Great Katana weapon skill
Skill Level: 200 (Samurai only)
Description: Blinds target. Damage varies with TP.
Sneak Attack: Will stack with Sneak Attack.
Equipment: Aligned with snow equipment (Snow Gorget & Snow Belt).
Aligned with breeze equipment (Breeze Gorget & Breeze Belt).
  • Blind effect duration is 60 seconds when unresisted.
  • Tachi: Yukikaze appears to have an attack bonus of 33%. [1]


Element: None
Modifiers: STR:75%
Damage Multipliers by TP:
1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
1.5625 1.875 2.50

Skillchain Properties

Induration-IconInduration (A)
Level 3 Skillchains
Level 2 Skillchains
Invisible-squareIce-square Induration Invisible-squareWater-square Reverberation = Lightning-squareWind-square Fragmentation
Level 1 Skillchains
Ice-square Induration Lightning-square Impaction = Lightning-square Impaction
Water-square Reverberation Ice-square Induration = Ice-square Induration
Ice-square Induration Dark-square Compression = Dark-square Compression
Detonation-IconDetonation (B)
Level 3 Skillchains
Level 2 Skillchains
Invisible-squareWind-square Detonation Invisible-squareDark-square Compression = Dark-squareEarth-square Gravitation
Level 1 Skillchains
Lightning-square Impaction Wind-square Detonation = Wind-square Detonation
Dark-square Compression Wind-square Detonation = Wind-square Detonation
Earth-square Scission Wind-square Detonation = Wind-square Detonation
Wind-square Detonation Earth-square Scission = Earth-square Scission


See Tachi: Enpi for the translation of "Tachi:"

This weaponskill's original name in the Japanese version is:

太刀・雪風 (Shichi no Tachi: Yukikaze)

"The Seventh Style of the Tachi: 'Blizzard'"

(雪, yuki: Snow. 風, kaze: Wind. Note it is the same kanji for puu in Tachi: Jinpu. The ON reading is 'Fuu'. Kanji are borrowed characters from Chinese, and ON readings are the Japanese attempts at pronouncing the word in its original Chinese context. Conjugated with Jin, it becomes 'puu'. The Kun reading is the actual Japanese word for wind, 'kaze', which Yukikaze uses.)


  • Tachi: Yukikaze is only available to Samurai. While other jobs can obtain the required 200 Great Katana skill, they will be unable to use Tachi: Yukikaze.
  • Great Katana skill level 200 is obtainable by the following jobs at these corresponding levels:
Job Rating Level
Samurai A+ 60
Ninja C- 65


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