Swift Shoes is one of the possible Super Kupowers granted at random after all 11 Mog Tablets have been found and returned to the Explorer Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens.

While Swift Shoes is in effect, players (and Alter Egos, Adventuring Fellows, Automatons and Wyverns) will receive the effect of Quickening after each rests for at least one healing tick.

  • The effect grants a +12% Movement Speed increase after resting for 1 healing tick only.
  • Potency of effect increases by resting longer.
  • Stacks with movement speed gear.
  • You gain 5 minutes duration for each healing tick, starting at 15 minutes, and maxing out at an hour.
  • You CANNOT get Swift Shoes while under the effects of Disease.

The increased movement speed granted and duration of Quickening is calculated as follows:

  • (Check talk page for possible update[[1]] to this chart)
Number of ticks healed Duration Movement Speed
1 (20sec) 15 minutes +12.5%
2 (30sec) 20 minutes +15%
3 (40sec) 25 minutes +17.5%
4 (50sec) 30 minutes +20%
5 (1min) 35 minutes +25% (Cap)
16 (2min, 50sec) 1 hour 30 minutes (Cap) +25%

The effect will be automatically removed under any of the following circumstances:

When the Super Kupowers expire, the effect will not be removed instantly, but will disappear upon logging out or zoning.

The Japanese name for this is 'Ace Sprinter' (エーススプリンター).