In order to gain access to Outpost Teleportation to a particular Outpost, you need to have completed a Supply Run Mission to that outpost while it is under control of the nation of your current Allegiance.


National Conquest Overseers of your current Allegiance offers this quest under the topic: "I want to go on on a supplies quest". You get the choice to deliver supplies of regions that are under your current nation's conquest-control.

You can only accept one supply mission per day. (Vana'diel Day)

Once you have selected to undertake a particular quest, you cannot cancel it and must wait until the weekly conquest tally to have a guard remove your stale supplies.

  • If you have a supply key item from a previous nation and you switch nations, you will need to go and switch back to the old nation and speak to a gate guard to dispose of your supplies.
Supply quest selection

The example to the right shows a list of regions under the player's home nation's control. This player has already completed the supply quest for Gustaberg and Kolshushu, but has not completed the Valdeaunia region quest. To see current Conquest standings across all regions, check your in-game menu Region Info, then choose the topic Conquest.

After accepting the mission, you will receive a key item for that region. Travel to the appropriate Regional Conquest Overseer and speak with the NPC. When you have spoken with one of the NPCs, the supplies are considered 'delivered' and the mission is complete.

You must complete the mission before the weekly conquest tally, or the Regional Conquest Overseer will deny the supply.


After delivering the supplies, you will be granted Conquest Points, determined by the "difficulty" of the run. After completing the supply mission, you will be able to use the Outpost Teleporting system for the corresponding region if you are of the appropriate level.

  • Supply Quests are bound to your current nation. Your completed supplies quests are saved when you transfer nations.

Supply Key Items/Regions

Supplies Conquest Points Gained
Bastok San d'Oria Windurst
Aragoneu Supplies
Derfland Supplies
Elshimo Lowlands Supplies
Elshimo Uplands Supplies
Fauregandi Supplies
Gustaberg Supplies 10
Kolshushu Supplies
Kuzotz Supplies
Li'Telor Supplies
Norvallen Supplies
Qufim Supplies
Ronfaure Supplies
Sarutabaruta Supplies
Tavnazian Archipelago Supplies
Valdeaunia Supplies
Vollbow Supplies
Zulkheim Supplies