Killable by: 3 characters level 61-63. Confirmed kill with the following setup: 63 Paladin, 63 Red Mage, 61 Red Mage
Confirmed kill with a Level 66 Beastmaster with FunguarFamiliar
Confirmed kill with a Level 67 Puppetmaster with Soulsoother Head/Stormwaker Frame
Confirmed kill with a 75 WHM/BLM. Kept Stoneskin up, and Paralyze was very effective. got aggro by 2 moblins, I used Repose, & sleep, then killed them after NM.
Confirmed kill with a 63 RDM/BLM. only had to use stoneskin once. got aggro by 2 moblins near the end of fight but that wasnt a problem.
Confirmed kill with a solo Level 75 Paladin in a swimsuit.
Confirmed kill as 75 DNC/NIN with no shihei.
Confirmed kill as 70 MNK/DNC, easy kill.- Gliran

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  • Ridiculously easy fight for 61 THF and DNC duo, both /NIN. I cannot stress how easy this was, I got hit exactly 1 time for 30 something damage, friend only twice. I (the DNC) went into the fight with full TP thinking it might be tough for a couple of 61's, and outside of Drain Samba II never even needed to cure either of us. He missed 8/10 hits, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, shadows dropped because of counters or AOE, but never legitimate hits. Honestly, any job can prolly solo this guy at 60 if they sub NIN and have some way to cure themselves like once or twice (couple potions would prolly do it). I posted a video of this fight, you can check it out here - Effedup 07:37, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
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