Item used for Synergy synthesis.

There are two furnaces at each location, and a Synergy Engineer NPC.
There is also a Portafurnace, which summons a Synergy Furnace in the field.

Synergy Furnace

Synergy Furnace



Zone Location
Bastok Mines G-6, J-8
Bastok Markets G-7, H-10
Port Bastok J-7
Windurst Waters (North) L-11
Windurst Waters (South) G-8
Windurst Walls I-12, J-9
Port Windurst C-7, H-6/H-7
Southern San d'Oria M-7, D-7
Northern San d'Oria F-3
Port San d'Oria H-9 (west), H-9 (east)
Port Jeuno H-8, I-8
Chocobo Circuit H-9, H-10
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