Beastmaster Solo Strategy

I was told to say to use the Korrigans running around the area in discussion so hopefully this helps because the bst I was with was trying to use the crabs and not having very much luck —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Grafe (talkcontribs).

The Skimmers in the area are only slightly weaker than the Korrigans and don't have the pesky Mandragora charm resistance, so they're also a good choice. ~ Karuberu 18:53, 30 July 2007 (CDT)

You can use Crabs, Skimmers and Korrigans, all are fine. Crabs do better than some may think. Cutecookie 18:30, 22 October 2007 (UTC)

Confirmed soloable by 75 bst/whm. This fight takes around 30 minutes (used Tuna Sushi immediately before the fight and it wore off almost immediately afterwards). Just throw pets at it until it dies. Do not melee and stay far away during the fight, and beware of Firaga III. If it casts a tier IV or AM spell on you while pet swapping, run far away and you should avoid it. If you don't stay far enough away from it while your pet is fighting you will get bound and petrified. This almost cost me the fight. Keep Stoneskin/Blink up and you may want to keep Sneak up as well. A mischarm will probably kill you, so recommend Tuna Sushi or other CHR food in addition to full CHR gear and AF. Have fun! Jobe - Remora

first off loljobe; soloed very easily by bst/nin charm/familiar a tough spider reward merits and max reward merits my spider easily survived (i helped melee agas down) fight took maybe 7 minutes if the spider does actually die agas should be low enough that CC can solo it the rest gempig~remora

Single Pop for Party

Just to confirm: if you have more than one member of the party completing the quest, one can pop and the others just click the ??? afterwards ---- dibble 21:50, 7 April 2008 (UTC)


Won as a 96 DNC/NIN Was an easy fight, made sure to stun as much as I could and keep my shadows up. The nuking hurt, but other than that it went well.

Solo'd as 90 NIN/45DNC with 5 shadow Utsusemi:Ni, 366+30 eva and Decent gear,proir to fight ate carbonara and built 5/5 steps.popped NM, right away he had trouble hitting me only had to recast shadows twice through out fight.did shutter step x2 then landed slow/para/blind. He only really casted enfeeb magic and spikes. he did Level 5 Petrify 2x, didnt last more than 5 sec. His most dmg move was Eyes on Me for 700-800 dmg which i had lots of tp to Waltz myself afterwards, He takes dmg decently didnt ws till he was 5% HP and no need for Yonnin. -- Andrzei - Quetzalcoatl

Easily killable solo by a Dancer/Ninja with decent evasion gear and access to Fan Dance, no extra help needed. Apply Stutter Step and Quickstep, and use Violent Flourish to stun any/all spells along with Level 5 Petrify. With Shadows up, you should rarely take damage, and when you do Fan Dance will absorb most of it. Doing a Solo-Darkness Skillchain (Pyrrhic Kleos -> Evisceration) helps a lot with damage as well. --Earl 05:15, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Tried the above as a Dancer, subbing Ninja, with capped Evasion merits and an additional 42 evasion, with Fan Dance available and used full-time. Got him down to maybe 85% before dying, he attacked too quickly and too accurately to maintain shadows, frequently landing upwards of five hits in a row. Eyes on Me was the real gamebreaker for me, dealing over a thousand damage. Won it with some difficulty with a well-geared Paladin and Monk after the first two wipes. --Dantalian 01:27, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

Very easy win as 99DNC/NIN. Very little EVA gear, 25% Haste gear. Entered after using No Foot Rise/Reverse Flourish to 75% TP. Stunned bigger tier nukes. Got distracted a few times and let shadows drop, but with Fan Dance he hit for 60 tops. Fight lasted maybe 5 minutes and took 2 Skillchains with Exenterator. --Koenig Atlas, Asura

Confirmed duoable by two level 75 Summoners (note: with some difficulty). —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ezfuzion (talkcontribs). Did this very easily on SMN75/SCH (highly geared) with my friend SMN76/WHM (no gear other than carby mitts and a verm - skill isn't even 200) Cleared the downstairs area of aggro mobs first, pulled him there and lit him up with PC. Mnakal June 29, 2010

Killable solo by a Blue Mage, using Signal pearl NPC level 65, a yagudo drink, and full Head Butt. Do Filamented Hold every 2 minutes, as it will help you. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Zeioth (talkcontribs).

Killable by a 75 WHM and NIN/DRK duo. Have WHM stay back to avoid petrify and sleepga and NIN/DRK stun big -aga spells. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ValeforKorym (talkcontribs).

Difficult solo as well-geared 90 Drg/Rdm with NPC set to soothing healer.~Zazhi, sylph

Duo'd by a 75 WHM/SMN and 75 SAM/NIN, using a similar strategy to the one above; the WHM must stay away from petrify and sleepga. If you're forced to stand in the "moat" around the island, keep Sneak up at all times and try not to cast offensive spells when there isn't an opening to recast sneak, either due to the proximity of a crab, or an Ele. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mereo (talkcontribs).

Just did this as 75RDM/WHM, 75THF/NIN and 70PLD/WAR. RDM stayed out of range of petrify to hold us up when we got petrified. It used the Lv5 Petrify move quite often but don't be afraid of it because it only lasted 5-10 seconds on my THF/NIN with 51-3 MND and no Elemental Resist gear. Easily duoable by any 75 blink tank and healer. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Anrete (talkcontribs).

Duoable by 75 WHM/BLM and 75 NIN/WAR with some difficulty by pulling to the waterfall and having the WHM stay back avoid -gas(a Thunder Elemental pops in the tunnel, take caution). —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Connanツ (talkcontribs).

Easily douable by a 75 BST/WHM and a 71 SMN/WHM, SMN used avatars between pet swaps to help control hate. Almost no damage was taken. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shadowa (talkcontribs).

Duo'd with some difficulty by an Unprepared 75 BLU/SAM and a 75 MNK/NIN. hundred fists was required though. Klutzz 04:33, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Easy Duo by a MNK/NIN and WHM/BLM. White Mage stayed out of range for Petrify LVL5 while MNK did normal blink tanking. MNK used 2hr only to help kill faster, was not needed at all. (Bijiont, Pandemonium)

Confirmed Duo with mnk/nin and whm/blm a Rdm/whm might have been a little better. But he is unable to hit me at all i countered 99% of his melee hits. The constant spaming of all eyes on me and when i got petrified is what caused problems was very fun fight. Whm helped to melee also so we would both get hit with petra5 only needed one cure3 at the last secound of the fight from a near by pty to finish it off. IF mage is able to stay out of range fight wouldve went alot smoother. We started out with 4 and soon as we poped it petra5 and killed nin while other whm died to agro by crab lol so me (Ghondi)on Mnk/nin and Orac on Whm Finished it off from 98% or more down to 0. (Diabolos Server)

"Duoable" by a NIN75/DNC37 with NPC and BLM56/WHM28. At some point a random WHM tossed some cures and a Haste, but it is probably very "soloable" by a NIN. Had to switch to Eva gear and sacrifice some Haste at some point to keep shadows up. --Imoq 05:38, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

Incredibly easy if duoed by 2 BSTs, no difficulty at all. Just charm the Korrigans and send it at Agas, the fight only takes a few minutes.

Very easily trio'd by a NIN THF and RDM. No real difficulty with petrification either, it wore off fairly quickly.

Destroyed in 2-3 minutes by NIN/WAR, WAR/NIN, DRK/NIN, WHM/BLM and BLM/WHM. BLM and DRK could not have been present and it would have gone over the same. WHM very useful for Stona. Few cures needed for when shadows feel and higher tier spells casted.

Soloed by a sam/nin Tarutaru starting with 200TP with meditate & Sekkanoki ready + Meat Mithkabob + praying that Agas doesn't do lvl5 petrify when doing Weapon Skill Skillchain or missing a WS or most of the SC getting nasty resist(since Ahriman family have Magic Defense Bonus), Destroyed in 20 - 30secs by luck Yuki>Gekko(Fragmentation)>2hr>Gekko(distortion)>Meditate>Kasha(Fusion)>Rana(Gravitation)>Gekko(Darkness) Agas Death even though darkness for 65%(or so) resist from the original dmg....the last Gekko did a lvl3 SC in the SC#6 does 225% of the last WS dmg...but just did 1 - 2 WS miss could had spell disaster in this fight ~Titox Ragnarok~ May 29 2009

Duo'd 75 Nin/Drk and 75 Whm/Blm. It was a pretty good fight. Three things to note: 1. About Nin/Drk, Agas likes to use Mind Break which halves mp which of course halves your small mp pool. Just something to be aware of. I had FoV refresh on, so it wasn't too bad. 2. He also used Eyes on Me a lot (for 700), so I don't think I could have soloed him as /dnc. 3. I have capped Eva, + 4/4 Eva merits, +7 Eva skill and +46 Eva gear and he still didn't miss too often. Shumanfoo 26Jul2009

I know it's not going to matter if I put this here but, Very very easily trioed by 85DRG, 85BST (With Nursery Nazuna) and 78WHM. Nursery Nazuna took all the hate and dealt most of the dmg. Didn't even need the WHM but had it just in case Stona was needed (Though Stona can be used with WHM subbed now) but the WHM was'nt a lvl divisible by 5 which made a good suited Stona caster.

Soloed 85 BST/WHM using NurseyNazuna and 1 Pet Food Zeta. Eyes on Me and single target IV magic are the biggest risks from the NM. Ayrlie 15:52, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

Solo as 90 PLD/DNC. Ate carbonera to speed my damage up and boosted HP since Agas likes to drop your max MP. The petrify only lasted 5-10 seconds at a time. enlight, phalanx, and reprisal whenever possible. Build TP before the fight for a sure victory, and keep him on the hill so crabs dont aggro. ~Apocalus - Ragnarok

Easy duo with 95 MNK and 95 WHM dualbox. Barely had to heal the MNK, Counterstance handled it all. Flionheart

Easy solo 95BLU/DNC, 14% -PDT gear, ixion cloak and serpentes set for mp. Went in with 300% TP from crabs beforehand, used Sudden Lunge as stun, it seemed to land more than Headbutt. Blank Gaze to dispel spikes, drain samba, Barrier Tusk, Stopped bothering with occultation as it's aoe sleep moves wiped it out anyway. Level 5 Petrify never even lasted 10 seconds, the biggest damage was Eyes on Me. 02:36, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

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