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The page has been split for ease of use, so see Fantastic Fraulein Mumor: Curtain Call for a walkthrough of the stage show and how to acquire Trust: Mumor II!!!

Start NPC Moogle:
Northern San d'Oria (D-8)
Bastok Markets (G-8)
Windurst Walls (H-10)
Items Needed Required for Trust: Mumor II:
Starlet Armor Set equipped if female
Agent Armor Set equipped if male
Repeatable Available Monday, August 10, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. (PDT) to Monday, August 31 at the same hour.
Reward Varies by Carnival Game. See each game's section for its rewards.
Replay Cutscenes

The cutscene for this event can never be seen again using an Event Scene Replayer.

Fantastic Fraulein Mumor's Superheroine Show

See Fantastic Fraulein Mumor: Curtain Call for a full walkthrough of the stage show and how to acquire Trust: Mumor II

Talk to the Moogle to start quest, and return to Moogle for your reward.

  • Northern San d'Oria (G-8) / Bastok Markets (I-7) / Windurst Walls (G-11)

Target Murmor and /clap or /cheer,

  • Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok Markets (G-8) / Windurst Walls (H-10)

When Mumor starts to dance, target her enemy and copy Mumor's dance

After performance Item Vendor, Support Your Heroines!

Moogle Teleportation Services

  • Teleportation Moogle Locations:
    • Southern San d'Oria (I-8)
    • Port Bastok (L-7)
    • Windurst Woods (K-10)

These Moogles will teleport you to Bastok, Windurst, or San d'Oria if you are wearing the full Starlet Jabot Set or Agent Coat Set armor set.

Mini Games - Street Shops

All the Mini-games cost 10 gil to play each time on either Normal or Hard modes. If you have no gil, you can still enjoy the festivities by dancing with Mumor for a bit and getting the fireworks; they sell to any vendor for at least 2 gil each.

San d'Oria

(NPC: Estiliphire Southern San d'Oria H-9):

  • A "Discerning Eye" type game! The game cycles through six different scenes with two or more characters in it. When you notice something different about them, select "Now!". Or select "wait!" to skip the scene. The game ends prematurely if you get it wrong. You have one minute total to complete as scenes as possible.
  1. Scene: Two Elvaan F walking and using emotes, either their walking speed, turning, or emote will vary.
  2. Scene: Four Elvaan M who do the Emote "/hurray" in pairs. One pair will have different weapons.
  3. Scene: Six Tarutaru who run towards you in pairs, select the pair that have different hair colors.
  4. Scene: Two Hume M wearing armor. The camera pans up and you must spot the armor piece that varies. It can be the feet, hands, or hat.
  5. Scene: A large group of varied races, the ones that are in matching poses will nod in pairs; you need to spot for one shaking his or her head.
  6. Scene: Two posts each with a pair of Tarutaru running past the post to the left and right. Each of the pairs consists of one Tarutaru with blonde hair and the other with red. When the identical tarutarus are facing each other, hit the button.

The scenes will then cycle back to the first and repeat. In normal mode, you must notice at least 7 differences to receive 3 Melon Snowcones. In hard mode, you must notice at least 9 differences in order to receive 6 Melon Snowcones.


(NPC: Klaas Port Bastok K-8):

  • A Reflex game! One minute to shoot as many enemies as possible, while avoiding hitting any Pixie. A target will pop up for a few seconds for you to decide what action to take. You can "shoot" or "wait" to skip to the next target. The different monsters to shoot are: Cactuar, Goblins, Mandragora. However if you shoot a Pixie, the game ends prematurely, so choose the "Wait!" option to quickly proceed to the next target.

Normal mode only requires 20 targets and grants 3 M&P Doner Kebabs. For hard mode, you must shoot 30 monsters to collect 6 M&P Doner Kebabs.


  • To reduce the time the Pixie stays as a target, choose 'Wait' instead of actually waiting till the target changes from a Pixie to something else.
  • Pixies tend to only appear above the left and middle crates.
  • The number of pixies is entirely random, there may not be 35 monsters to appear in the time, due to numerous pixies, sometimes even 20+ in a hard game, but scores as high as 41 have been reported.
  • If more than 8 pixies appears during your game, it is almost impossible to score more than 30 correct hits.


(NPC: Rokor-Makor at Windurst Woods K-12):

  • A Chocobo game! You control an adult chocobo trying to collect chocobo chicks. No it's not a dating SIM....you have the choice of moving the chocobo right or left in an attempt to collect the baby chicks in one minute.

The best way to do this is to watch the screen from above and move towards the groupings of multiple chicks in order to get the most you can. Timing is the key in this game, if you're good, you can potentially collect two on the same line if the timing is correct. Be wary the collections seems to be a slight bit in front of the line that is provided. What makes this difficult, is there are Mandragora mixed in as well; collect just one Mandragora and it's game over.

Normal mode requires collecting at least 20 chicks to receive 3 Cotton Candy. Hard mode requires collecting at least 35 chicks to receive 6 Cotton Candy.

Chocobo chicks are random, as little as 25 have been seen on the whole area in a hard mode, but records have been set over 61.

Goldfish Scooping - Piscine Pursuits

See this guide for Goldfish Scooping.


Once you have accumulated some goldfish, you can trade them to one of the event NPCs. The NPC will then tell you how many points you have gained from your catches. It's this good fortune you will trade back to the NPC in exchange for the event rewards.

Talk to the NPC and select the topic "I'm ready for my prize." You can then select any of the event rewards for which you have sufficient points:

Description Reward Event Points
Super Scoop Super Scoop 5
Bag of fireworks Random assortment of fireworks 15
Large Fans Summer Fans or Festive Fans 25
Colored drop Any colored drop, such as a Red Drop 30
Mystery box 12 Spirit Masques 50
A stellar surprise Puny Planet Kit 60
Other mystery box Goldfish Set 65
Yet another mystery box 70

NOTE: You can buy the fish needed off the Auction House to save you the frustration and time in Goldfish Scooping.

Exclusive Reward

If you get all three exclusive items from: Superheroine Show (Cosmic Designs), Goldfish Scooping (Puny Planet Kit) and the Mini Game (Comet Fragment) you can craft your own Celestial Globe.

Previous Years' Prizes - Item Vendors

If you missed items from previous Sunbreeze Festival events, you may purchase them from Moogles at the tables located at Northern San d'Oria (D-8), Bastok Mines (H-8), and Windurst Waters(North) (G-10).

  • Note: These Moogles will dance during the night music and fireworks.
Male ♂ Female ♀ Price
Onoko YukataRareExclusive Omina YukataRareExclusive 2,500 gil
Lord's YukataRareExclusive Lady's YukataRareExclusive 3,750 gil
Otoko YukataRareExclusive Onago YukataRareExclusive 5,000 gil
Otokogimi YukataRareExclusive Onnagimi YukataRareExclusive 7,500 gil
Otokogusa YukataRareExclusive Onnagusa YukataRareExclusive 10,000 gil
Otokoeshi YukataRareExclusive Ominaeshi YukataRareExclusive 12,500 gil
Hikogami YukataRareExclusive Himegami YukataRareExclusive 15,000 gil
Kengyu HappiRareExclusive Shokujo HappuRareExclusive 15,000 gil
Kengyu HanmomohikiRareExclusive Shokujo HanmomohikiRareExclusive 15,000 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Hume GiletRareExclusive Hume TopRareExclusive Elvaan GiletRareExclusive Elvaan TopRareExclusive Mithra TopRareExclusive Galka GiletRareExclusive Tarutaru MaillotRareExclusive Tarutaru TopRareExclusive 5,000 gil
Hume TrunksRareExclusive Hume ShortsRareExclusive Elvaan TrunksRareExclusive Elvaan ShortsRareExclusive Mithra ShortsRareExclusive Galka TrunksRareExclusive Tarutaru TrunksRareExclusive Tarutaru ShortsRareExclusive 5,000 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Custom GiletRareExclusive Custom TopRareExclusive Magna GiletRareExclusive Magna TopRareExclusive Savage TopRareExclusive Elder GiletRareExclusive Wonder MaillotRareExclusive Wonder TopRareExclusive 5,000 gil
Custom TrunksRareExclusive Custom ShortsRareExclusive Magna TrunksRareExclusive Magna ShortsRareExclusive Savage ShortsRareExclusive Elder TrunksRareExclusive Wonder TrunksRareExclusive Wonder ShortsRareExclusive 5,000 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Marine GiletRareExclusive Marine TopRareExclusive Woodsy GiletRareExclusive Woodsy TopRareExclusive River TopRareExclusive Dune GiletRareExclusive Creek MaillotRareExclusive Creek TopRareExclusive 5,000 gil
Marine TrunksRareExclusive Marine ShortsRareExclusive Woodsy BoxersRareExclusive Woodsy ShortsRareExclusive River ShortsRareExclusive Dune TrunksRareExclusive Creek BoxersRareExclusive Creek ShortsRareExclusive 5,000 gil

Male Female Price
Rustic MaillotRareExclusive Shoal MaillotRareExclusive 5,000 gil
Rustic TrunksRareExclusive Shoal TrunksRareExclusive 5,000 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Hume Gilet +1RareExclusive Hume Top +1RareExclusive Elvaan Gilet +1RareExclusive Elvaan Top +1RareExclusive Mithra Top +1RareExclusive Galka Gilet +1RareExclusive Tarutaru Maillot +1RareExclusive Tarutaru Top +1RareExclusive 7,500 gil
Hume Trunks +1RareExclusive Hume Shorts +1RareExclusive Elvaan Trunks +1RareExclusive Elvaan Shorts +1RareExclusive Mithra Shorts +1RareExclusive Galka Trunks +1RareExclusive Tarutaru Trunks +1RareExclusive Tarutaru Shorts +1RareExclusive 7,500 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Custom Gilet +1RareExclusive Custom Top +1RareExclusive Magna Gilet +1RareExclusive Magna Top +1RareExclusive Savage Top +1RareExclusive Elder Gilet +1RareExclusive Wonder Maillot +1RareExclusive Wonder Top +1RareExclusive 7,500 gil
Custom Trunks +1RareExclusive Custom Shorts +1RareExclusive Magna Trunks +1RareExclusive Magna Shorts +1RareExclusive Savage Shorts +1RareExclusive Elder Trunks +1RareExclusive Wonder Trunks +1RareExclusive Wonder Shorts +1RareExclusive 7,500 gil

Hume ♂ Hume ♀ Elvaan ♂ Elvaan ♀ Mithra Galka Tarutaru ♂ Tarutaru ♀ Price
Marine Gilet +1RareExclusive Marine Top +1RareExclusive Woodsy Gilet +1RareExclusive Woodsy Top +1RareExclusive River Top +1RareExclusive Dune Gilet +1RareExclusive Creek Maillot +1RareExclusive Creek Top +1RareExclusive 7,500
Marine Trunks +1RareExclusive Marine Shorts +1RareExclusive Woodsy Boxers +1RareExclusive Woodsy Shorts +1RareExclusive River Shorts +1RareExclusive Dune Trunks +1RareExclusive Creek Boxers +1RareExclusive Creek Shorts +1RareExclusive 7,500

Male Female Price
Rustic Maillot +1RareExclusive Shoal Maillot +1RareExclusive 7,500
Rustic Trunks +1RareExclusive Shoal Trunks +1RareExclusive 7,500

Fellow NPC Swimsuit

Wear both +1 swimsuit pieces and call your NPC at a Rendezvous Point. He/she will also be wearing a swimsuit.

Unfortunately, upon removing your +1 swimsuit, your NPC will revert to whatever he/she was wearing before the rendezvous discussion.

If you are wearing the +1 swimsuit while calling the NPC, the NPC will appear in a swimsuit. If you change into the +1 swimsuit and zone, the NPC changes to a swimsuit. If you change out of your swimsuit, the NPC will not change until you zone.

Forgotten Games

You may notice that the +1 blue bathingsuits have a teleportation to a place called Purgonorgo Isle. Purgonorgo Isle is a very lovely tropical paradise that is a centerpiece of Chains of Promathia.

You may also notice that the +1 red bathingsuits mention "clamming" enhancements. These are for the Clamming game centered on the island.

For the Ultimate Fantastic Fraulein Fan!

This has nothing to do with the event persay. You get no extra points in any of the games. But it is fun to dress up in replica Mumor and Uka Totlihn outfits! And this year the villain Ullegore has joined the fray! And now thanks to Command/lockstyle you can wear all their clothing no matter what your job! Their costumes can change from year to year, so here is thier current set up:


This year it is a blast from the past as Mumor wears her original outfit:

Weapon: Miracle Wand according to her original bio. Miracle Wand +1, Charm Wand and Charm Wand +1 also work. These are the prizes from the Valentione's Day event.

Head: The AF1 head, Dancer's Tiara or Dancer's Tiara +1. Or the Refored, Maxixi Tiara or Maxixi Tiara +1

Body and Legs: The Blue Swimsuit, named for the race's level 30 RSE. Buyable from the Moogle stalls during the event.

Firesday Night Fever

For the grand finally, Mumor transforms into this year's prizes!

Weapon: 2 Heartstoppers or Heartstopper +1s. These are from the August 2015 Login Campaign.

Head: Starlet Flower

Body: Starlet Jabot

Hands: Starlet Gloves

Legs: Starlet Skirt

Feet: Starlet Boots


Weapon: Seveneyes from Khimaira in Caedarva Mire. Owleyes from Abyssea NM Myrmecoleon looks similar but has a red tint.

Head: Jester's Hat. This comes from the Abyssea quest Family Ties.

Body: Charis Casaque (+1) (+2) or Maculele Casaque (+1). These are the Dancer AF3 and Reforged pieces.

Hands: Magus Bazubands (+1) or Assimilator's Bazubands (+1). They are Blue Mage AF1 and Reforged pieces.

Legs: Charis Tights (+1) (+2) or Maculele Tights (+1) These are the Dancer AF3 and Reforged peices.

Feet: Savage Gaiters. Mithra red race-specific gear.


This year, Ullegore's clothing is the Male's prize!

Weapon: Malice Masher or Malice Masher +1. This is from the August 2015 Login Campaign.

Head: Agent Hood

Body: Agent Coat

Hands: Agent Cuffs

Legs: Agent Pants

Feet: Agent Boots