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It all began with a raindrop,
Or so the legend says...
Moogle: Master! Oh, master, look!
We've sprung a leak, kupo!
Just look at it drip, drip, dripping away!
Moogle: What a terribly troubling turn of events, kupo!
But have no fear! Sit tight and you'll see why I'm the most renowned handymoogle in the three nations!
Moogle: Goddess have mercy on my moogle soul. Look at this mess!
Rotting roof boards! Rusted nails, kupo!
Moogle: Why, it's a miracle this tottering, tumble-down shanty--I mean, this beautiful abode of yours--is still standing, master!
Moogle: Anyhow, this simply won't do, kupo.
We must make repairs before we have water up to my little wings!
Moogle: I figure all I'll need is a good Orcish armor plate, a Quadav backscale, and a block of Yagudo calk to have this fixed up as good as new, kupo!
Moogle: Could I trouble you to track them down?
While you're out, I'll patch up the other problem spots.
Moogle: And do hurry, Master!
Lest you return to find your poor moogle friend lying prostrate in a pernicious puddle of rainwater, kupo...

Knoxizar 22:09, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

For New players

In case you made it to level 10 and you cannot get the cutscene to start this mission, make sure you have talked to your moogle at least once. They want to give you an intro to your Mog House first. You cannot get the cs for this mission without having talked to your moogle at least once! Shumanfoo 11Dec2009.

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