Job Ability

  • Increases accuracy and evasion until you take severe damage.
  • Obtained: Rune Fencer Level 20
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 2:00


  • Increases the accuracy and evasion of the player by 3/tick at an accelerated rate until it reaches 60 accuracy and 60 evasion.
    • Increases to 70 accuracy and 70 evasion though Job Points.
  • Effect is boosted with Futhark Mitons and Futhark Mitons +1 which respectively give the effect a 'head-start' of 3 and 5 ticks.
  • Receives an additional effect of up to +25 Subtle Blow if Sleight of Sword is fully merited.
    • This effect is further enhanced by Futhark Mitons augment, what it does, however, is unknown.
  • Effect is reset if the player sustains an attack that deals more than 75% of their maximum HP. The effect restarts and is not removed unless done manually or if the duration expires.
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