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Sunbreeze Festival 2008
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Event Period
From 1:00 am on Friday, August 1 until 1:00 am on Monday, August 18.

At nightfall during the event period, adventurers will be able to enjoy an electrifying display of fireworks to the beat of a lively festival tune at the following areas:
West Ronfaure / East Ronfaure / Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria
North Gustaberg / South Gustaberg / Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets / Port Bastok
West Sarutabaruta / East Sarutabaruta / Windurst Waters / Windurst Walls / Port Windurst / Windurst Woods
Eastern Altepa Desert / Western Altepa Desert / Rabao

Superheroine Stage Show
Cheer on our daintily adorable heroine, Mumor, as she does battle against the evil demon king, Ullegore! Find out more about how to participate in the event by speaking to a moogle near to the show's venues at the following locations:
Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Bastok Markets (G-8) / Windurst Waters (F-5)

Sideshow Games
A range of fun and exciting sideshow games will be available to sate your festive urges at street stalls at the following locations:
Southern San d'Oria (H-9) / Port Bastok (K-8) / Windurst Woods (K-12)

Goldfish Scooping
Goldfish scooping is back! Try your hand at scooping a lionhead—the Far Eastern fish of legend, or one of the new varieties making an appearance for the first time. The equipment necessary to play can be purchased from vendors at the following locations:
West Ronfaure (G-10) / South Gustaberg (E-8) / East Sarutabaruta (H-8) / Rabao (F-7)

Moogle Teleportation Service
A free teleportation service will be available to players equipped with a bathing suit set (top and bottom) obtainable as a prize from participating in the abovementioned stage show. Talk to a moogle posted at one of the following locations to be whisked away to any of the other two areas to continue your festive endeavors!
Southern San d'Oria (I-8) / Port Bastok (L-7) / Windurst Woods (K-10)

Sunbreeze Festival Exclusives
Been kicking yourself for missing out on picking up exclusive items like bathing suits and yukata from previous editions of the Sunbreeze Festival? Your days of self-loathing will soon be over! All these items will be available for purchase from moogles at the locations listed below, so don't miss this rare opportunity to complete your festival goods collection!
Northern San d'Oria (D-8) / Port Bastok (L-8) / Windurst Waters (G-10)

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