A set of upgraded armor obtained by upgrading Sulevia's Platemail +1 Set pieces using vials of Abdhaljs Metal. It provides large enhancements to STR, VIT, Accuracy, and Attack.

See Also: Sulevia's Platemail Set, Sulevia's Platemail +1 Set

Level: 99

Jobs: WAR / PLD / DRK / DRG

Number of Pieces: 6

Set Bonus: "Subtle Blow" +5~20
The set bonus to Subtle Blow caps out at 20 when five pieces are worn. No additional bonus is obtained for wearing all 6 pieces.

Can be stored with a Porter Moogle using Storage Slip 23.

Set Summary


All pieces can be obtained by trading the +1 versions and 10x vials of Abdhaljs Metal with Gorpa-Masorpa at Mhaura (G-9)

Historical Background


In ancient Celtic religion, Sulevia was a goddess worshipped in Gaul, Britain, and Galicia, very often in the plural forms Suleviae or (dative) Sule(v)is.