Mission Name: Sugar-Coated Directive
Start NPC: None
Requirements: A Shantotto Ascension Add-On
Suggested Level: None
Title: None
Items Needed:
Repeatable: Yes
Reward 400 Experience/Limit Points per battle (2400 total)

3,000 - 50,000 gil

Previous Mission: That Which Curdles Blood
Next Mission: Enemy of the Empire (I)
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  • After the cutscene with Domina Shantotto in Qufim Island, you will be given 6 seals to attach to at least 3 out of the 6 Protocrystals. The 6 cloisters where the Protocrystals are located are spread throughout Vana'diel:
  • Upon examining a Protocrystal you will get a message saying something has stymied your attempt to attach the seal.
  • Examine the Protocrystal again and you will be offered entrance to a BCNM entitled: "Sugar-Coated Directive"
    • Buffs WILL wear upon entering the battlefield, including TP and casted Reraise (not enchantment Reraise).
    • Food effects do not wear upon entering battlefield
    • PUP Automaton will be deactivate on entrance and recast wont be reset , be aware
    • Finishing Moves will not wear upon entry. DNC may obtain 1-5 with the use of No Foot Rise
  • Enter to face a much weaker version of the Prime Avatar.
  • Examine the Protocrystal again after winning each battlefield to attach the Domina seal and obtain a Counterseal.
    • If you win the battle but accidentally leave the area before obtaining the counterseal, it is possible to return and obtain it without fighting the avatar again.
    • Unlike the Prime Avatar fights, victory leaves you at the Protocrystal's location. If you are doing both the Prime Avatar fight and this, do this fight first to avoid having to travel to the Protocrystal's location again.
  • Avatar will not be defeated until it ATTEMPTS to use its 2-Hour ability 5 times in total (at 80, 60, 40, 20, and 1% HP). Upon reaching 1% HP it will continue to take damage but will still not actually be defeated until it has attempted its 5th Astral Flow attack.
    • Unlike the standard avatar battles, the avatars (other than Ramuh) can be stunned, including their Astral Flow abilities. Stunned attempts still apply toward the 5 count.
  • Mission Completion: After you have won at least 3 battlefields and received 3 counterseals, return to the Trodden Snow in Qufim Island for a cutscene.
  • A reward of 3,000 gil was recived on 4/21/10 for killing 3/6 Avatars.
  • A reward of 50,000 gil is given if one kills all 6 avatars and obtained all 6 counterseals from the protocrystals.
  • A reward of 30,000 gil is given if one kills 5 avatars.


  • The avatars' damage resistances are significantly less potent than those fought in the "Trial By..." quests. Physical attacks do much closer to "normal" damage, and elemental damage attacks not corresponding to an avatar's weakness will only have damaged reduced by half instead of being fully resisted.
    • Additionally, these avatars are not immune to enfeebles that do not correspond with their weak element, like the "Trial By..." avatars are. However, they are still immune to enfeebles corresponding with their own element. For instance, Titan still cannot be slowed. Their resistances are actually rather low with support job enfeebles sticking quite well.
  • The avatars will automatically use their Astral Flow ability upon reaching 80, 60, 40, 20, and 1% HP, regardless of their TP. (Each usage will still consume the avatar's TP)
    • Dropping an avatars HP from 100 down to 20% in 2 weaponskills will result in the avatar using its 2 hour 4 times in a row (once for 80% 60% 40% and 20% HP).
    • If the avatar is allowed to accumulate enough TP before reaching one of the above percentages of HP, it may use it on a different Blood Pact ability. Astral Flow attack usage is determined solely by their remaining HP, not TP.
  • The avatar must attempt to use its Astral Flow attack 5 times before it will be defeated. Even if it is brought down to 1% HP faster than it can use its preceding Astral Flow attacks, it will pause at 1% until it has attempted 5 usages of the attack. It should be noted that the avatar only has to ATTEMPT the attack: Stunning the move still counts as a use.
  • The Astral Flow attacks used by these avatars are easily resisted by level 75 characters hitting for about 10 DMG~ over 80% of the time.
    • The avatar's 5th Astral Flow attack has a much longer readying time than normal.
  • Soloable easily by generally any level 75 job given a standard melee/solo build.

Soloable by 70+WHM/BLM

  • You can join in on the fights provided someone in the party has the mission and starts the BC.


  • All Avatars spam their Astral Flow ability throughout the fight, though it is considerably weak.
  • Unlike primes fought during the Trial quests, physical attacks seem to be more effective than magical ones.
  • Garuda uses Aerial Blast repeatedly but did ~100 damage to a 75 BLU/NIN
  • The Avatars do use some of their normal blood pacts such as Crimson Howl, but with the low frequency, possibly TP based.
  • 400 Experience/Limit points gained for winning battlefield with the mission flagged.
  • It may also be noted that if you're doing all the battles, you can collect the elemental stones for the quest The Wondrous Whatchamacallit while at the protocrystals.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Your inaugural mission as special operative of the Shantotto Empire requires you to attach enchanted seals to the protocrystals scattered across Vana'diel. Your new empress has stressed that she takes failure poorly.

Game Script

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