Mission Name Sugarcoated Salvation
Number 4-5-3
Title Granted Lifter of Spirits
Items Needed Key Item"Suffering Sacchariferous"
Reward Key ItemSepulcher ensign
Repeatable No
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Just the Thing Arciela's Resolve
Replay Cutscenes
Sugarcoated Salvation Jedelaih Celennia Memorial Library


  • Take the Key Item"Suffering Sacchariferous" to Ploh Trishbahk outside Castle Adoulin for a cutscene with Cynthia, Arciela, and Ygnas to end this mission and begin the next mission.
    • You will generally have to pick each option when prompted for a response.
    • There is a text box that says "....." and prompts you for three blank responses. All three of them give the same result.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Deliver to Arciela the book she has often been spotted reading in the Celennia Memorial Library posthaste.