Job Ability

  • Gradually creates a storage of MP while reducing your HP. The effect ends once an MP limit is reached, or your HP has gone too low. The stored MP is then transferred to your MP pool by using the ability a second time.
  • Obtained: Scholar Level 35
  • Recast Time: 30 seconds after the ability is reactivated
  • Duration (Charging): Until MP stored is 50% of Max HP or until HP ≤ 50% (Max Sublimation will increase its value by 10 per Merit Point).
  • Duration (Charged): 2 hours


  • Sublimation's efficiency increases based on your current SCH level, whether it is set as your main or support job. (Clarification: With SCH as a subjob, you'll receive a base of 3MP per tick. "Current SCH level" would mean 49 if it's subjob to a level 99 job).
    • Lv. 35: 2 HP → 2 MP per tick
    • Lv. 45: 2 HP → 3 MP
    • Lv. 55: 2 HP → 4 MP
    • Lv. 65: 2 HP → 5 MP
    • Lv. 75: 2 HP → 6 MP
    • Lv. 85: 2 HP → 7 MP
    • Lv. 95: 2 HP → 8 MP
  • Equipment that enhances Sublimation will convert an additional 1 HP to MP per tick while equipped.
Slot Name Bonus Jobs
Weapon Siriti 1 SCH
Head Scholar's Mortarboard 1 SCH
Head Scholar's Mortarboard +1 1 SCH
Head Academic's Mortarboard 1 SCH
Head Academic's Mortarboard +1 2 SCH
Body Argute Gown 1 SCH
Body Argute Gown +1 1 SCH
Body Argute Gown +2 2 SCH
Body Pedagogy Gown 2 SCH
Body Pedagogy Gown +1 3 SCH
Earring Savant's Earring 1 SCH
Ring Woltaris Ring 1 All
  • Sublimation effects will persist between zones.
  • You will receive the status Sublimation: Activated (a half-filled circle with an up-arrow) upon first using the ability. This indicates that you are losing HP and storing MP.
    • Sublimation: Activated behaves similar to Poison, and so you will be unable to /heal or /logout even if you have sufficient Regen, and you will quickly recover from Sleep effects.
      • Stoneskin will absorb the HP drain and allow you to /heal and /logout.
    • Sublimation will have no effect if used while receiving Refresh from a Field Manual or Grounds Tome.
    • Sublimation: Activated will overwrite Refresh drinks and the spells Refresh and Battery Charge, and they will have no effect if cast on the player while Sublimation is charging.
      • Refresh II will overwrite Sublimation: Activated.
      • All other sources of Refresh are compatible with Sublimation.
    • Sublimation: Activated will wear if you enter a Mog House, log off, or complete a Campaign Battle or Besieged.
  • Sublimation: Activated will become Sublimation: Complete (a full blue circle) when MP stored is 50% of Max HP, or when HP ≤ 50%.
    • Maximum MP stored via Sublimation increases by 10 per Merit to a maximum of 50.
    • The following effects will also influence maximum MP stored while charging:
    • Sublimation can charge while under the effects of Debilitation only if you have Stoneskin active.
    • The following effects do not influence maximum MP stored:
      • Convert HP to MP
      • Convert MP to HP
      • HP+%
      • Max HP Boost
      • Food
    • Sublimation: Complete will persist while entering a Mog House, logging out, or completing Campaign Battles and Besieged, and will not conflict with Refresh spells.
  • Using Sublimation again will end the effect and return all stored MP, whether it is Activated or Complete.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Sublimation" <me>


In Nietzschean philosophy, as well as in Freudian psychoanalytic theory, sublimation is the redirection of negative emotions and repressed, unconscious drives (in Freud) or a suppressed will to power (Nietzsche) to creative, healthy outlets, often either artistic or spiritual.

Also, in chemistry, sublimation is the process by which solids are transformed directly to the vapor state without passing through the liquid phase. Example: Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) changes directly to carbon dioxide gas without passing through a liquid state.