Start NPC Task Delegator, Scouts' Coalition, Eastern Adoulin
Requirements Coalition Rank 6: Advisor

1-3 Imprimaturs

Items Needed Requires Key Item"Climbing"
Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 Imprimatur: 3,000 ~ 3,800 EXP + 3,000 ~ 3,800 Bayld
2 Imprimaturs: 5,400 ~ 6,480 EXP + 5,400 ~ 6,480 Bayld
3 Imprimaturs: 7,200 ~ 9,120 EXP + 7,200 ~ 9,120 Bayld
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None None


  • Examine an Ergon Locus in Marjami Ravine from the correct distance.
  • EXP/Bayld reward depend upon which Ergon Locus you visit with K-5 giving the least and H-11 giving the most.
    • Note: The loci appear on Wide Scan.
    • Each locus has its own name; the table below shows the position of each locus, its name, and any special notes for finding it.
    • Surveys can lead to success or failure depending on distance.
  • After inspecting a locus, return to the Task Delegator.
Name: Position: Notes:
"Bud of the Fragrant Breeze" K-5 Frontier Station warp. This locus requires Key Item"Climbing" to reach.
"Whitewater Arbor" H-11 Bivouac #2 warp. This locus requires either Key Item"Climbing" to reach or passing through 2 Colonization Reives.
"Crag of the Triumvirate" C-8 Bivouac #4 warp. This locus requires Key Item"Climbing" to reach.

Survey Tables

This table shows the approximate time ranges that correspond to the distance ranges required to successfully complete the survey. Report exact times and distances below.[1]

Ergon Locus 02:00~5:59 06:00~9:59 10:00~13:59 14:00~17:59 18:00~21:59 22:00~01:59
Bud of the Fragrant Breeze 2.5~2.9 3.0~3.4 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.4 1.5~1.9 2.0~2.4
Whitewater Arbor 2.0~2.4 2.5~2.9 3.0~3.4 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.4 1.5~1.9
Crag of the Triumvirate 3.0~3.4 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.4 1.5~1.9 2.0~2.4 2.5~2.9

Game Description

Task Delegator
Head to Marjami Ravine to survey a special tract of land there. Successfully inspect an ergon locus and return to the Scouts' Coalition to complete this assignment.