TP Drain Attack
Description: Adds TP-draining effect to regular attacks. Cannot be combined with any other elemental damage additions.
Feral Points: 30

Obtainable From

Name Family Ecosystem Zone Level
Count Dracula Unknown Unknown Leujaoam Sanctum Unknown
Red Kisser Leech Amorphs Wajaom Woodlands 66 - 70
Ashakku Leech Amorphs Arrapago Reef 71 - 74


Very unreliable even at skill level 50. Average proc rate is about 10-20% and I've seen it not proc for more than 10 hits in a row. When it does proc, it drains for around 7-10 tp.Verification Needed

Seems to be very rare off of high level leeches. Acquired 1/86 soulplates in the span of two days.

Obtainable from Memory Receptables in Promyvion Holla.