This is one of the many worlds of FFXI. It was one of 20 servers activated upon the original release of FFXI in Japan.

ID Number: 07

Activation Date: May 16, 2002

History in the FF Series

Final Fantasy IV
In FFIV, Sylph is an Eidolon acquired in the Sylph Cave in a remote corner of the Underworld. Three Sylphs live in a cabin deep in the cave. They find a gravely injured Yang, who had attempted to sacrifice himself to destroy the Super Cannon in the Tower of Babil that imperiled the Kingdom of Dwarves . They eventually nurse Yang back to health and offer their services to Rydia. Sylph is a set of three small fairies in FFIV. In the DS version, they deal wind-element damage.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Sylphs have become aggressive after being drawn from Rydia. If encountered and killed by the player, Sylph can never be reobtained. However, after Ursula and Yang are revived, they reforge a pact with Rydia. Sylph is a set of three small fairies in The After Years.

Final Fantasy V
Sylph can be purchased at a magic shop in the town of Walse (World One) or the Mirage Village (the reunited world, World Three) for 350 Gil. They are Level 1 Summon Magic. Sylph is a pair of fairies in FFV.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Sylph is a "Sylvan spirit for whom the winds are blades." She is the rank I non-elemental ranged Esper. She appears as an elven-looking girl with pointed ears, black hair, and a red outfit.

Final Fantasy Tactics
Sylph (JP, EN PSP), Silf (EN PS1) Sylph is an Esper available to summoners in FFT. She is an elven-looking woman with pointed ears, black hair, and a red outfit. She inflicts Silence status on all enemies in range, the signature move of Siren.


"Whispering Wind"- drains HP from 1 enemy and distributes it among the party (FFIV, The After Years, FFV)

"Aero"- moderate non-elemental damage on one enemy (Revenant Wings)

"Whispering Wind"- inflicts Silence status on all enemies in range (Tactics)

Historical Background

In Medieval occultism (specificially that from Paracelsus, a 16th Century alchemist and occultist), the Sylph is the elemental of Air. They are depicted a slender insect-winged females, similar to a fairy. They are described as being immortal, yet soulless. They were invented by Paracelsus. The other elementals were: Undine (Water), Gnome (Earth), Salamander (Fire).

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