Summoner gets Invinciblaga and deathga added into an alredy useful 2 hour. Pup gets to be a monk and a rng at the same time. and bst gets..... a bonus to crafting for the people who supply there consumable items. I mean don't get me wrong... more stock and lower prices for jugs is great... but can we say lopsided? Give jug pets sub jobs so they can hit IT's regularly in parties... make pets targetable by player spells and JA's... finish the jug chart so we can get the full benefit of killer instinct. I mean while ur dishing out bazooka's and warheads to everyone else you mind if we get some too? --Gotterdammerung 13:33, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

Tweets from vanafest2010: Ogawa says we’ll finally see the addition of Castle Zvahl Baileys [S] and Castle Zvahl Keep [S]. FFXI Planner Fujito is up now to reveal to us a brand new branching quest system referred to as “Trial of the Magians”. Quests will be divided into a number of categories, and progression in each will allow players to earn different rewards. The following quest branches and more are being considered: Weapon enhancement / Armor enhancement Adventurers will be able to pick and choose what stats they’d like by completing the associated quest. Pretty interesting… You can trade your weapon to the Magian Moogle and it will be returned with your desired enhancement! Wow. Get this. Even relic and mythic weapons can be enhanced in this new system!

A RDM75 is on screen now, fighting an enemy… Nice gear. Not sure why we’re seeing this The RDM75 just… It just leveled up to 76. Tanaka just congratulated the PLD on leveling up! Tanaka just announced that in the June version update, the LEVEL CAP WILL BE RAISED! The crowd is going nuts. New abilities and magic for each job are planned to compensate for the previous “main job” specialties being available as a “support job”.

To combat camp concerns; addition of new areas to EXP in, addition of monsters in previous areas, and CoP areas “level cap” removal. A “new type” of merit points, in addition to an increase in maximum upgrades, is being considered for players that reach level 99, too! Through version updates the final level cap for FFXI will be… level 99! Going to be an interesting time in Vana’diel!

MNK: We may see an ability that would grant higher accuracy and subtle blow in exchange for lowered TP gain and a WS restriction. RDM: Addition of new enfeeble spells DRK: Looking into adjusting dark magic accuracy and cast times. With increased spell usage, will consider new ways to recover MP, as well. DRG: Discussing ways to enhance the wyvern’s powers and thinking about creating a new type of “Jump” ability.

Tanaka just played a new trailer announcing three new high-level battle area add-ons, called “Abyssea”. These differ from previous add-ons in that adventurer focus will be on fighting strong enemies, epic battles, and new armor to collect. Though the term is not yet finalized, adventurers will be able to earn “AF3” in Abyssea. Tanaka showed a picture of the current idea for PLD and BLM "AF3". Abyssea will be very different from Dynamis in that you can do these areas with one full party. The first release, “Vision of Abyssea”, will debut this summer for the price of $9.99 (£7.99) Following later this year, “Scars of Abyssea”, and “Heroes of Abyssea” will round out 2010.

Soon, adventurers will be able to explore the Walk of Echoes! Adventurers can expect their first glimpse of this content this summer! These brand new never before seen notorious monsters sure are scary. Adventurers, brace yourselves for battle! Woah, a giant clot-type enemy bigger than even some buildings in Jeuno… And that HUGE crab was epic looking.

EVENTS! Two new items have been prepared especially for this year’s feast of swords! Special tuxedos will be available to players as an 8th Vana’versary appreciation gift! How debonair! Looks like we’ll be seeing some interesting items added to future Mog Bonanzas, possibly even drops from Pandemonium Warden!

Higher synergy skills and new recipes are sure to make the avid crafter excited! These new recipes seem to make new warp items as well as new guild-related items! An expansion of evolith stats as well as new ways of obtaining them will be added as well!

A video showing new job specific emotes! A THF tossed a smoke bomb at the ground and disappeared! These look really fun!

SAM: Thinking of lowering the level you earn Sekkanoki, to open it up to jobs with /SAM support. Maybe a new ability, too? WAR: May get an ability allowing them to tank for a short period of time enhancing their versatility in parties. WHM: Possibility of receiving new divine and healing magic spells, and more chances to use divine magic. THF: An enhancement to Treasure Hunter as well as a new type of Steal ability may be in store. COR: Thinking about adding a greater gambling aspect to COR by making XI a special number that enhances roll effects. DNC: Dancers may see different methods of TP gain as well as the possibility of casting Waltzes on members outside of their party! BLM: To go along with the level cap removal, it may be a ripe time for BLMs to learn….METEOR!

Thats basically what was said. --Trunxrdm 15:31, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

"An elemental staff-type weapon boasting multiple effects is among the unique new articles being considered." from the official site under 'Future of Final Fantasy XI' and in the 'Synergy' section... I had sent in an idea for a multi-purpose elemental staff that essentially was a combination of all eight Lv.51 staves yet with its own uniqueness, as it was based on the weather and day for its effects. Wonder if they took it to heart...? --Eli 00:55, March 2, 2010 (UTC)

Level Cap increase

1) Raising the level cap does not change the difficulty of the game, nor that of the monsters we fight. All you're doing is making the scale bigger, and inevitably this changes nothing in gameplay. They did it in WoW (went to 70cap and then to 80) and now they fight mobs with 50 million HP and come on, that's completely meaningless.

2) Raising the level cap -requires- players to level that high in order to experience endgame content. This has been the longtime strongpoint of the merit system in FFXI. Using merits, one can optionally level their character, but still experience endgame content even if he/she chooses not to. This is demolished by raising the cap.

3) Raising the level cap renders all current gear worthless. All those hours we've spent on Homam sets, Ares' gear, Crimson Armor, and Relic weapons completely lost because any NQ item at "level 80" is instantly better. Previously, FFXI has managed to expand laterally (Mythic weapons were not necessarily "better," just different). Lateral expansion is by far the better alternative because it offers customization instead of the stomping, empty climb that is vertical expansion. Vote no on 99. --KosnIre 12:39, March 3, 2010 (UTC)

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