Abbreviation: TP

Note: TP displayed on a scale of 0 to 300% prior to June 2014. It now displays on a scale of 0 to 3000 (no % sign) to allow more precise display of TP values. 1000 TP is required to initiate a weapon skill.

A percentage indicating a character's ability to perform Weapon Skills. Similar to Limit Break gauges from previous Final Fantasy games. The TP bar ranges from 0 to 3000, and a Weapon Skill may be used as long as a character has 1000 TP or above. Usage of a Weapon Skill will typically deplete the user's TP fully, although a few jobs can occasionally circumvent this and retain some TP following a Weapon Skill using the Conserve TP ability. TP is also used for the majority of the Job Abilities associated with the Dancer Job, with more powerful abilities requiring a greater TP cost. This can be avoided with the use of Trance, the Dancer Two Hour Ability, or by using Jigs, which have no innate cost at the price of having no combat purpose.

TP is generally produced from successful melee attacks that hit for at least 1 damage point. The amount of TP gained per hit is primarily dependent on the delay of the attacker. TP is also gained any time you take damage from a melee or magical attack. Damage Over Time spells, such as Dia and Poison, will only give TP if the initial cast does direct damage, not for the damage dealt by the status effect. Resting causes a character to lose TP at a rate of 100 TP per healing tick, unless the character has Signet inside of a Conquest area or Sigil inside a Campaign area.

Many items, job traits, job abilities, and status effects exist that manipulate TP. The Icarus Wing is a popular medicine that immediately produces 1000 base TP for the user, allowing for an immediate Weapon Skill, but can only be used sparingly. Store TP is a trait that passively increases your rate of TP gain, whereas Subtle Blow passively decreases the rate of TP gain for enemies that you attack. Conserve TP is a job trait that will randomly activate to reduce the TP consumed by a weapon skill. Meditate produces a variable amount of gradual TP, and Reverse Flourish produces immediate TP based on stocked Finishing Moves. Regain is a generic collective term for status effects that passively and gradually bestow TP over time. Plague status gradually decreases the afflicted's TP as one of its detrimental effects. There are also means to directly reduce or drain an opponent's TP, such as the Dark Knight spell Absorb-TP, and the enemy abilities Feather Tickle and Carnal Nightmare.

Monsters can also possess and use TP. Instead of Weapon Skills, each monster species has its own set of unique special attacks that they can use their TP on. Monsters will use their TP semi-randomly when at 25% HP or above, until reaching 3000 TP at which point they will use it on one of their special attacks. Once monsters fall below 25% HP, they will no longer save their TP and will attempt to use their special attacks immediately upon reaching 1000 TP. Most monsters follow this behavior, but some can circumvent it, usually Notorious Monsters. Note that monsters can gain TP very quickly when attacked by a party (see below).

Base TP[]

Updated TP Gain[]

The June 2014 massively changed the TP system so that weapons of various Delays would gain TP at relatively the same rate. Single-handed weapons and two-handed weapons now gain TP at the same rate. The new formula is not yet known.Information Needed

Outdated Formulas[]

The old formulas were:

  • "Two-Handed Weapon Delay -x%"(Example: Sword Strap) works like Dual Wield delay and TP is recalculated after reduction.
  • TP return from ranged attacks is calculated by combining the delay of the weapon and ammo together, and using the combined delay in the standard TP equation.

Additional TP Gain[]

Other instances in which a player gains TP:

  • When a player is hit by a physical attack, he gains 1/3 of what the attacker gained (once again, rounding down to the nearest tenth). Most enemies have 240 Delay, gain 64 TP, and give players 21 TP per hit (6.4/3 = 2.13333).
  • When a player is hit by a damaging spell, he gains 5 TP.

Enemy TP gain[]

Enemies gain TP in the following ways:

  • When attacking a player, TP is calculated normally based on Delay. Most enemies have 240 Delay, and gain 64 TP per hit.
  • When hit by a melee attack, enemies gain the attacker's Base TP + 30.
  • When hit by a spell that does direct damage, enemies gain 100 TP.
  • When hit by a physical Blue Magic spell, enemies gain 100 TP for every hit that connects.

Subtle Blow[]

The Subtle Blow trait decreases the enemy's TP gain per hit:

The Subtle Blow trait also affects the TP enemies gain from direct damage spells:

  • 100 * (1 - SubtleBlow%)

Subtle Blow caps at 50%.

Store TP[]

The Store TP trait increases TP gain per hit as follows:

  • Base TP * (1 + StoreTP%)
  • When a character with Store TP hits an enemy, only the Base TP is used in the enemy's TP gain calculations.
  • Store TP also applies to the TP gained from being attacked.
  • Store TP also applies to the 10 TP from extra hits in a Weapon Skill.
  • Store TP also affects how much TP is gained from the use of TP gaining items, such as Daedalus Wings or Icarus Wings. In the example above, a Samurai with Store TP IV would receive 1250 TP from using an Icarus Wing.

Dual Wield[]

The Dual Wield trait allows players to equip two weapons simultaneously and reduce their Delays. TP gain when dual wielding is calculated using this reduced Delay:

  • Combined Delay = (Delay1 + Delay2)
  • Reduced Delay = Combined Delay * (1 - Dual Wield %)
  • Reduced Delay per hand = Reduced Delay/2

If they do not, calculating the TP using the Reduced Delay/2 will give you an incorrect result.

For example

A Level 75 Warrior/Ninja with Dual Wield II and Suppanomimi (a bonus of -20% Delay) using a Maneater with 276 Delay and a Joyeuse with 224 Delay would get:
  • Combined Delay : 276 + 224 = 500
  • Reduced Delay : 500 * (1 - 0.20) = 500 * 0.80 = 400
  • Reduced Delay per hand : 400/2 = 200 delay
  • TP gain per hand : 5.0 + [(200 - 180) * 6.5] / 270 = 5.481... → 5.4 TP/hit
  • TP gain per round (assuming both main and offhand weapon don't miss) : 5.4 TP *2 = 10.8 TP/round

Shield Mastery[]

The Shield Mastery trait awards a fixed amount of additional TP when a player successfully blocks an attack with his Shield.


An Enspell is a beneficial spell with a status effect that enchants the player weapon with elemental magic. Enspell damage does not affect TP gained by the monster or player being hit.

Losing TP[]

Replacing gear in the Main, Sub or Range slots causes all TP to be lost.


  • If a melee or magic attack lands for 0 damage, neither attacker nor defender will gain any TP.
  • If an attack is blocked by Stoneskin, even though damage may be inflicted to the Stoneskin, no TP will be produced if the defender's HP is undamaged.
  • Damage from Additional Effects and Damage Spikes effects do not produce TP, unless the additional effect itself grants an extra attack (see Virtue Stone weapons).
  • Counterattacks give TP to the target countered against, as if he were hit normally. The defender countering the blow gains no TP.
    • The Warrior job ability Retaliation will produce TP for the Warrior when a successful "retaliation" occurs.
  • Guarded attacks give no TP for attackerVerification Needed or defender. If the Job Trait Tactical Guard is active, the defender will gain 50 TP. Verification Needed
  • Chi Blast does not produce TP.
  • Jump and High Jump produce TP for the attacker, but not for the defender.
  • Avatar Blood Pacts do not produce TP for the defender. Multi-hit physical blood pacts produce full TP for the Avatar for each hit landed (instead of full TP for the first hit, and 10 TP for each subsequent hit).
  • Multi-hit weapon skills give the attacker standard TP for the first hit, then 10 TP for each successive hit that lands. If the first hit misses, but the remaining hits land, only 10 TP for each hit that lands will be given.
  • Multi-hit weapon skills only give the defender TP for the first hit and the additional hit from the use of Dual Wield. The TP gained by the defender is the amount normally gained for each strike.
  • Blue Magic physical spells give a monster 100 TP per hit. They can be affected by Subtle Blow, just like other offensive magic attacks. No TP is bestowed to the caster.
    • Example: When a Blue Mage casts Bludgeon the target gains 300 TP if all 3 hits land for damage.


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