Start NPC Task Delegator, Scouts' Coalition, Eastern Adoulin
Requirements Coalition Rank 5: Partner

1-3 Imprimaturs

Repeatable Yes
Reward 1 Imprimatur: 2,000 ~ 2,600 EXP + 2,000 ~ 2,600 Bayld
2 Imprimaturs: 3,600 ~ 4,680 EXP + 3,600 ~ 4,680 Bayld
3 Imprimaturs: 4,800 ~ 6,240 EXP + 4,800 ~ 6,240 Bayld


  • Examine an Ergon Locus in Cirdas Caverns from the correct distance and angle.
  • EXP/Bayld reward depend upon which Ergon Locus you visit with E-9 giving the least and M-9 giving the most.
    • Note: The loci appear on Wide Scan.
    • Each locus has its own name; the table below shows the position of each locus, its name, and any special notes for finding it.
    • Surveys can lead to success or failure depending on time of day and distance. Approximate time and distance ranges are followed by exact time and distances recorded.
    • Even if your first survey fails, you can try to survey again until you succeed without affecting your reward.
  • After inspecting a locus, return to the Task Delegator.
Name: Position: Notes:
"Sanctum of Life" E-9 Easiest route is from the Augural Conveyor. This locus is behind a Colonization Reive.
"Prominence of the Soil" M-9 Easiest route is from the Augural Conveyor. This locus is behind a Colonization Reive.

Survey Tables

This table shows the approximate time ranges that correspond to the distance ranges required to successfully complete the survey. Report exact times and distances below.[1]

Ergon Locus 02:00~5:59 06:00~9:59 10:00~13:59 14:00~17:59 18:00~21:59 22:00~01:59
Sanctum of Life 2.5~2.9 3.0~3.4 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.4 1.5~1.9 2.0~2.4
Prominence of the Soil 3.0~3.4 0.5~0.9 1.0~1.4 1.5~1.9 2.0~2.4 2.5~2.9

Game Description

Task Delegator
Head to Cirdas Caverns to survey a special tract of land there. Successfully inspect an ergon locus and return to the Scouts' Coalition to complete this assignment.