Start NPC Task Delegator, Scouts' Coalition, Eastern Adoulin
Requirements Pioneer's Badge

1-3 Imprimaturs

Repeatable Yes
Reward 500/900/1200 EXP/Bayld (For 1, 2, or 3 imprimaturs respectively)


  • Find an Ergon Locus in the Ceizak Battlegrounds. You can also search in the Yahse Hunting Grounds.
    • Note: The Loci show up on Wide Scan.
    • Each specific Loci has its own name; the table below shows the position of each Loci, its name, and any special notes for finding it.
    • Surveys can lead to success or failure depending on time of day and distance. Unknown at this point if these are randomly assigned or always the same, and whether or not these are the same for all surveys or just one. As such, any times/distances listed below should be taken with a grain of salt.
    • Even if your first survey fails, you can try to survey again until you succeed without affecting your reward.
  • After inspecting one of the Loci, return to the Task Delegator.

Name: Zone: Position: Notes:
"Flourishing Island" Ceizak Battlegrounds Shared corner of J-9, J-10, K-9, and K-10 The beach at (J-10) has a rock platform leading to Locus. Be sure to check it during nighttime, from >3 yalms away.Exclamation 6:00 facing NW @ 1.8 yalms. At 0:30, face SE at about 1 yalm.
"Bud of the Swarm" Ceizak Battlegrounds (I-8) Night or Day, Between 1.3 and 3.6 yalms
"Immutable Boulder" Yahse Hunting Grounds (F-4)/(F-5) Line Face SW, check from 0.6 yalms away during the day (~noon).

Game Description

No Client
Head to Ceizak Battlegrounds or Yahse Hunting Grounds to survey a special tract of land there. Successfully inspect an ergon locus and return to the Scouts' Coalition to complete this assignment.

Game Script

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