What is Tactical Assessment?

All nations regularly carry out polls on the military policy of the day. The information gathered is used to discern various points of contention among military leaders and strategists, such as geographic locations for spearheading offensives, battle tactics for engaging specific enemies, etc. The results of these assessments are tallied on a weekly basis, with the prevalent opinions and views being implemented in the following week's military planning for campaign battles and Campaign Ops.

How does Tactical Assessment work?

Each week, players can speak with an NPC for a survey on their views of military policy. On Sunday at midnight Japan, these will be tallied and incorporated for the following week's policies. Players with greater medals will have higher influence.

There are three categories: leaders, battle strategies, and internal policies.

  • Leaders: Players are given a choice of commanding leaders for their nation, and may choose to recommend one. Each commanding leader has a strength to match a battle strategy. This may result in a more efficient campaign battle strategy.
  • Battle strategies: Players can recommend what military tactics for their nation to pursue. Chosen tactics will determine what Campaign Ops will be available.
  • Internal policies: Players can recommend a goal for their nation's internal policies to focus. Said policies will also affect Campaign Ops given out.

Assessment Categories

Bastok Leaders

San d'Oria Leaders

Windurst Leaders

Battle Strategies

Options Description Campaign Ops
A preemptive strike Increases the rate of attacks on enemy territory. Smokescreen
Diversionary tactics Will deploy one unit to attack, distracting the enemy, while another unit attacks the fortifications and supply lines.Exclamation Pit Spider
By Light of Fire
Battleline preservation Maintains presence of units in current regions active with fighting to slowly drain enemy influence. Aegis ScreamExclamation
Stronghold defense More time is spent defending strongholds, increasing the number of units sent to protect them. Aegis Scream
Granite Rose
Troop conditioning Longer rest periods for units after battles. Overall troop strength increased during these rest periods.Exclamation Brave Dawn
Cut and Cauterize
Reconnaissance Increased reconnaissance level for more detailed information on troop movements and the war climate. Increases likelihood of units intercepting enemy units dispatched to areas. Hawk Eye
Deep Cover
Prying Eyes
Sabotage Increases the rate at which the nation's engineering unit carry out special missions. Slaughterhouse

Internal Policies

Options Description Campaign Ops
Resource Procurement Increases maximum amount of resources per region. Exclamation Stock and AweExclamation
Materiel StormExclamation
Military Supply Procurement More focus on recovering resources in controlled regions, meaning more supply runs. Exclamation Crimson DominoExclamation
Search and SeizureExclamation
Logistics Increased protection to supply lines in controlled regions and increased supply missions. Exclamation Crimson Domino Exclamation
Bridge Too FarExclamation
Stronghold outfitting Increased focus on fortification repair by engineering units. Exclamation Steel Resolve Exclamation
Weapons production Stronger weapons for units. Exclamation Crystal Fist Exclamation
Iron Anvil Exclamation
Weapons development Increases the nation's technological level, making it more likely for new weapons such as belfries and mantelets to be constructed. Exclamation Crystal FistExclamation
Iron AnvilExclamation
Public Security Increases the number of troops in defense of stronghold city. Exclamation Streetsweeper
Delta StrikeExclamation
Stronghold fortification Increases fortification points. Exclamation Steel Resolve
Aegis ScreamExclamation

Survey NPC's

Players may take these polls with the following NPC's:

Name Area Location
Isabella Bastok Markets (S) (E - 8)
Kuron-Makaron Windurst Waters (S) (H - 10)
Palardaifault V Draffles Southern San d'Oria (S) (I - 9)

Intel Advisors

In order to see what the current week's policies are, players can speak with an intel advisor to learn their nation's strategies, as well as intel on other Allied Nations and the Beastman Confederate. These advisors will also inform players the current troop movements of that nation, including advance warning of Offensive battles about to begin and possible Defensive targets.

Name Area Location
Dallus-Mallus Windurst Waters (S) (G - 10)
Voucheramme Southern San d'Oria (S) (J - 9)
Hinrich Bastok Markets (S) (F - 8)
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