, Get ready to cast Utsusemi when it starts Quake Blast. It seems immune to blind/paralyze/slow and like to use Venom Spray right after Sandblast also. --Chinaflying 00:11, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Soloable by SCH/RDM. Kite, loses aggro easily. Used Quake Blast 26 times consecutively until I realized he needed to use the next TP move to return to normal. Used no other TP moves when not in Quake Blast mode. Quake Blast was used at: 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%. Alahsiedra 00:31, September 14, 2010 (UTC)(needs to be proven tried and failed solo.)

TO Above Poster I can attest that it does not Quake blast at percentiles, I've soloed this NM a few times myself it is purely TP based. I took it down to 50% before it tp'd ( 5 nukes at 2700 each, and 4-5 doton Ni to keep it claimed, just about 100tp for it assuming spells are all 10tp each ) PUP/NIN --Lyrminas 04:36, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

While Quake Blast is debilitating, since it loses aggro easily you can run the NM around in the giant area north of the 00 Conflux to lose aggro. This will also knock him out of Quake Blast mode. --Pindle 20:57, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Quake blast was a joke. With nothing but shell/protect up, it was hitting my blm85/rdm42 in the mid 20s. With SS, phalanx and barstone up, I could nuke it, take 10 steps, nuke it, etc like 5 times before it would break Stoneskin. Makes it easy to solo/duo on mage jobs since the time it takes to ready the move, plus start moving, is enough time to get a tier 4-5 off. --Dracko 05:16, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Soloable by PUP/NIN

Fairly simply soloable by PUP/NIN around rocks near Conflux 00 using BLM Automaton. Strategy: Nuke and Kite. NM gives up fairly easily so bring tools for reclaiming. Things to Note: To pull NM to Conflux 00, sneak yourself and summon a Dues'd Automaton and Deploy/Retrieve in quick succession and kite NM to the Conflux. Also if he begins Quake Blasting just run up close to him or unaggro him around rocks. Useful Atma: Atma of Ambition (Hermes' may substitute) Sidenote: Be careful of those who might try to steal your mob, kiting to more remote areas is recommended during Bastion. NezhaOfFenrirBoa sorteNezhaOfFenrir


  • Can drop 2 Caller's Seals as well ( Not updated on front page ) --Lyrminas 11:15, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

gonna remove SCH per this post on bg --Josephpate 16:29, October 3, 2010 (UTC)


After a blm used Drain there was a messege saying something about the NM unable to use magic, anyone know what this is? --Cloudius777 22:36, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Drain can proc the NM's yellow !! which stuns magic attacks used by the NM. --Zenach 17:04, October 19, 2010

Soloable by SMN

Thought I'd mention that the Antlion is soloable by SMN85. I /whm for Cure 4, RR, Sskin, Blink and Aquaveil. and chance to use Divine Seal. Also used Cruor buffs and both Ambition and Heavens atma for MP.

Took a total of 30min. Pull with avatar, kite to Bastion area and avatar-kite (stall with avatar, run to new location, resummon, repeat) between 2 points. I picked one on the hill near the martello and another one further down. Choose points that have rocks you can run around - the NM will be onto you most of the time if your BP hasn't fired off - this also allows you to BP:rage within distance and have a higher chance of the BP landing.

Used only magic BPs for range / consistency. Use Garuda for lower perp cost and resistance to earth ele (for quake blast). If pet dies too fast, run till you build enough distance to cast an elemental spirit. They're much faster and also effective in grabbing hate for a while (especially Light Spirit, which can Flash), then build distance again and go back to a celestial.

MP is mostly a non-issue and you should never run out. My mp only reached like 200 at like 20 min into fight because I slipped and let it hit me (double attack / no shadows brought me to orange HP) and started Cure IV-ing. Can stock up on temp items if needed for HP/MP recovery.--Spira 23:14, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Easily soloed by SMN85/NIN using Heavenly Strike (5/5 merits)shadows make this thing a joke. Bring some temp potions and at least a temp ether II. No movement speed + used Atma of the Beyond and Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity. I was able to get the fight down to 15-20 min once i got use to the kiting and changed to /NIN. Use Light Spirit as needed.

I concur quite easy to solo as a SMN90/WHM. I took the above posters advice and used Shiva with Heavenly Strike and it worked pretty well. I kited back and forth using Heavenly Strike to pull hate off me every time I had to resummon. eavenly Strike consistently landed for 1300 damage. One thing I would suggest is to bring some Echo drops because I did get hit with Sand Blast a few times. He appears to run rather slowly as I never had a problem outrunning him. I got in a situation where I had 128 HP left and no summon out and managed to get enough distance to pull a spirit out. Fight took about 15-20 minutes as previously reported. Fought him five times so far not a single caller's seal, bit bummed out about that, dunno if I have to do anything special to get it. --Chompy500 22:53, January, 2011 (EST)

Duoed by BLM

Me and another blm in the server duoed this nm using the rock nearest to crystal #2 and kited the nm around it. When the nm starts to spam Quake Blast the Black Mage with hate would use Mana Wall then run to the nm to take the next tp move to make it stop spaming. Other then that the blms would just take turns to bounce the hate back and forth (whoever has hate kites around the rock and the other blm nukes the blms change roles when the nm changes targets). Make sure SS and blink are up whenever possble because the nm can and will sometimes double attack whenever it gets within melee range. Batboy267 18:40, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

Casting? Since when?

I have fought this mob several times, and it has never casted a single spell once. Whoever edited that in needs their head checked :|

Soloed by 90BST/WHM useing Anna, used 2 jugs, Atma: Luminous Wings, Vicissitude, and Zenith, kind of a long fight.--Nullo 22:31, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

Solo by THF90/DNC

VV+GH+RR, 3 minute fight. Standard TP gear, evasion gear not needed. Twashtar

--Vaelin 18:44, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

  • I'm gonna call bullcrap on this... I just solo'd Aggressor Antlion on 90 THF/DNC with the same atmas equipped, and that thing wasn't hitting me much, but when it did hit me it hit me hard- my TP was mainly going for curing waltzes instead of weapon skills... My evasion is almost capped, and my gear is relatively decent, and I needed to 2-hour as well as use temporary items... 3 minute fight my ass. Went back later as THF/NIN and the fight was MUCH easier... Had to use temp potion I and II, and required 2 echo drops -- Azryel - Caitsith
  • I'd say it's possible, just did this DNC/NIN using GH/RR/SS in 3min 48sec. Didn't take damage other than one Venom Spray.

85 BLM Solo

Soloable as 85 BLM/RDM using a pinning method at the rock near conflux 2. Kite around the rock so that you have enough distance from Aggressor. After a few kites around the rock, you should be able to have enough distance to pin him at one end of the rock while you are on the other side. Keep him pinned on that side by moving very slightly from the left side of the rock to the right side and vice versa. After a few seconds, Aggressor Antlion will unclaim, which will give you enough time to cast Tier V or AM II on him for a considerable amount of damage. Just hope that no one will be around to steal him from you when he unclaims, otherwise this is pointless. Continue to kite/pin and nuke until Aggressor brings out quake blast. If this is done correctly, Aggressor won't use quake blast until under 50% health. When he uses quake blast, throw mana wall up and get close to him to force him to use a TP move. After he uses a TP move, go back to kiting and pinning him around the wall. Elixirs, potions, and ethers may be useful for the TP move, just in case you run into trouble. If he uses Quake blast again, mana wall should still be up from the previous quake blast. If its not, try to get close to him and force him to use mandibular bite. If you do this right, you can gain enough distance from Aggressor so that you don't get hit by mandibular bite. Not only will this force him to use his TP move with no damage taken, but it also gets rid of quake blast, leaving you to kite and pin until he's dead. Altogether, soloing him isn't all that hard, but it requires some skill and a very small amount of luck. Only had atma of the full moon when I successfully soloed him the first time. Atma of the beyond and MM should make this fight extremely easy. Took approximately 20 minutes to solo with atma of the full moon.

--Elvos 16:40, January 31, 2011 (UTC)

Solo by 90BST/45DNC

Very, very easy solo with sheep jug. Just sic pet on it and melee on other side. Use Reward if you need to. Atmas used were RR, AA, MC.

90THF/NIN Solo

Solo'ed as 90 THF/NIN with VV/RR atmas, 15 min fight, easy. Keep shadows up, simple fight!

Soloed as THF90/NIN45 with VV, RR, and Mounted Champion atmas, Never had to change to eva gear once, only an NQ Kila and a Yataghan (evasion +16 and +6). Ridiculously easy fight, took 5 minutes. --Gojiras 01:39, April 2, 2011 (UTC)

Solo Whm90/nin45

Was a rough solo ate through stoneskin with capped enhancing in 2 hits. Recommend bringing echo drops. wore a Makhila +2 With WS dmg +10%, molva maul, aqua sachet, walahra turban, spike earring, suppanomimi, chivalrous chain, reverend mail, blessed mitts, rajas ring, flame ring, orison duckbills +2, orison panaloons +1, austerity belt, potentia cape. I used Razed ruins, VV, and mm atmas

Solo DNC90/NIN45

Very simple DNC solo. His accuracy is poor. Kleos > Evis = Darkness does tremendous damage. Used Saber Dance above 50%, switched to Fan for the rest of the fight once I saw my first TP move (usually at 50-60% health). With Fan up, even having gear stripped isn't a big deal. Lion, RR, Dark Depths atma. About 5 min fight. Erecia 16:39, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Easy Solo MNK95/DNC47

Solo 3 times so far - No Issues Keeping finishing moves at 5 incase it uses Quake Blast for fast convert/cure Usually uses only once per fight. Other than that, low accuracy, kept counterstance up. 2 BRD and 1 BLM drop. Good luck! Tekomeds 05:19, October 12, 2011 (UTC)

Solo BST99

Easy solo using Falcorr and MC/DC atmas. Melee along with pet to speed up the fight. I usually bring my BLM mule with me to proc yellow. I'll alternate between Aggressor Antlion and Gieremund. By the time one is dead, the other is back up.

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