Start NPC Hildolf - Metalworks (F-8)
Requirements Must begin quest before March 27, 2012
Items Needed Earth Crystal
Flint Stone
Mythril Sand
Brass Tank
Repeatable No
Reward Key ItemSynergy crucible
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None Synergistic Support

The Wondrous Whatchamacallit

Locked Quest

  • It is no longer possible to flag this quest. Speak to a Synergy Engineer to obtain a Key ItemSynergy Crucible if you did not activate this quest prior to March 27, 2012.
  • However, if you already have this quest activated, you must complete this quest to obtain Key ItemSynergy crucible.


Game Description

Hildolf (Synergy Institute, Metalworks)
To obtain a crucible and take your first step into the wondrous world of synergy, you'll need to track down an Earth Crystal, a Flint Stone, an onz of Mythril Sand, and a Brass Tank.