Start NPC Hildolf - Metalworks (F-8)
Requirements Key ItemSynergy crucible
Repeatable No
Reward Choice of 3 orbs of any of the following:
Fire Fewell
Earth Fewell
Wind Fewell
Ice Fewell
Lightning Fewell
Water Fewell
Dark Fewell
Light Fewell
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Prior to 3-27-12:
Synergistic Pursuits


  • Head to Metalworks in Bastok and simply speak with Hildolf (F-8 ground floor) for cutscene.
  • After giving you some tips on how to make your own fewell, Hildolf offers you three free Fewell of your choice. After making your selection, this quest is immediately added to your completed quests.
    • Hildolf may request Slime Oil if the crucible is obtained without doing the previous quest. In that case trading it to him will bring you to the Fewell selection.

Game Description

Hildolf (Synergy Institute, Metalworks)
Ever interested in seeing his students expand their horizons, Bastok's chief synergy researcher has given you a valuable lesson in synthesizing your own fewell. He's even offered you a selection from his own stock to boot!